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Lancaster Friday 19/08/11

Posted Saturday, 20 August 2011, 2.55pm


North West Auctions Lancaster had four busy sale rings in operation last Friday.  The sale began with yet another tremendous entry of 119 cast cows & over thirty month cattle.  A record price was achieved in the cast bull section for a Belgian Blue bull from JJ & D Huddleston, Overhouses which sold for the fantastic price of £1740.77 and was purchased by Frank Towers of Wray.  Cows averaged a very pleasing 124.1p/kg topping at 189.5p/kg to AG & GM Rowlinson. Low Hall Beck whose Limousin cow was purchased by Frank Towers.  Cast heifers sold to a top of 187.5p/kg to R Caton, Low House for a Belgian Blue heifer purchased by Charlie Anderson.  Over thirty month steers topped at 187.5p/kg to M S Dugdale & Sons, Tewitfield for a Limousin again purchased by Charlie Anderson.  

Another strong entry of store cattle were a very straight trade on the day with buyers attracted to Lancaster from throughout the North & Midlands.  Steers sold to £1250 to J& H Davis, Weavers Farm for a pen of Limousin x steers.  Heifers peaked at £1050 to SJ Brass, Nutgill for an Angus x heifer.  

A larger show of calves sold to a very competitive trade with all types easily sold with several new purchasers present.  Young calves topped at £350 for a 22 day old British Blue from RT Halhead, Norbreck Farm.  1 month old Angus heifers sold to £230 from JE & J Pye, Gibsons Farm.  Reared calved sold to £380 for a Simmental x bull from C Wilson, Nether Hall Farm.  Black & Whites continue to sell well with age and strength to vendors advantage.  £200 was paid for a 5 week old calf from JM Capstick, Brantbeck with all sorts averaging £86.  The monthly sale of stirks attracted a large entry of beef bred stirks topping at £540 for British Blue bulls from J Hoggarth & Sons, Manor House Farm and heifers to £510 for Limousin x.  Sale next Week to include 10 Beef heifers & bulls 4-7 months old.

Friday saw the opening sale of store lambs at Lancaster.  This sale is now fixed to be held fortnightly on Fridays commencing at 1pm.  An excellent entry of almost 500 store lambs of all breeds saw best Texel & Suffolk lambs in great demand from mainly local buyers and these were felt to be a very pleasing trade on the day.  A larger than expected entry of hill lambs was also forward with a good entry of longer keep Mules with a top of £58 from M & G German, Sowermire.  The days top price of £67 was achieved by WR Berry, Admarsh for a pen of Texel x lambs.

STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1000 Forton Bank; £940 Godson House Farm; £870 Stonehead, Ivy Cottage; £840 Carr House Farm.  Lim: £1250 Weavers Farm; £1230 The Dingle; £1190 Dunningwell Farm, Forton Bank Farm.  Char: £1130 Crooklands Farm; £1060 North Farm; £1020 Ivy Farm; £880 Mount Murray.  Sim: £1200 Godson House Farm; £1050 Littlewood Hall Farm; £1000 Kate Farm, Ivy Cottage; £940 Billinge Hall Farm.  Blonde: £790 Manor Farm.  BB: £1140 Weavers Farm; £1100 Mount Murray; £1070 Wray Farm; £1060 Stubb Place Farm; £1040 Crooklands Farm; £950 Clawthorpe Lodge.  AA: £1080 Hill House Farm, Ellers Farm, Nutgill; £1060 Ivy Farm; £970 Rowell Farm, Yew Tree Farm.  Shorthorn: £840 Bull Bank Farm; £740 Cobble Hey Farm.  Cont: £930 Moss View.  Saler: £940 Dunningwell Farm.  MRI: £750 Ivy Cottage; £740 Hill Dale, Croft House.  Welsh Black: £780 Scotch Green Farm.  Brit Blue: £1180 Wray Farm; £1040 Crooklands Farm; £980 Moss View; £940 Billinge Hall Farm.  Mont: £1010 Ivy Cottage; £840 Billinge Hall Farm.  Swedish R&W: £1070 Godson House Farm; £760 Peel Hill Farm. 
STORE HEIFERS – Fr: £950 Nutgill.  Lim: £1050 Brow Foot Farm; £1020 Cropper Farm; £910 Sunny Bank Farm; £900 Cross House Farm.  Char: £920 Cross House Farm.  Hfd: £870 Heald Farm; £830 Jolley Fold Farm; £730 Ivy Farm.  Sim: £980 Hill House Farm; £910 Mount Murray; £880 Moss View; £850 Corney Hill Farm.  Blonde: £860 Cross House Farm; £760 Farleton House.  BB: £910 Cross House Farm; £790 Stubb Place Farm.  AA: £1050 Nutgill; £1020 Cropper Farm; £980 Forton Bank; £950 Hill House Farm; £850 Cropper Farm.  Saler: Mount Murray.  Welsh Black: £700 Moss House Farm.  Brit Blue: £990 Moss House Farm; £890 Moss View; £860 Thornbush Farm; £850 Corney Hill Farm; £780 Docker Hall Farm. 
STORE BULLS – Lim: £860 Peel Hill Farm.  Blonde: £620 The Borrans. 
BREEDING CATTLE – Lim Cow & Calf £1500 Thornbush.  Lim Cow & Calf £1020 Rye Close.  Lim Cow & Calf £950 Littlewood Hall.  Hereford Cow & Calf £1020 Rye Close.  Belgian Blue Cow & Calf £1350 Mearsbeck Farm.  Devon Cow & Calf £1000 Rye Close. 
CAST COWS - Fr: 144.5p/kg Moorbottom Farm, Spital Farm; 139.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm, Higher Knowhill; 137.5p/kg Cocker House Farm.  Lim: 189.5p/kg Low Hall Beck; 174.5p/kg Green Close; 144.5p/kg Mearsbeck; 141.5p/kg Ivy House.  Hfd: 139.5p/kg Davy Bank.  Sim: 141.5p/kg Ballacowin Farm.  BB: 184.5p/kg Mount Murray; 181.5p/kg Springfield Farm; 167.5p/kg Rame Farm.  Jersey: 111.5p/kg Mount Murray.  AA: 151.5p/kg Mount Murray; 147.5p/kg Black Bull Cottage; 147.5p/kg Rye Close.  Shorthorn: 139.5p/kg Mount Murray.  MRI: 134.5p/kg Lane House Farm.  Mont: 114.5p/kg Dale Barns.  Swedish R&W: 119.5p/kg Low Stanger Thwaite.
CAST HEIFERS – Lim: 204.5p/kg (utm) Mount Murray; Fr: 151.5p/kg Parkside Farm; 134.5p/kg Hole of Ellel; 129.5p/kg Bradlow Farm.  Hfd: 164.5p/kg Corney Hill Farm.  BB: 187.5p/kg Low House. Ayrshire: 144.5p/kg Rame Farm.  AA: 181.5p/kg Low House.
CAST STEERS/BULLS – Fr: 134.5p/kg Brantbeck Farm.  Lim: 187.5p/kg Tewitfield Farm; 174.5p/kg Charnock House Farm; 171.5p/kg Whinney Carr Farm.  Sim: 181.5p/kg Lark Hill Farm; 141.5p/kg Ivy Cottage.  BB: 181.5p/kg Low  House; 179.5p/kg Tewitfield Farm; 169.5p/kg Over Houses.
BULL STIRKS – Fr: £310 Borwick Fold Farm; £290 Boldens Farm.  Lim: £440 Manor House Farm.   Sim: £380 Nether Hall Farm; £350 Manor House Farm.  MRI: £420 Farmdale. Brit Blue: £540 Manor House Farm; £450 Borwick Fold.
HEIFER STIRKS – Lim: £510 Hindley Green.  Brit Blue: £380 Manor House Farm.  Stab: £380 Hindley Green.
BULL CALVES - Fr: £200 Brantbeck Farm; £180 Boldens Farm; £155 Cocker House Farm; £122 Tills Farm.  Hfd: £310 Bull Bank.  Shorthorn: £150 School House; £6 Strickley.  Brit Blue: £350 Norbreck Farm; £215 Stanley Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – Hfd: £190  Davy Bank. AA: £230 The High Farm.
STORE LAMBS – Suff: £64 Lentworth Farm; £62.50 Cobble Hey Farm; £54.50 Admarsh Farm.  Mule: £58.50 Sowermire; £57 Pott Yeats; £56.50 Quarry House; £55 Marl House; £52 Marsh House Farm.  Texel: £67 Admarsh Farm; £66.50 Cragg Farm; £66 Pott Yeats; £65.50 Wyresdale Park; £62.50 Quarry House; £62 Marsh House Farm; £61 Cobbley Hey Farm.  Beltex: £50 Admarsh Farm.

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