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Kendal Tuesday 03/01/12

Posted Wednesday, 04 January 2012, 1.19pm

The New Year got off to a good start with some 1500 prime sheep presented to a full ringside of buyers. Export type hoggs met a wonderful trade being regularly 210-220p/kg topping at 228p/kg for a cracking pen of Texel hoggs from Mr M Stephenson, Salterwath Farm and purchased by Michael Lomax. The top price per head of £93 also came from Mr Stephenson and sold to B Riley & Sons. However, much more caution towards Mule & Horned hoggs was obvious especially after last weeks fantastic trade but still sold to a very pleasing trade and leaving a very respectable overall average of 194.75p/kg.

Cast sheep were once again very good to sell and if anything £3-£4 dearer on the week with prices topping at £130 for a Texel ram from JR Metcalfe, Cotegill. Continental ewes regularly £95-£105 and Mule ewes were also £90 plus. Horned ewes also good to sell with lean sorts looking particularly dear. Don’t forget next Tuesday 10th January is the show & sale of Rough Fell Hoggs (pens of 5).

– Texel: £93 Salterwath Farm; £90 Causeway, Kirkett Nook, Beck House; £89 Scarside Farm, Millbeck; £87 The Borrans. Suffolk: £85 New Close; £84 Garnett Folds; £83 Beech Tops; £82.50 Mutton Hall. Cont: £84.50 Ninezergh. Mule: £83 Copper House; £80 Crabtree Farm; £78.50 Barker Knott; £78 Low Longmire. Masham: £73.50 High Swinklebank. Horned: £75 Cotegill; £74.50 Middle Sadghyll; £73.50 Beech Tops; £69 Well Foot. Char: £83 St Annes Farm; £82.50 Scroggs Farm; £76 Kirkett Nook; £73.50 Cinder Barrow. Chev: £82.50 Salterwath Farm; £78 Brow Head; £77.50 Crooklands Farm. Gritstone: £80 Brow Head.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £130 (ram) Cotegill; £112 Crosscrake Farm, Low Barrows Green; £106 Lambrigg Head; £99 High Underbrow, Gibraltar Farm; £94 Kirkett Nook. Leicester: £122 Ashstead. Suffolk: £90 Ninezergh; £84 (ram) Low Newton Farm. Cont: £98 Low Longmire; £87 Hill Farm; £80 Garnett House. Masham: £93 Lambrigg Head; £79 High Underbrow. Mule: £94 Low Barrows Green; £92 Lambrigg Head, Rinkfield; £89 Nook Farm; £88 Gibraltar, Hill Farm; £85 Meadow Oaks, Barker Knott. Swaledale: £73 (ram), £59 Middale Farm; £58 Beech Tops, Audlands Park; £57 Troughton Hall. Rough Fell: £79 (ram) Patton Hall; £76 Cotegill; £74 Nook Farm; £70 Bracken Hill. Chev: £82 High Underbrow; £63 High Borrowrbdige. Herdwick: £70 Troughton Hall. Beltex: £84 Crake Hall.

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