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Kendal Thursday 01/09/11

Posted Thursday, 01 September 2011, 11.51am


Cast Cows A full ringside of buyers ensured a wonderful trade was seen for all classes of cattle forward. Topping at 169.5p/kg for a tremendous British Blue x cow from H & AT Threlkeld of Bowkerstead Farm, Ulverston which also made the highest price per head of £1286.51. The majority of continental cows were 135 – 145p/kg. Black and white cows topped at 136.5p/kg but plainer type cows were 85-95p/kg. Cast Bulls were up to 133.5p/kg for a well fleshed pure Luing bull from P M Simpson, Poole Bank, Troutbeck.  

Stores Cattle A small show of Store Cattle forward were presented to a good ringside of buyers which ensured a good trade for all cattle sold.   Bullocks topped a £1000 for Limousin x bullocks from J T Park of Low Cunsey and heifers were to £820 for a pair of Limousin x heifers from Miss S E Harrison, Satterthwaite with plenty of customers requiring cattle everything looks sent for a great sale in a fortnights time with some excellent runs of cattle already entered.  

Store Lambs The fortnightly sale of store lambs saw another pleasing entry of over 1000 lambs penned, trade held throughout the sale at a level higher than expected with all lambs averaging £55 with several large consignments of small hill lambs forward.   Suffolk lambs sold to £64 from GM Redmayne, Ings with Texels to £60.50 from Messrs Westmoreland–Nicholson, Windermere. Well bred lambs regularly made £54 - £59. Longer keep sorts £47 - £53. Twelve buyers present this sale with many more keen to attend.   Next Sale Friday 9th September 2500 Gimmer Lambs at 10am followed by 1500 Store Lambs.  

Cast Cows
- Fr: 136.50p/kg Capple Rigg, 135.50p/kg Docker Hall, 95.50p/kg High Foulshaw. Lim: 169.50p/kg Bowkerstead, 158.50p/kg, 146.50p/kg 145.50p/kg Yoad Pot, 139.50p/kg Low Haygarth. Sim: 150.50p/kg Skelwith Fold, 148.50p/kg Yoad Pot, 125.50p/kg Luneside. Blo: 139.50p/kg Yoad Pot. BB: 151.50p/kg Bowkerstead, 147.50p/kg Bramaskew. AA: 136.50p/kg Long Green Head, 134.50p/kg Low Haygarth, 127.50p/kh Yoad Pot. SH: 125.50p/kg & 122.50p/kg Abbots Reading. Luing: 133.50p/kg, 130.50p/kg Poole Bank. Blue Albion: 113.50p/kg High Lickbarrow.  
Cast Heifer - Lim: 114.50p/kg Common Farm.  
Cast Bull - Luing: 136.50p/kg Poole Bank  
Store Bullocks – Lim: £1000 Low Cunsey. AA: £555 Greaves, £530 Newton Fold. Saler: £600 Greaves.
Store Heifers – Lim: £820 & £750 Satterthwaite, £690 Little Moss Side. Sim: £770 & £655 Little Moss Side. AA: £750 Satterthwaite. Blue Albion: £410 & £350 High Lickbarrow.  
Store Bull – SH: £495 Piked Howe.  
Cow & Calf - £700 Newton Farm.  
Store Lambs - Suff: £64 Gowan Bank, £61.50 Low Newton, £60.50 Yoad Pot, £60 Windy Ridge. Mule: £55 Yoad Pot, £54 Bannering. Char: £60 Stribers, £58 Fold Farm & Sunny Bank, £57.50 Gowan Bank. Chev: £56.50 Howe Farm, £55.50 Stoney Gill. Tex: £60.50 Howe Farm & Kirkby Hall, £60 Valley View, £59 Grandy Barn, Bannering & Long Green Head. Jacob: £30.50 Stoney Gill. Beltex: £47.50 Howe Farm.  

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