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Kendal Tuesday 10/01/12

Posted Wednesday, 11 January 2012, 1.10pm

A smaller show of hoggs were submitted to a full ringside of buyers with both Continental and Suffolk x hoggs eagerly sought after and regularly 210-225p/kg topping at 229p/kg (£96/h) for Texel x from MW & MR Black, Scroggs Farm.  Top price per head of £99 went to Fishwick Farms, Silverdale. Mule and Masham hoggs also saw a lift on the week but Horned hoggs saw very little change.  Heavy hoggs were the hardest to place but still leaving a very pleasing overall average of 198.1p/kg.  

This week’s sale included the special show for Rough Fell prime hoggs which was very generously sponsored by the Rough Fell Sheep Breeders Association and a very pleasing entry was put forward for judging which was undertaken by Michael Lomax of Bolton.  The champion pen was awarded to Mr Colin Bateman, Croft Foot for a pen of five 47kg hoggs (pictured above)which went on to sell for £87 per head to the judge.  

Rough Fell Show Results
1st  C Bateman, Croft Foot  47kg £87 to M Lomax
2nd T Ellis, Woodside  43kg  £83 to J Cookson
3rd JA & M Mawson, Sproat Ghyll  39kg £75 to M Lomax  

A Plainer entry of cast sheep were forward this week and trade once again remained as firm as ever with best Continental and Suffolk ewes £90-£100 topping at £122 for a Suffolk from TW & C Shepherd, Nook Farm.  Mule & Masham ewes in excess of £90 topping at £94 a head.  Horned ewes also very good to sell and once again plain sorts looking particularly dear.  

The first pig sale of the year at Kendal saw a strong quality entry of 95 forward with finished pigs in demand.  Topping the day’s trade was JM Poole, Newton Gate for a Gilt with 5 young piglets selling at £135.  Stronger weaners were easier sold.  As usual cast sows & boars were in good demand.  Next Pig Sale Tuesday 14th February.  

– Texel: £99 Bank House Farm; £96 Scroggs Farm; £95 Beck House; £88 Far Orrest, £87 Beech Tops.  Suffolk: £90 Brow Head; £88 Broad Head; £84.50 Crabtree Farm, Lane Ends Farm; £84 Hartrigg.  Masham: £79.50 Middale Farm.  Mule: £80 Ghyll Beck Farm, Capplethwaite Hall; £79 Hartrigg; £78 Middale Farm; £77.50 Thursgill.  Rough Fell: £87 Croft Foot; £83 Woodside; £75 Sproat Ghyll.  Horned: £77 Middle Sadghyll; £68 Thursgill, Gibraltar; £67 Old School House.  Char: £89.50 Longwell; £85.50 Keerfalls; £82.50 Far Orrest.  Chev: £80.50 Green Head; £80 Hartrigg.  Herdwick: £76 Scar Sykes.  
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £122 Nook Farm; £76 Park End, West Plain; £70 Mosergh.  Masham: £94 Lambrigg Head; £89 Mosergh.  Mule: £94 Lambrigg Head; £92 North Lodge; £93 St Annes Farm; £91 Mint View. Char: £85 (ram) Sunny Bank.  Swaledale: £76 Longwell, Capplethwaite Hall; £65 Ghyll Farm; £63 Nether House Farm; £62 Low Deepslack.  Rough Fell: £82 Mosergh; £81 Cotegill; £68 Boundary Beck. Chev: £84 Green Head; £81 Park End; £80 Moss End Farm.  Texel: £100 (ram) Causeway; £98 (ram) Broad Head; £98 Beck House; £94 North Lodge.  Lleyn: £84 Broad Oak.  Leicester: £94 Strickland Hill; £90 Thursgill; £89 (ram) Castle Syke.  
PIGS – Gilt & 5 Piglets £135 Newton Gate. In-pig Gilts £100 Lower Grisburn. Cast Sows: £95 Bascodyke.  Boars: £70 Stoney Head. Store Pigs: £38 Holme Head; £24 HillsideFarm.  Gilts: £45 Herons Reach; £38 Stoney Head. Weaners: £24 Bascodyke; £20 Winscales.  Finished Pigs: £92 Crosscrake; £50 Hillside Farm.

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