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Lancaster Monday 02/01/12

Posted Monday, 02 January 2012, 1.20pm

Lancaster Auction Mart held its normal weekly sale of prime stock on Bank Holiday Monday. 

A small entry of 675 prime hoggs were a better trade than expected on the day having seen prices fall throughout the previous week.  A full ring of buyers ensured a most competitive trade with a pleasing average of 203p/kg across all breeds, weights and grades.  Hoggs upto 39 kilos were in most demand averaging 208p/kg during the sale.  The top price within this section was 234p/kg to TA Robinson, Springs Farm for 38kg Texel hoggs which made £89.50 and were purchased Dunbia, Preston.  A top price of £108 per head (225p/kg) was achieved by FA Nowell & Partners, Oak Head for Texel hoggs purchased by Roy Schofield for MJ Birtwistle of Worsley.  

There were only a handful of cast ewes in the market but what there were was the dearest they have been for many weeks averaging over £88 topping at £126 for Suffolk ewes from G Riley, Bolton-le-Sands purchased by Riley Brothers, Dunnockshaw.  Cast rams sold to £134 to LA Bradshaw, Moss House for a Texel again purchased by Riley Bros.  

An excellent new year entry of prime cattle included a grand selection of butchers type cattle which certainly pleased the buyers around the ring.  A top price of 214.5p/kg was achieved by Messrs TH Garnett & Son, New Close for a Limousin heifer purchased by G Riley, butcher of Dunnockshaw.  Close behind at 211.5/kg was WE Thompson & Son, Turnover Hall purchased by Roy Schofield for MJ Birtwistle & Co. butchers of Worsley.  There were many more heifers selling for over £2 per kilo on the day and it will to local vendors advantage to keep sending quality cattle of this nature to Lancaster with so many good butchers orders around the ring.   A small entry of prime bulls were all dairy bred selling to a top of 183.5p/kg for a British Blue from J Fiddler of Longton which was purchased by Riley Brothers.  

Top Prices  
– Suffolk: £92 Fell End Farm, North Farm; £90 Brown Edge; £89 Cuerdale Hall.  Masham: £92 Fell End Farm; £88 Allcocks Farm.  Mule: £89 Isle of Skye Farm; £88 North Farm; £84 Low Moor Head; £83 Fell End Farm.  Horned: £74 Allcocks Farm; £68 Thornbush Farm; £66 Yates Farm; £64 Marshaw Farm.  Char: £87 Gibsons Farm.  Chev: £97 Hutton Roof Hall; £84.50 Underley Estate.  Texel: £108 Oak Head Farm; £98 Hutton Roof Hall; £97 Parks Farm Barn; £94.50 Brown Brook; £93 Carr House Farm; £92 Blackleach House, Cuerdale Hall.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £134 (ram) Moss House Farm; £116 (ram) Isle of Skye Farm; £87 Tenters Farm; £86 Fairy Hill.  Suffolk: £126 Maddison Avenue.  Masham: £89 Middle Lee.  Mule: £84 Askew Hill; £82 Oak Head, Fairy Hill. Teeswater: £112 (ram) Middle Lee.  
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 214.5p/kg, 206.5p/kg, 196.5p/kg New Close; 209.5p/kg, 206.5p/kg Low Tarn Green; 199.5p/kg Turnover Hall.  AA: 209.5p/kg Moss House Farm.  Blonde: 211.5p/kg, 203.5p/kg Turnover Hall; 193.5p/kg New Close.  Brit Blue: 184.5p/kg Moss House Farm.  
PRIME BULLS – Brit Blue: 183.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm.  Fr: 143.5p/kg Yeat House.  Here: 151.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm.

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