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Lancaster Monday 04/07/11

Posted Tuesday, 05 July 2011, 2.28pm


North West Auctions, Lancaster had the best entry forward for this season of 1,755 Prime Lambs.

The sale was riddled with quality lambs throughout and a superb average of 209.5p/kg was very pleasing on the day.  There were eight active buyers on duty and trade remained strong throughout the sale.   Top price of 226p/kg went to Messrs Prickett, Farleton House for 36kg Texel lambs at £81.50,  these were purchased by Yorkshire Country Meats.  The same price was also achieved by J Bargh & Son, North Farm with 38kg Texel lambs at £86, these were purchased by Roy Schofield for Samuel Howarth, butchers of Diggle.  Lambs also topped at £100 to A P Smith, Tenters Farm.  

A similar entry of Cast Sheep were, once again, a marvellous trade to average £71, topping at £100 for ewes from E E Thornton & Sons, Dowlands Farm.  More ewes are urgently sought each week at Lancaster.  

In the Prime Cattle ring, an excellent entry of prime butchers’ heifers topped at 193.5p/kg for a Limousin heifer from T H Garnett & Son, New Close purchased by George Blacklidge, butcher of Chorley.  Ambrose Rayton, Winston showed another good run of cattle twice reaching 189.5p/kg for Limousin heifers purchased by George Blacklidge and Samuel Howarth Ltd, respectively.   

In the Prime Bull ring, reduced entry included an excellent run of heavy bulls from J & D Barton & Son, Calcalds Farm.  These topped at 175.5p/kg (£1112.67) for a British Blue which was purchased by Bowland Foods of Preston.  British breed bulls were in good demand too selling to a top of 158.5p/kg for a Hereford from T D & A Gardner, Larbreck Hill, again purchased by George Blacklidge    

Top Prices  

SPRING LAMBS – Char: £100,£92.50 Tenters Farm; £86,£84,£83,£81.50 Capernwray Parkland; £84.50 Moss House Farm; £83.50 Gaskell House; £82 Old Glass Farm.  Texel: £96,£95,£90 North Farm; £92.50 Cantsfield Hall; £92.50,£90 Park Farm Barn; £92,£90.50,£89 Claughton Hall Farm. Suffolk: £94 North Farm; £91,£88,£87 Oak Head Farm; £90,£90,£87 Downlands Farm; £89.50 Ancliffe Hall Farm; £89 Station Hotel; £88 Claughton Hall Farm, Lyndale. Hampshire: £81.50 Oak Head Farm.  

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £100 Downlands Farm; £69 Moss House Farm.  Texel: £93 New Parkside Farm; £87,£83,£72  Parks Farm Barn; £84 Cock Hall Farm; £75,£72 Hallbeck.  Cheviot: £90 Farleton House.  Mule: £85,£84 New Parkside Farm; £82 Moss House Farm; £77, Burrow Heights Farm, Lower Highfield; £75 Hallbeck, Ellers Farm; £74 New Parkside Farm; £73 Moss House Farm.  

PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 193.5p/kg,179.5p/kg, 174.5p/kg New Close; 189.5p/kg,189.5p/kg,187.5p/kg,181.5p/kg Winston. BrB: 188.5p/kg Winston; 169.5p/kg Wild Board Farm. Sim: 179.5p/kg Winston. BB: 161.5p/kg,158.5p/kg  Wild Boar Farm. Char: 159.5p/kg Cockerham Hall.

PRIME BULLOCKS – Char: 141.5p/kg Cockerham Hall.  

PRIME BULLS – BrB: 175.5p/kg Calcalds Farm. Lim: 173.5p/kg, 169.5p/kg Calcalds Farm. Hfd: 158.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Mont: 156.5p/kg Lane House. AA: 155.5p/kg,154.5p/kg,126.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Fr: 142.5p/kg, 124.5p/kg Boldens Farm.

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