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Kendal Thursday 18/08/11

Posted Friday, 19 August 2011, 2.54pm

A full ringside of buyers ensured a fantastic trade for all classes of Cast Cows forward.  A good run of 7 Limousin x cows from Messrs Dixon of Selside averaged 143.02p/kg and to average £985 per head. Cows topped at 163.5p/kg for a Limousin Cow from Messrs Dixon of Colton.  Black and white cows topped at 127.5p/kg from Messrs Mallinson of Ravenslodge. Several stock bulls were forward this week with beef bulls to £1,291 for a Lim from T A Chapman & BSon, Kendal and black and whites to 149.5p/kg (£1,001) from W Beck & Son, Tebay.    

STORE CATTLE A larger show of store cattle were once again easily sold to a ringside full of buyers.  The day’s top price of £940 was paid for an Angus x heifer from Mrs N Beech, Burton with all heifers averaging £697 with mainly yearling sorts forward. Bullocks were just as easily sold, topping at £825 for Lim x from D Nicholson, Ulverston and N Cooper & Sons, Broughton in Furness, with all sorts averaging £694. A small show of bulls sold to £555 for 6 m.o. Char x from F P & G Slater, Witherslack. We have buyers for all types of cattle at Kendal with prices achieved consistently in line with other local auctions.    

STORE LAMBS   A wonderful entry of 1451 lambs were presented to a large ringside of buyers.  Although lambs were easier than the previous fortnight, this was in line with other markets and all vendors would be still well satisfied with their trade.  Lambs topped at £69 for a big pen of Suffolk x lambs from Messrs Dixon of Yoadpot.  Suffolks averaged £63.81 Texel lambs to £66 average £57.90 Mule lambs to £63 average £52.85 Charollais lambs to £65 average £65.00 Cheviot lambs to £65 average £62.25  
The winners of the prize sale are as follows.   Highest priced Suffolks – A Dixon & Son, Kit Crag £69 purchased by J Bargh & Son, Heaton with Oxcliffe   Highest priced Texel – J B Dixon, Valley View, £66 again purchased by J Bargh & Son. 

– Fr: 127.5p/kg Ravens Lodge; 119.5p/kg Natland Mill Beck; 117.5p/kg Patton Mill; 107.5p/kg Bradley Farm. Lim: 163.5 Colton Farm; 148.5p/kg Yoad Pott; 143.5p/kg Crabtree Farm; 129.5p/kg High Borrowbridge.  Blonde: 146.5p/kg  Yoad Pott. AA: 99.5p/kg Bannerigg Farm.  Shorthorn: 95.5p/kg Moss Side.  Galloway: 127.5p/kg High Row. Stab: 148.5p/kg Kit Cragg.
CAST BULLS/OTM STEERS – Fr: 149.5p/kg Barugh House.  Lim: 128.5p/kg Lane Head Farm.  Sim: 120.5p/kg High House Farm; 115.5p/kg Bowston Hall.  Saler: 121.5p/kg Fell House.  Highland: 111.5p/kg (utm) Park Avenue.
STORE STEERS – Fr: £685 Elm Tree. Lim: £825 Birch Bank, Troughton Hall; £805 Castle Syke; £695 Moss Howe Farm; £660 Newoaks Farm.  Sim: £635 Bowston Hall.  Blonde: £815 High Deepslack; £630 Newoaks Farm.  Brit Blue: £500 Bowston Hall.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £890 Angerton Hall; £785 Low Groves Farm; £780 Birch Bank; £745 Moss Howe Farm.  Hfd: £550 Newoaks Farm.  AA: £940 Crag House.  Shorthorn: £440 High Lickbarrow.  Blue Albion: £440 High Lickbarrow.  Stab: £525 Castle Syke.
STORE BULLS – Char: £555 Ballart Howe.
STORE LAMBS – Suffolk: £69 Kit Cragg; £67 Raw Head; £66 Stoney Gill; £65.50 Sunny Brow; £65 Low Hundhowe; £64.50 Grate Farm; £64 Fell House, New Hall.  Mule: £63 Kit Cragg; £53 Stoney Gill; £52 High Carlingill; £50 Brow Top.  Char: £65 Gowan Bank Farm.  Chev: £65 Poole Bank Farm; £62 School House; £59 Stoney Gill.  Texel: £66 Valley View; £65 Birch Bank, Quarry Top; £64.50 High Underbrow, Grandy Barn, Well Foot; £64 Fell House; £63.50 The Borrans.  Leicester: £59 The Borrans. Herdwick: £27 Long Green Head.

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