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Kendal Tuesday 20/09/11

Posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011, 11.32am



North West Auctions Kendal Mart held its usual weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday. There was 1571 lambs forward for sale and a much sharper trade on the week was achieved with an overall average of 168.5p/kg (up 9p/kg). The top price per kilo of 186p/kg was paid for a pen of 10 Texel lambs weighing 42kgs from J Allonby & Son, Green Head and these were purchased by B Riley & Sons of Dunnockshaw for £78 per head.  Lambs also sold to £82 for a big Charollais weighing 54kgs produced by Mr D Pearson of Sand Lane and purchased by Mr A Ditta, Accrington.  

Cast sheep were forward in less numbers this week with 220 averaging £56.14.  Top price in this section was achieved by J Allonby, Green Head for a pen of 4 Cheviot ewes which sold for £90 per head.   All classes of prime sheep are still good to sell.  

A small entry of calves were all black & whites selling to £75 for a bull from RR & JA Knowles, Myers Farm.  
- Char: £82 Sand Lane; £78 Myers Farm; £75 Ninezergh; £73 Harveriggs Farm; £72.50 Preston Patrick Hall, Dale View.  Suff: £80 Brow Head; £78 Hawkrigg End; £76.50 Meadow Oaks, New Close; £76 Hood Ridding Farm; £7.50 Moser Hill; £75 Nook Farm, Hyning; £74.50 High Biggarsbank.  Cont: £65 Crabtree Farm, Nibthwaite Grange.  Masham: £73 Middale Farm.  Mule: £74.50 Bank House Farm; £72 Middale Farm; £70 Ashstead; £69.50 Moser Hill; £67 Brackensghyll; £66 Low Newton Farm.  Horned: £74 Middale Farm; £62.50 Cotegill; £62 Crook Hall.  Chev: £65 Scar Sykes Farm.  Texel: £78.50 Bank House Farm; £78 Green Head; £77 Hawkrigg End; £76 Scroggs Farm, Capplerigg Farm; £75 High Hallbeck; £74.50 Brow Head, Moser Hill; £74 Mansergh High Farm, Lambrigg Head.  Lleyn: £72.50 Low Foulshaw Farm.  
CAST SHEEP- Chev: £90 Green Head.  Suff: £71 Sunny Brow.  Cont: £106 (ram) Sandy Gap; £82 (ram) Middle Sadghyll; £75 Crake Hall; £72 Broad Oak, Low House, Chapel Field; £70 Sproat Ghyll.  Mule: £68 Strickland Hill; £67 Sproat Ghyll; £66 Cinderbarrow, Sunny Brow, Scroggs Farm; £65 New Close.  Swaledale: £53 Moss End Farm; £44 Strickland Hill, Low Newton Farm.  Rough Fell: £50 Moor House.  Texel: £88 (ram) Cinderbarrow.  Lleyn: £69 Low Foulshaw Farm.  Herdwick: £47 Sunny Brow.     

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