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Lancaster Friday 27/01/12

Posted Friday, 27 January 2012, 12.25pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had a very successful sale last Friday with over 340 store cattle, almost 100 cast cows & OTM’s together with 25 calves and two pens of store hoggs. Store cattle were a marvellous trade with many vendors reporting an increased trade from a ring full of buyers. Indeed there were several new faces around the ring which all contributed to the trade. A top price of £1310 went to Robin Dodgson, Kilburn House for a smart pen of Charolais cattle. Heifers topped at £1140 to W J Etherington & Sons, Willow House for a pen of British Blues. Store bulls sold to £810 for a pair of Limousin bulls from PF Lee, Lower Swainshead.
Another strong entry of cast cows were also a dear trade averaging over 128p/kg with prices certainly being helped by a total of 14 bidders around the ring. Cast cows peaked at 184.5p/kg for a Limousin from Nether Hall Farms Ltd, Mansergh. With a top price per head of £1167.60 going to Messrs Jones, Sandvilla. Cast heifers topped at 179.5p/kg for a Simmental from MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow and £1097.13 for an Angus from JJ & J Towers, Low Stennerley. Steers peaked at 199.5p/kg an Angus from Mrs O Butler, Elm Bank and cast bulls sold to £1536.85 for a Limousin from Nether Hall Farms.

A reduced entry of rearing & feeding calves were mostly Black & White in breed with trade perhaps better than expected on the day. B&W’s topped at £225 to Drinkall Bros., Catshaw Hall. British Blue x Friesian heifers topped at £265 from JB & JB Lawson, Bank End. The same price was achieved for an Angus x bull from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House.

A small entry of store lambs topped at £76 for a pen of Texels from GE & JA Hayhhurst, Brunstow.

Top Prices

CAST COWS – Fr: 154.5p/kg Muffys Platt; 144.5p/kg Priory Farm, Bank End; 137.5p/kg Allcocks; 134.5p/kg Walkers I’th Fields, Sandvilla, Mealbank, Brackenfold; 131.5p/kg Raw End. Lim: 184.5p/kg; 157.5p/kg; 154.5p/kg Ouzelthorn; 144.5p/kg Millbeck. Hfd: 134.5p/kg Manor House Farm. Sim: 137.5p/kg High Underbrow. Blonde: 151.5p/kg Low Hall Beck; 141.5p/kg Eskew Beck. BB: 169.5p/kg Nether Hall; 161.5p/kg Low Hall Beck; 159.5p/kg Millbeck. AA: 147.5p/kg Nether Hall; 134.5p/kg Manor House, Charnock House. MRI: 137.5p/kg Sandvilla. Brown Swiss: 149.5p/kg Sandvilla. Swedish R&W: 137.5p/kg Sandvilla.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 171.5p/kg Waterscales Farm; 157.5p/kg Sandvilla; 134.5p/kg Whin Yeats. Hfd: 159.5p/kg Brunstow. Blonde: 179.5p/kg High Underbrow. AA: 167.5p/kg Low Stennerley. Swedish R&W: 157.5p/kg sandvilla.

OTM STEERS/CAST BULLS – Fr: 157.5p/kg Whinney Carr. Lim: 191.5p/kg Whinney Carr; 189.5 Charnock House. AA: 199.5p/kg Elm Bank; 169.5p/kg Whinney Carr. Stabiliser: 184.5p/kg Low Foulshaw. Brit Blue: 194.5p/kg Whinney Carr.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1010 Lodge Farm; £990 Downlands Farm; £930 Cock Hall; £900 Stonehead. Lim: £1230 Carlingwha; £1170 Cracalt; £1150 Willow House Farm; £1130 Lentworth; £1120 Low Moor Head. Char: £1310 Kilburn House; £1100 Brown Edge; £1080 Mealsgate; £1040 Gunnerthwaite. Hfd: £1240 Kilburn House; £1060 Windy Hill; £1000 Stonehead; £900 Cottams Farm. Sim: £1020 Mount Pleasant, £1020 Hazelslack Tower; £990 Home Farm; £880 Cote Farm. Blonde: £1100 Lentworth Farm; £960 Downlands Farm; £890 Birch Croft. BB: £1070 Lower Castle O’Trim. AA: £1160 Willow House Farm; £1150 Mount Pleasant; £1130 Fiddlers Farm; £1060 High Green; £1040 Birch Croft; £1000 Ellers Farm. Shorthorn: £950 Cock Hall; £920 Home Farm. Galloway: £850 Wyre Farm. MRI: £870 Braeslacks. Brown Swiss: £900 Walkers I’th Fields. Devon: £1060 Mealsgate. Stabiliser: £1090 Low Foulshaw; £1070 Bouthwaite. Brit Blue: £1280 Willow House Farm; £1120 Cracalt; £1100 Scotch Green Farm; £1090 New Close; £1060 Lower Castle O’Trim; £980 Greenlands Farm. Mont: £1160 Shaws Farm; £910 Braeslacks. Swedish R&W: £1030 Fanny House; £900 Stonehead.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £860 Sandvilla; £820 Whin Yeats. Lim: £1090 Willow House Farm; £1080 Bouthwaite; £990 Milton Moor; £950 Cottams Farm; £900 Hutton Roof Hall. Hfd: £1000 Fiddlers Farm, Beckside Farm. Sim: £900 Carlingwha. Blonde: £1060 Brow Foot; £910 Cottams Farm. BB: £1110 Shaws Farm. AA: £1080 Brow Foot; £1020 Milton Moor; £1000 Bouthwaite; £990 Cropper Farm, Walkers I’th Fields. Shorthorn: £880 Home Farm. Brown Swiss: £990 Walkers I’th Fields. Brit Blue: £1140 Willow House Farm; £1060 Cracalt Farm; £970 Walkers I’th Fields; £940 Low Woodedge.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £810 Lower Swainshead; £720 Hemplands.

BULL CALVES – Fr: £225 Catshaw Hall; £165 Cocker House Farm; £158 Hood Ridding Farm; £140 Lund Holme; £85 Tills Farm. AA: £265 Cocker House Farm; £235 Bank End.

HEIFER CALVES – Brit Blue: £265 Bank End. AA: £175 Bank End.

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