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Lancaster Monday 12/09/11

Posted Monday, 12 September 2011, 11.45am



The Monday morning sale of prime sheep and prime cattle saw better than anticipated entry of prime lambs with more than 1200 being sold through the ring.  In line with expectations following the falling trade last week lambs averaged over 164p/kg throughout the sale.  Lighter weight lambs up to 39kgs were in most demand with standard weights averaging 167p/kg throughout.  Top price of £77 went to Messrs RH & C Ayrton, Ouzelthorn for a superb pen of Texel lambs purchased by Lancaster Meat Company Ltd.  Top price kilo went to Mr P Cumming of Holme Field again with excellent quality lambs purchased by Mr Roy Schofield for MJ Birtwistle & Co. butchers.   

A similar entry of cast ewes included a greater proportion of lighter hill sheep.  Top price of the day was £84 per head for Continental ewes from M Archer & Son, Redbank Farm.  Ewe prices remained in line with recent sales.  

A small entry of prime cattle included an excellent entry of prime bulls to average 183p/kg. A top price of 199.5p/kg went to J & D Barton & Son, Calcalds Farm for a Bazadaise x bull which was purchased by Bowland Foods.  Bulls also sold to very pleasing £1323 for a Limousin x from Mr P Cummings, Holme Field for a bull purchased at 184.5p/kg (717 kilos) by George Blacklidge butcher of Chorley.  Many more bulls were needed on the day.   A small entry of prime cattle were as dear as ever with steers averaging 189.5p/kg and heifers averaging 178p/kg for all breeds.  A top price of 205.5p/kg went to Messrs TH Garnett & Son, New Close for a Limousin heifer purchased by Hartshead Meats Ltd of Manchester.  Close behind at 195.5p/kg was a heifer from JA Gardner, Moss House again purchased by the same butcher.   

Top Prices  
– Texel: £77 Ouzelthorn; £74.50 Hutton Roof Hall; £74 Mearsbeck Farm, Springs Farm; £73.50 Sandy Hill Farm.  Suffolk: £74 Fell End Farm; £73 North Farm; £71.50 Cooper House; £70 Howriggs.  Char: £74 Burrow Heights Farm; £72 Hillcrest.  Chev: £70 Underley Estate; £61.50 Longstripes Farm.  Masham: £64.50 Holme House.  Mule: £65.50 Cooper House, Cragg End; £65 Over Houses; £64 Thornbush.  Horned: £63 Yarlsber; £58 Longstripes Farm.  Lleyn: £68 White Crosses Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £100 (ram) Lots House Farm; £85 Lane House; £84 Longwood House; £80 The Dell.  Cont: £84 Redbank Farm.   Char: £69 Croziers Croft.  Chev: £62 Little Fell Farm.  Leicester: £68 Conder Mill; £64 Long Streets Farm.  Horned: £67 Longstripes Farm; £56 Middle Lee; £52 Isle of Skye Farm.  
PRIME CATTLE – Lim: 205.5p/kg, 190.5p/kg New Close; 195.5p/kg Moss House Farm; 189.5p/kg Old Croft; 167.5p/kg Gaskell House.  Sim: 174.5p/kg Village Farm.  Blonde: 185.5p/kg New Close.  BB: 189.5p/kg (steer); 176.5p/kg Wild Boar Farm.  
PRIME BULLS– Baz: 199.5p/kg Calcads Farm.  Lim: 195.5p/kg, 184.5p/kg Holme Field; 194.5p/kg, 190.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 186.5p/kg Lane House.  Hfd: 172.5p/kg, 170.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm.  BB: 178.5p/kg Lane House.    

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