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Kendal Thursday 15/09/11

Posted Friday, 16 September 2011, 11.42am



North West Auctions Kendal held its Annual Sale of 600 Continental Store Cattle together with 60 cast cows on Thursday.  The show was kindly sponsored by J Bainbridge Dairy Supplies and the judging was in the very capable hands of David Moorhouse of Natland.  Championship honours were awarded to JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm whose Limousin Bullock went on to make £1000.   The photo above is of the Overall Champion Bullock with from left:  J Bainbridge (Sponsor), D Moorhouse (Judge), J Thompson & B Thompson of Poppy Farm (vendors) &  J Bainbridge (Sponsor).

There were two other sale highlights on the day.  The overall Kendal Auction Mart record price was beaten twice on the day.  Firstly by JA & MA Winn, High Underbrow whose Reserve Champion British Blue heifer took the new record with an excellent price of £1450.  The heifer was only 13 months of age.  A short time later TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall broke the mart record price for a store bullock.  Their first prize British Blue bullock made £1440 at only 14 months old.   Trade was superb on the day especially for an excellent entry of show cattle from local farms.  Bullocks averaged £846 and heifers £752.  The average age of cattle sold within the sale was only 14 months.  

Limousin Bullocks

1st & Champ  JG & PH Thompson, Poppy  £1000
2nd  SG Benson, Horrace Farm  £1010
3rd   P Clarke, Woodside  £1050  
Limousin Heifers
1st   JG & PH Thompson, Poppy  £980
2nd  SG Benson, Horrace Farm  £950
3rd   JG & PH Thompson, Poppy £795  
British Blue Bullocks
1st   TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall  £1440
2nd  TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall  £1020
3rd   TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall  £880  
British Blue Heifers
1st  MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow  £1450
2nd  TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall £860
3rd  TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall  £910  
Other Breed Bullock
1st   P & SA Edmondson, Low Barrows Green  £910 (Char)  
Best Pair of Bullocks/Heifers sired by a Limousin Bull
1st  TLB & J Knowles, High Borrowbridge  £805  
Best Pair of Bullocks/Heifers sired by a Continental Bull
1st  P & SA Edmondson, Low Barrows Green      £910 (Char)      

Earlier in the day an improved entry of 60 cast cows averaged 131p/kg with meated cows in great demand.  A top price of 172.5p/kg went to Miss MA Thompson, Barrows Green for a Limousin cow.  Cast heifers averaged 170p/kg topping at 174p/kg to JD & M Beck, Town Foot.  OTM Steers sold to 173.5p/kg also from Messrs Beck for a Limousin.  

– Lim: £1100 Knapperthaw, Colton Farm; £1055 Lane Head Farm; £1050 Woodside Farm; £1015 Low Woodhouse; £1010 Horrace Farm; £1000 Poppy Farm.  Char: £1050 Croft Foot Farm; £930 Bandrake Head.  Hfd: £710 Newoaks Farm.  Blonde: £1100 Nook Farm; £930 Millbeck; £880 High Deepslack.  BB: £1080 Bandrake Head.  AA: £980 Barkin House Barn. Saler: £830 Bandrake Head.  Parth: £845 Millbeck. Stab: £870 Kit Cragg.  Brit Blue: £1440 High Underbrow; £1080 Low Woodhouse; £1020 Mutton Hall.  
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £980 Poppy Farm; £970 Riddings, Horrace Farm; £935 Colton Farm; £900 Knapperthaw.  Char: £845 Hollin Wood; £825 Low Barrows Green; £735 Hartrigg.  Sim: £770 Riddings; £750 High Underbrow.  Blonde: £950 Nook Farm.  Parth: £750 Millbeck.  Brit Blue: £1450 High Underbrow; £910 Mutton Hall; £895 Low Woodhouse; £890 Barkin House Barn.
STORE BULLS – Lim: £1090 Low Graythwaite Farm;  £880 Croft Foot; £695 Gowan Bank.  Char: £990 Bandrake Head.  

CAST COWS – Fr: 141.5p/kg Burneside Hall; 126.5p/kg Elm Tree Farm; 123.5p/kg Tranthwaite Hall; 117.5p/kg Natland Mill Beck.  Lim: 175.5p/kg Barrows Green Farm; 165.5p/kg Woodside Farm; 163.5p/kg Arklid Farm; 157.5p/kg Old School House; 149.5p/kg Middle Sadghyll; 148.5p/kg Yoad Pott.  BB: 141.5p/kg Fold Farm; 138.5p/kg Hollin Wood.  AA: 141.5p/kg Yoad Pott; 136.5p/kg Cooper House.  Shorthorn: 142.5p/kg Bank House Farm; 128.5p/kg Abbots Ridding Farm.  Piemontese: 141.5p/kg Middle Sadghyll. 
CAST HEIFERS – Lim: 174.5p/kg Town Foot; 165.5p/kg Chapel House.
CAST STEERS– Lim: 173.5p/kg Town Foot.  AA: 149.5p/kg Keerfalls.

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