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Kendal Thursday 25th October 2012

Posted Friday, 26 October 2012, 8.17am

North West Auction Kendal had an increased number of calves forward with beef calves selling to a premium, BBX bulls sold to £230 from MH & SJ Morris with BBx heifers £222 and Lim x to £195. Black and white bulls made up the bulk of the sale selling to £80 from G. Cuthbertson and Shorthorns to £60 from WH & K Robinson.

Cast and OTM cattle averaged 119p/kg with a run of Limousin x from SW Atkinson & Son regularly 180p/kg to 190p/kg topping at 197p/kg (£1117) with dairy cows to 116p/kg (£736).

Store cattle sold to a top price if £875 for a Limousin x heifer from SW Atkinson & Son with others £745 from High Thorns. Steers reached £855 for Limousin x from J T Procter with yearlings generally £520 to £650. Ten month old dairy steers sold to £365 from RG & J Clark.

A small entry of cows and calves reached £1040 for a Limousin cow & calf from S E Harrison.

Next sale to include show & sale for suckled calves – Thursday 8th November

CAST COWS - Fr: 116.50p/kg Town House, 108.50p/kg Cracalt, 94.50p/kg Capplerigg. Lim: 197.50p/kg Capplerigg, 136.50p/kg Clogger Beck House, 131.50p/kg Crosscrake. Here: 117.50p/kg Lane Ends. BB: 114.50p/kg Crosscrake, 95.50p/kg West Plain. Shorthorn: 104.50p/kg Abbots Reading. SR&W: 114.50p/kg Cracalt. Devon: 119.50p/kg Stribers.

STORE BULLOCKS - Fr: £350 Elm Tree. Lim: £855 Mireside, £680 Bowkerstead, £600 Stribers. Blo: £610 Low House. SR&W: £365 Far Audlands.

STORE HEIFERS - Lim: £875 Capplerigg, £745 Highthorn. Blo: £690 Low House. AA: 745 Mireside.

In Calf AA Cow: £760 Force Mill. Lim Cow & Calf: £1040 Force Mill. AA Cow & Calf: £690 Force Mill.

Lim Stirk - £418 Lower Hawthwaite.

BULL CALVES - Fr: £80 Capplerigg, £58 Myers, £45 Raw End & Espford, £30 Ackenthwaite. AA: £55 Wyke Farm. Shorthorn: £60 Strickley. BB: £230 Wraysholme Tower.

HEIFER CALVES - Lim: £195 School House, £180 Middle Sadghyll. AA: £80 Wyke Farm. BB: £220 Wraysholme Tower.

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