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Kendal Thursday 04/10/12

Posted Thursday, 04 October 2012, 2.46pm

The second sale of gimmer lambs sold to £108 for the North Country Mule from CF Hoggarth & Sons with others £99 from RI Dixon. Cheviot Mules sold to £95 from RI Dixon with a total clearance achieved.

TOP PRICES - Gimmer Lambs
Mule: £108 & £94 Low Hundhowe; £99 Low Newton Farm; £91 & £89 Audlands Park; £91 & £87 High Skelgill. Suff: £66 Borwick Lodge. Masham: £80 Steps Farm. Chev: £95 & £86 Low Newton Farm; £66 Dry Howe.


The largest entry to date sold to a ringside of eager buyers from throughout the northern counties and as far afield as Somerset, Hereford and Oxford. Best short keep lambs were £64-£58 topping at £69.50 for Suffolk x from J & R Bell, Crook. Medium keep to £53.50 for Texel x from Mrs J Fell, Old Hutton.  A larger entry of hill lambs sold to £47 for Rough Fell with a pen of 50 Herdwicks at £39.

TOP PRICES – Store Lambs
Suff: £69.50 Sunny Brow; £66.50 Third Sunbiggin; £59.50 Hall Farm; £56.50 Gowan Bank. Cont: £58.50 Low Woodhouse; £55.50 Hazel Dene. Masham: £49.50 Gowan Bank. Mule: £53.50 Castle Syke; £52.50 Hazel Dene; £51.50 Low Hundhowe; £49.50 Gowan Bank. Rough Fell: £47 Blackmoss Farm; £36 Ellergill; £29 Howe Farm. Char: £52.50 North Lodge; £52 Gowan Bank; £48 Hollin Wood. Chev: £48.50 Dry Howe; £36.50 Low Moss Farm. Texel: £65 Sunny Bank; £55 North Lodge; £54.50 Bulman Strands; £54.50 Singleton Park; £54 High Low Wood; £53.50 Wreay Syke; £53 Low Woodhouse.

Next store lamb sale Thursday 18th October – similar numbers required.

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