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Lancaster Friday 20/01/12

Posted Friday, 20 January 2012, 12.47pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held its weekly sale of store stock with all cattle selling to a buoyant trade. The day commenced with 87 cast/feeding cows & OTM cattle averaging a very respectable 120p/kg with a large proportion of the sale made up of dairy cows. Cows topped at 149.5p/kg for beef bred cows and £986 for BBx from S Rossall, Stonehead Farm. Black & White cows topped at 141.5p/kg (£1064) from H Wright & Sons, Berryholme. OTM heifers reached 189.5p/kg from R Oldfield, Brow Foot and £1124.93 from JJ Pennington, White Lee Farm. OTM Steers topped at 194.5p/kg from JA & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw and £1514.10 for a cast bull from K & S Kempson, Cowpe Bottoms.

Rearing calves were younger in age this week with best beef calves £260 for BB bulls and £235 for BB heifers. Black & Whites averaged a pleasing £55 with no shortage of buyers present. Stirks this week topped at £565 for Angus and Sim bullocks with Lim heifers £420 from Messrs Young, Moss End.

Store cattle sold to a strong trade again this week with best cattle regularly £1000+. Bullocks sold to £1320 for a pair of Angus from H Gorst & Sons, Sullom Side and F Barnes, Crow Trees sold Limousin bullocks to £1280. Heifers topped at £1290 for BB x from FH & M Davies & Son, Moorham Hill. A feature of the sale was an entry of 120 cattle from R Jones, Cockerham who’s well reared bulls sold to keen interest. 10 month old BB x to £700, H/F & MRI (8m) £640 & 6 month old Angus bulls to £480.

A small show of store lambs topped at £59 for Texel x.

Top Prices

CAST COWS – Fr: 141.5p/kg Berryholme; 137.5p/kg Beaumont Gate; 134.5p/kg Heaton Hall, Tunstall Hall, Booth Hall; 131.5p/kg Holme House, Holly House; 129.5p/kg Birds Park, Moors Farm. Lim: 149.5p/kg Gill Garth, High House; 129.5p/kg Intack Farm; 127.5p/kg Eskew Beck. Char: 121.5p/kg Eskew Beck. Sim: 119.5p/kg Intack Farm. BB: 149.5p/kg Stonehead; 147.5p/kg Nether Hall. AA: 137.5p/kg Wyre Farm; 131.5p/kg Springfield Farm. Saler: 111.5p/kg Ghyll Beck. Welsh Black: 129.5p/kg Wyre Farm. Swedish R&W: 104.5p/kg White Lund Farm.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 151.5p/kg Birds Park; 141.5p/kg White Lee; 117.5p/kg Outfield. Lim: 189.5p/kg Brow Foot. AA: 184.5p/kg Brow Foot.

OTM STEERS/CAST BULLS – Fr: 177.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm; 171.5p/kg Kitchen Ground; 159.5p/kg White Lee; 131.5p/kg Daniel Fold. Lim: 154.5p/kg Cowpe Bottoms. Stabiliser: 194.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1020 Sunderland Brows; £970 Forton Bank; £930 Booth Hall; £880 Wyre Farm; £870 Deys Barn; £860 Middle Ridge. Lim: £1280 Crow Trees; £1200 Low Tarn Green; £1180 Lodge Farm; £1120 Millbeck; £1060 Endmoor Farm. Char: £1090 Oak Head; £830 Turnover Hall. Here: £1100 Windy Hill; £940 Deys Barn; £910 Cock Hall; £690 Heald Farm. Sim: £960 New Ridge. Blonde: £1280 Moorham Hill; £1170 Millbeck. AA: £1320 Sullom Side; £1170 Sowerby Lodge; £1040 Ellers Farm; £1000 Quarry House. Shorthorn: £850 Wyre Farm. Chianina: £1070 Holme Head. MRI: £930 Deys Barn. Stabiliser: £1150 Low Foulshaw Farm; £1000 Bouthwaite; £950 Stonehead. BB: £1060 Raw Head; £1050 Lower Castle O’Trim; £1000 Rowell; £980 Deys Barn; £960 Turnover Hall. Mont: £950 New Ridge. Swedish R&W: £1010 Fanny House.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1060 Bouthwaite; £890 Walmsley Fold; £880 Mee Farm; £870 Gill Garth, Cropper Farm. Char: £1040 Moss View; £990 Walmsley Fold. Here: £980 Sandholme Mill; £840 Beckside Farm; £810 Jolley Fold. Sim: £1100 Ivy Barn; £1040 Intack Farm, West Lynn. Blonde: £1170 Moorham Hill; £1060 Bouthwaite. BB: £1290 Moorham Hill; £1090 Bouthwaite; £1060 Lower Castle O’Trim; £960 Walmsley Fold. AA: £1030 Sowerby Lodge; £980 Lodge Farm; £880 Moss View.

STORE BULLS – Fr: £640 Sandvilla. Lim: £640 Charnock House Farm. AA: £640 Charnock House Farm. MRI: £640 Sandvilla.

BB: £700 Sandvilla. Swedish R&W: £480 Sandvilla. BULL

CALVES/STIRKS – Fr: £78 Newhouse Farm; £72 North Farm; £50 Redbank Farm. Lim: £320 Green Dragon Farm. Sim: £565 Moss End Farm. AA: £565 Moss End Farm; £225 Bank End. BB: £260 Bank End; £258 Gibsons Farm.

HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £420 Moss End Farm; £288 Green Dragon Farm. AA: £360 Moss End Farm; £140 Gibsons Farm. BB: £235 Tills Farm.

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