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Kendal Thursday 04/05/11

Posted Thursday, 04 August 2011, 2.45pm

Once again a good show of cast cows & OTM Cattle were forward to a full ringside of buyers with the best cows regularly 130p/kg to 140p/kg, topping at 147.5p/kg on several occasions with a wonderful run of Lim x cows from Messrs Atkinson of Endmoor who’s cows averaged 139.85p/kg or £1009.24 per head. British Blue cows to 147.5p/kg from Mr R. K. Boyren, Hill Park Farm. Black and White cows to 139.5p/kg from JW Hargreaves Bridge End, Broughton. All cattle averaged 116.5p/kg.


A few cows and calves forward topping at £1220 for a Lim x cow with heifer calf at foot from Messrs I E & MA Taylor, Whinfell. An increased entry of Store cattle saw prices in line with all other local centres. £950 was achieved for Lim x steers from BE & M Thexton, Kirkby in Furness with young Charolais x heifers to £715 from JC Walling, Crosthwaite. Well bred bulls were easily sold with a pair of 6 month old Lim x from A & E Atkinson & Son, Endmoor selling for £690. Many buyers unable to fill orders – strong entry needed for the Summer Show & Sale of Store Cattle in a fortnight (Thursday 18th August).

A full ringside of buyers were present for the opening sale of Store Lambs leaving all vendors highly delighted with the days trade. There were some tremendous runs of lambs forward with lambs topping at £78 for a pen of Texel x lambs from Gary Postlethwaite, Riddings Farm selling to Mr Errington of Penrith. Strong Suffolk lambs and continental lambs were £67 - £78 and small running lambs were £55-£60 leaving a wonderful overall average of £64.31 which was up £10.55 on the year. Next sale to include prize sale of store lambs.

- Fr: 131.50p/kg 128.50p/kg Ninezergh, 114.50p/kg Bridge End, 111.50p/kg Raven Lodge & Scroggs. Lim: 141.50p/kg, 140.50p/kg, 137.50p/kg Stubb Farm, 120.50p/kg Dawson Fold. Char: 106.50p/kg Borwick Fold. Here: 124.50p/kg Lane End Farm. Sim: 121.50p/kg Lane End Farm. BB: 147.50p/kg Hill Park. AA: 131.50p/kg Ashstead, 119.50 & 111.50p/kg Bannerigg. SD: 112.50p/kg Lane End.
CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 139.50p/kg Bridge End, 134.50p/kg Flodder Hall, 107.50p/kg Ninezergh. Lim: 147.50p/kg Low Groves.
BREEDING CATTLE: - Lim Cow with Hfr Calf: £1220 High Deepslack; Red Poll Cow with Brit Blue Bull Calf: £930 High Biggarsbank.  Lim Hfr with Lim Bull Calf: £870 Herdman House Farm.
STORE STEERS - £950, £915 Angerton Hall, £450 Howe Farm. CH: £790 Dawson Fold. Here: £670 & £645 Newoaks.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £570 Dawson Fold. CH: £715 Dawson Fold. Sim: £540 & £450 Bowston Hall.
STORE BULLS – Fr: £270 Woodside. Lim: £690 Stubb Farm. Blo: £600 The Borrans.
STORE LAMBS – Suffolk: £70.50 & £70 Raw Head, £70 & £69 Grate Farm, £69 Riddings, £69 Hartrigg, £67 Fell House. Cont: £62 Low Cunsey. Mule: £55 Long Green Head, £46 Gilpin Farm. Char: £51 Gilpin Farm. Tex: £78 Riddings, £70 Greenhead, £69 Grandy Barn, £67.50 Fell House.

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