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Kendal Thursday 22/09/11

Posted Thursday, 22 September 2011, 11.31am


Store Lambs at Kendal

NWA Kendal held a special Prize Show & Sale of 1200 Store Lambs on Thursday.  The sale attracted buyers from throughout the northern counties and a pleasing entry of lambs.  There are more hill lambs now coming forward.  

The sale averaged £54 and the following prices were achieved.  

Suffolk: £69.50,£67.50,£64 Raw Head; £68 Sunny Brow; £66 Kit Cragg; £63 Crabtree.  Texel: £67 Meadow House Holding; £60 Grate Farm; £59.50 Fell House; £59 Bulman Strands, Fold Farm; £58.50 Brow Head.  Char: £65.50 School House; £64 Bulman Strands; £59 Fold Farm; £57 Stribers Farm. Cont: £62 Rankthorn; £55 Sunnybank. Mule: £60.50,£56.50 Kit Cragg; £58 Castle Syke; £55.50 Rankthorn, Singleton Park. Chev: £58 High Arnside; £56 High Bridgestone; £53.50 Stoney Gill. Swale:£40 Wall End.                                            

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