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Kendal Tuesday 13/09/11

Posted Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 11.44am


NWA Kendal had a busy day with more Prime Sheep than expected.  A total of 1814 head were forward.  As expected the lamb trade was steady to average a shade under 160p/kg.  Messrs Sutton, Crosscrake had the pick of the trade, selling lambs to a top of 185p/kg (£74) for quality Texel lambs purchased by Jim Hadwin, butcher of Mansergh.  Lambs also sold to £75 for Texels from A Cottam, Yew Tree purchased by A Ditta of Accrington. 

A larger entry of cast ewes continue to sell in a competitive ring.  Trade was good with a top price of £92 going to Mark Coates of Ulpha.  

An improved entry of beef calves included more continental calves.  B Wilson, Spout House sold Limousin bullocks and heifer calves to £280 each.  

The monthly sale of store and breeding pigs met a steady trade as befitting a late summer sale.  The sale attracted buyers and sellers from throughout the country and beyond.  

Prime Lambs:
Tex: £75, Scarside; Yew Tree Farm; £74 Upp Hall.  Cont: £74.50, £66 Clawthorpe Lodge. Suff: £73 Ulpha Farm; £72 New Close; £71.50 High House Farm, Hawkrigg End. Chev: £66 Forest Hall. Mule: £63.50 Borrans Farm; £57 Lynacres. Masham: £58 Steps. Horned: £55, Gill Hall; £54 Low House.  
Cast Sheep: Cont: £100 (ram) Low Barrows Green; £85 (ram),£80  Stubb Farm; £82 Capplerigg Farm; £82 Chapel Field. Rough Fell: £100 (ram),£60 Cotegill; £70 Moorhouse; £69 Yew Tree Farm; £59 (ram) Low House; £55 Steps Farm; £54 Singleton Park. Texel: £92 Ulpha Farm; £90 (ram) Killington Drive; £88 Causeway Farm; £82 The Borrans, Cockin; £80 Sunny Bank. Suffolk: £78  (ram) Bradley Farm; £77 Patton Hall; £75 New Close.  Mule: £74 Green Lane End Farm; £71 Fairbank Farm, Low Greenriggs; £70 Capplerigg Farm.  Cheviot: £70 Underley Estate Office; £67 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £64 Underley Estate Office. Masham: £65 Killington Drive. Scot BF: £64 Roundthwaite Abbey. Swale: £56 Eskew Beck. Dalesbred: £65 (ram),£54  Yarlsber. Leic: £60 Middle Sadghyll. Lleyn: £58 Audlands Park.  
Calves: Lim Hfrs: £280,£170 Spout House.  Brit Blue Hfrs: £220 Ravens Lodge; £190 Sunny Bank; £180 Winter Tarn. Lim Bulls: £280,£200 Spout House. Here Bulls: £250,£240 Capplerigg. Brit Blue Bulls: £200 Sunny Bank.  Fr Bulls: £100,£85 Spout House; £50 Espford Farm.
Pigs - Large White Stores £50  Lower Grisburn; £47 Ellonby Hall; £22 Croft House.  Saddleback Stores £40 Croft House; £28 Geltsdale.  Saddleback Weaners £33 Ellonby Hall; £28 Lower Grisburn; £23 Holmescales; £20 Cragg.  Pietrain Weaners: £34 Plumpton Cottage; £33 Coach House; £30 Pyes Bridge; £18 Roselea.  Middle White Stores: £30 Hazel Holme Farm.  Welsh White Sow (rwb) £110 Nissan Huts.  Pietrain Gilts: £86 Cragg. Saddleback Gilts: £89 Southwaite Green Mill; £55 Stoneyhead Hall. Cast Sows: £118 Elletsons Arms; £90 Holme Head.  

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