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Lancaster Friday 12/08/11

Posted Monday, 15 August 2011, 2.50pm



North West Auctions Lancaster enjoyed a tremendously busy day last Friday for the catalogued entry of 464 Store Cattle together with 106 over thirty month cattle and 26 calves. 

A much increased entry of store cattle were, yet again, a very strong trade with steers averaging a shade under £900 throughout the sale.  Top price of the day was £1310 for a pen of Charolais cattle from  R H Dodgson, Kilburn House.  Heifers averaged £720, selling to a top of £1,000 to J D & G M Bracken, Greenlands Farm for a pen of Limousin heifers. 71 Store Cattle sold for over £1000 per head.

A small entry of in calf cows were very good to sell, topping at £1,000 for a Blonde cow from M S Cleator, Isle of Man.   Another large entry of cast cows were a straight trade on the day to average 128.1p/kg, topping at 179.5p/kg to Messrs T & M Halhead of Upp Hall for a Limousin cow purchased by Mr Alan Jarvis.  Cows also sold to £1,240.85 for a Friesian cow from Drinkall Brothers, Catshaw Hall, purchased by Frank Towers of Wray.  Cast Heifers averaged 143p/kg, topping at 154.5p/kg to D M Bargh, Bradlow Farm.  Heifers also sold to £1,144.44 to J E & A C Clarke, Cringleber.  Over thirty month bullocks and cast bulls were a tremendous trade topping at 179.5p/kg to P G Thornton, Cliftons Farm.  Cast bulls also topped at £1,402.89 for a Limousin from M S Cleator, Isle of Man.  

A quality entry of calves were sold on the day with many buyers around the ring going home empty handed.  Top price of £460 went to T D & A Gardner, Larbreck Hill Farm for a strong pen of Simmental heifer calves.  Bull calves sold to £440 for Aberdeen Angus from J R Newsham & Son, Conder Green.  Black & white calves saw an increase in price with all types averaging £82, with 7 over £100 topping at £150 from Wallbank Farms, Over Wyresdale.      

– Char: £1310,£1200 Kilburn House; £1280 Ashmead Farm; £1240 Wilson House Farm; £1180 Crooklands Farm, Lane House Farm. Lim: £1280 The Dingle; £1230 Thornbush Farm; £1140 Willow House Farm; £1110 Crow Trees; £1070 Downlands Farm; £1020 The Dingle.  BB: £1230 Shaws Farm; £1190 Crow Trees; £1160 Willow House Farm; £1100 Yew Tree Farm; £1070 Green Close; £1000 Wilson House Farm. Sim: £1160 Willow House Farm; £1110 Weavers Farm; £1100 Lane House Farm; £1020 Old Woodhouse. Cont: £1160 Willow House Farm; £920 Lane House Farm. Cross Beef: £1200 Weavers Farm.  Ang: £1100 Spital Farm; £1080 Scotch Green Farm; £1070 Weavers Farm.  Hfd: £1000 Weavers Farm; £980 Cock Hall Farm; £830 Corney Hill Farm; £800 Cringleber. Brit Blue: £1100 Yew Tree; £1000 Adamsons Farm; £990 Kellbrick Farm; £880 Farleton House. Fr: £1000 Low Levens; £970 Shaws Farm; £900 Outerthwaite Farm; £870 Wilson House Farm; £840 Hazelslack Tower Farm. Short: £940 Longlands Farm. Mont: £990 Forton Bank; £980 Hill Top. Blonde: £970 Ellers Farm; £880 Farleton House; £820 Ellers Farm. Saler: £880 Hollin Wood. SwR&W: £830 Spital Farm.  
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £1000 Greenlands Farm; £980 Manor Farm; £920 Cropper Farm, Sunny Bank Farm; £850 Hazelslack Tower Farm..  Char: £710 Beningbrough Farm; £660 Mylvoirrey. Hfd: £860 Brow Foot Farm; £770 Farmdale; £750 Jolley Fold Farm; £710 Manor House Farm.  Sim: £980 Halton Park Farm; £890 Brow Foot Farm; £780 Manor House Farm; £740 Intack Farm; £710 Beningbrough Farm.  Blonde: £580 Benningbrough Farm.  BB: £950 Mylvoirrey; £900 Cringleber; £880 Clawthorpe Lodge Farm.  AA: £1000 Spital Farm, Poplar Grove Farm; £980 High Snab; £920 Cropper Farm; £910 Moss Cottage; £860 Sunny Bank Farm.  Shorthorn: £790 Cropper Farm.  Saler: £770 Low House.  Stab: £610 Gibsons Farm.  Brit Blue: £880 Wyre Farm; £820 Adamsons Farm; £770 Manor House Farm; £750 Docker Hall Farm.   YOUNG BULLS – Blonde: £700 Eskew Beck.  Fr: £690 Park Farm. Sim: £670 Eskew Beck.  
BREEDING CATTLE – In-calf Cows: Blonde £1000, Angus £940 Mylvoirrey.  
CAST COWS – Lim: 179.5p/kg Upp Hall; 161.5p/kg Fell End Farm; 149.5p/kg Low Fell End, Cringleber; 141.5p/kg Poppy Farm.  Fr: 154.5p/kg Mill Farm; 151.5p/kg Strickland Hill, Lane House; 149.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm; 141.5p/kg Catshaw Hall Farm; 139.5p/kg Stirzaker Farm.  Char: 137.5p/kg Brown Edge; 131.5p/kg Mylvoirrey.  Hfd: 137.5p/kg Fell End Farm; 131.5p/kg Cringleber.  Sim: 171.5p/kg, 169.5p/kg Upp Hall; 129.5p/kg Yarlsber.  Blonde: 164.5p/kg Fell End Farm.  BB: 159.5p/kg Dove Cote Farm; 149.5p/kg Fell End Farm, Catshaw Hall Farm; 131.5p/kg Poppy Farm. Ayrshire: 131.5p/kg Birds Park Farm.  AA: 161.5p/kg Upp Hall; 157.5p/kg Charnock House Farm; 151.5p/kg Fell End Farm; 127.5p/kg Cringleber.  
OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 151.5p/kg, 149.5p/kg Bradlow Farm; 144.5p/kg Cringleber.  Lim: 151.5p/kg Cliftons Farm.  BB: 154.5p/kg Bradlow Farm  
OTM STEERS/CAST BULLS – Fr: 171.5p/kg Low House; 134.5p/kg Cliftons Farm; 129.5p/kg Bradlow Farm.  Lim: 179.5p/kg Cliftons Farm; 151.5p/kg Mylvoirrey; 147.5p/kg Hagg Farm.  Char: 167.5p/kg Lima Farm. Sim: 154.5p/kg Lima Farm. AA: 139.5p/kg Hatters Farm.  Stab: 141.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm.  
BULL CALVES – Fr: £150 Tills Farm; £128 Westfield House Farm; £105 Hodgsons Croft.  Lim: £355 Hood Ridding Farm.  Sim: £310 Horwich Moor.  AA: £440 Sellerley Farm.  Brit Blue: £240 North Farm.
HEIFER CALVES– Sim: £460 Larbreck Hill Farm; £350 Horwich Moor.  AA: £360 Sellerley Farm.  Brit Blue: £280 Hodgsons Croft.

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