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Kendal Friday 23/09/11 Breeding Sheep

Posted Friday, 23 September 2011, 11.30am


North West Auctions Kendal held a new sale of almost 3,000 Draft ewes on Friday.  This included a combined sale of Swaledale and Rough Fell breeding sheep held together for the first time.  Also on offer was an excellent entry of 140 Bluefaced Leicester and Other Breed Rams.   Swaledale ewes averaged £120 being a record average in the market and up £28 on the year.  A top price of £170 was twice achieved by E & A Weir, Grove Farm. The Championship was awarded to the first prize pen of shearlings consigned by JA Alderson, Barras and these sold for £160 per head to Messrs Holmes of Appleby. Swaledale Shearlings averaged £131.  

Rough Fell ewes also acheived their best trade in many years to average £100, up £30 on 2010.  A top price of £135 went to W Beck & Son, Barugh House and these were purchased by GW & K Robinson, Moss End who also purchased the Champion pen at £120 per head consigned by NC Dodd, Flakebridge.  Rough Fell Shearlings averaged £106.  

A small entry of Bluefaced Leicester females sold to a top of £180 for a ewe from RA Lancaster of Torver.  

Pens of 10 Swaledale Gimmer Shearlings
1st           JA Alderson, Barras £160 
2nd         JA Alderson, Barras £160 
3rd          JA Swift, Dry Howe £150
Pens of 10 Swaledale Draft Ewes
1st           JA Swift, Dry Howe £150
2nd         Forest Hall Farms, Forest Hall £160
3rd          Forest Hall Farms, Forest Hall £160
Pens of 10 Swaledale Gimmer Lambs
1st           J Hunter, Galloper Park £105  

Champion: 1st Prize Shearlings – JA Alderson, Barras
Judge: Mr P Webster 
Pens of 10 Rough Fell Ewes
1st           NC Dodd, Flakebridge £120
2nd         GH Capstick & Son, Birkhaw £115
3rd          W Beck & Son, Barugh House £135
Pens of 10 Rough Fell Gimmer Shearlings
1st           GH Capstick & Son, Birkhaw £120
2nd         GH Capstick & Son, Birkhaw £98
3rd          Miss A Harrison, Boundary Beck £95
Pens of 10 Rough Fell Gimmer Lambs
1st           GH Capstick & Son, Birkhaw £60
2nd         E & K Bland, Cotegill £55
3rd          GH Capstick & Son, Birkhaw £50  

– 1st Prize Ewes – NC Dodd, Flakebridge
Judge: Mr Gordon Udale      


The annual Show & Sale of Bluefaced Leicester rams was held this day with a strong show of rams forward in each of the three classes judged this year by Mr A Alderson or Kirkby Stephen.   The championship was awarded to an aged ram presented by Stanley Cook Farming, Moss Howe (pictured above) which later sold for £500 to GK Tunnicliffe & Son, Buxton.  The day’s top price of £750 was achieved for a shearling ram from RJ Willison, Cinderbarrow, purchased by Messrs WA Hodgson, Whinfell.  All rams were easily sold with BFL shearlings averaging £348 and BFL ram lambs £265.

BFL Aged Rams
1st           Stanley Cook Farming, Moss Howe               
2nd         RA Lancaster, Green Cottages
3rd          RI Dixon, Low Newton Farm
BFL Shearling Rams
1st           RJ Willison, Cinderbarrow
2nd         Stanley Cook Farming, Moss Howe
3rd          RI Dixon, Low Newton Farm
BFL Ram Lambs
1st           D, HM & A Watson, Middleton Hall
2nd         PD & PJ Ellis, Moss Head
3rd          PD & PJ Ellis, Moss Head  
Champion: 1st Prize Aged Ram – Stanley Cook Farming
Judge: Mr A Alderson

(photo above shows the first prize BFL ram lamb, Shearling ram & aged ram)              

Top 5 BFL Ram Prices
£750 Shearling RJ Willison
£620 Shearling RI Dixon
£550 Shearling RI Dixon
£500 Aged Ram Stanley Cook Farming
£500 Shearling D Bateman  

Averages: BFL Ram Lambs to £380 av £265.  BFL Shearlings to £750 av. £348.  BFL Aged Rams to £500 av. £285.  Suffolk Shearlings to £320 and Texel Shearlings to £400.          

BREEDING EWES - Swaledale: £170, £160 Grove Farm; £160 Forest Hall; £152 Side Farm; £150 Dry Howe; £148 High Loanthwaite Farm; £145 Troutbeck Park; £140 Barbon Fell House; £135 Middle Sadghyll.  Rough Fell: £135 Barugh House; £120 Flakebridge; £115 Hardendale Hall, Birkhaw; £108 High Borrowbridge; £105 The Barnaby Rudge.  Leicester: £180, £150 Green Cottages; £160, £150, £140 High Loanthwaite Farm; £100 High Plains. Chev: £72 Tongue House Farm.
GIMMER SHEARLINGS – Swaledale: £160, £155, £150, £145 Barras Farm; £150, £130 Dry Howe; £140 Grove Farm; £138 Gallooper Park; £135 Side Farm, Wallenrigg Farm; £132 Cockley Beck.  Rough Fell: £125 Angrholm; £120 Birkhaw; £118 Low Whin Howe; £112 Barugh House; £105 Flakebridge; £102 West Gurtof Farm; £100 The Barnaby Rudge; £95 Boundary Beck.  Leicester: £180, £130 Murthwaite; £160 High Loanthwaite; £150 Green Cottages.  Herdwick: £95 High Bethicar.
GIMMER LAMBS – Swaledale: £105 Galloper Park; £70 Hewthwaite Farm; £68 High Arnside Farm.  Rough Fell: £95 Angrholm; £68 Moss Barn; £65 High Lane; £60 Birkhaw; £55 Cotegill Farm, Gill Hall; £50 Low Northsceugh.  Chev: £50 High Arnside Farm.  Leicester: £90 Green Cottages.
RAM LAMBS – Leicester: £380, £340 Middleton Hall; £350, £250 Moss Head; £200 Whinfell Terrace. 
SHEARLING RAMS - Suffolk: £320 Murthwaite; £260 Howe Farm.  Texel: £400, £300 Bank Hey Farm; £400, £300 Beck House; £200 Cinderbarrow.  Leicester: £750, £500 Cinderbarrow; £620, £550 Low Newton Farm; £500 Moss Howe, Moors; £450 Kit Cragg; £420 Murthwaite; £320 Brow Top.
AGED RAMS – Leicester: £500 Moss Howe Farm; £320, £300 High Loanthwaite Farm; £300 Helm Croft; £280 Bowderdale Head, Thursgill; £230 Marsh House Farm, High


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