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Kendal Tuesday 02/08/11

Posted Wednesday, 03 August 2011, 2.44pm

A much bigger show of 2210 prime lambs were presented to a full ringside of buyers with order books to fill.  Once again all weights of lambs were sought after however heavy weight lambs were slightly easier on the week.  Lambs topped at £80.50 per head for a pen of Texel x from EA Harrison, Scarside Farm selling to Riley Bros, Dunnockshaw.  Messrs Harrison also sold a pen of smart Texels for the top price per kilo of 203p selling to Andrew Atkinson.  The same price per kilo was also achieved by L Graham, Lingmoor Rise whose 36kg lambs were bought by Michael Lomax. The day’s trading left a very tidy overall averaged of 181.02p/kg.  

A larger show of cast sheep were also forward with a lot of plainer ewes on offer resulting in a slightly easier trade on the week.  However, well fleshed sheep were still selling to some great prices with Continental bred ewes still regularly £95-£105 a head and Mule Ewes £85-£95.  Well fleshed Horned ewes were £60-£70 with leaner sorts easier on the week.  

– Texel: £80.50 Scarside Farm; £80 Ulpha Farm; £79 Salterwath Farm, Millness Hall, Gowan Bank Farm; £78.50 Docker Hall; £78 High House, Chapel Field.  Suffolk: £80 The Borrans, Mutton Hall; £78 Ackenthwaite Farm; £76.50 New Close; £75.50 Crabtree Farm, Raw Head.  Char: £80 Sunny Bank; £79 Barker Knott; £78.50 Myers Farm; £74 Hollin Wood.  Mule: £75 Lambrigg Head; £70.50 Ashstead; £63.50 Middle Sadghyll; £62 Crabtree Farm. Horned: £57 Archer Hill.  Chev: £68 Salterwath Farm.  
CAST SHEEP - Suffolk: £108 Ackenthwaite Farm; £98 (ram) Preston Patrick Hall; £95 Mint Close; £84 Crooklands Farm. Char: £110 (ram) Preston Patrick Hall. Texel: £99 Gilpin Farm; £98 Hawkrigg End; £93 Heversham Hall; £89 Preston Patrick Hall; £84 Helm Croft, Murthwaite. Cont: £98 Heversham Hall; £97 Red Scar; £80 Gaisgill Row Farm. Mule: £93 Rinkfield; £89 Lane Ends Farm, Mireside Farm, Gilpin Farm, Hawkrigg End; £88 Sproat Ghyll; £87 Holmescales.  Swaledale: £77 Old School House; £58 Preston Patrick Hall; £41 Archer Hill.  Rough Fell: £78 Steps Farm; £68 Sproat Ghyll, Murthwaite; £57 Lockbank Farm.  Horned: £69 Sproat Ghyll, Red Scar; £68 Old School House, Arklid Farm.  Chev: £80 Low Bendrigg Farm; £58 Woodside. Leicester: £85 Gilpin Farm.  Dalesbred: £63 Yarlsber.  Teeswater: £108 Lowfield.  Herdwick: £63 Murthwaite.        

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