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Lancaster Friday 22/07/11

Posted Friday, 22 July 2011, 2.38pm

BUYERS FLOCK TO LANCASTER Four Sale Rings Attract Large Crowds with 634 Head of Stock Sold

North West Auctions held its weekly store sale to include the special sale of breeding ewes & rams suitable for early breeding.  
Another strong entry of 296 store cattle were foward and continue to sell to the recent high prices with all bullocks averaging £820 and heifers £735.  The days top price of £1190 was paid for Belgian Blue x steers from DM Bargh, Bradlow and the same price was achieved by RG & H Preece of Thornbush for a again for Belgian Blue with a further 29 bullocks making over £1000.  Heifers topped at £960 for Angus x from GE & AP Hewitt, Poplor Grove.  A small show of young store bulls topped at £700 averaging £598 for yearling beef types.   

Earlier in the day a bumper entry of 145 cast cows and OTM clean cattle sold to a strong trade with an overall average of 119.6p/kg with cows selling to 181.5p/kg for an Angus x cow from Ballacutchel Farms, Isle of Man and £1272 for a Blonde x cow from JF & C Saunders, Maidenlands Tarn.  Black & White cows sold to 144.5p/kg from JJ Pennington & Son, Dove Cote.  Cast Heifers sold to 154.5p/kg for a Friesian from JS & KM Wilson, High House.  Cast steers sold to 181.5p/kg (£1267) for a Limousin from PG Thornton, Cliftons Farm.  

The weekly sale of calves enjoyed a much increased entry with trade reported as being ‘better than anywhere else this week’.  Calves topped at £350 for Charolais x bulls from GH Sanderson, Blackleach House Farm and heifers peaked at £330 for Limousin x from J & EV Thompson, Hood Ridding.  Black & Whites continue to meet strong demand with mainly younger sorts forward this week selling to £85 from Wallbank Farms, Abbeystead.  Stirks this week sold to £460 for a 4 m.o. Limousin bullock F & TE Park, Borwick Fold Farm.  Many more needed each week.  Beef calves selling at a premium.  

The sale of breeding sheep included the part dispersal of ewes on behalf of H Pumphrey Armitage, Preston Patrick Hall.  4 crop Texel x ewes sold to £140 with 3 crop Mules to £138 (x4), £135 (x5). 
199 ewes averaged £131.  

Shearlings attracted keen interest with several annual draft present.  Texels sold to £180 from PF Lee, Lower Swainshead with Mules to £140 from EW Fox, The Hill. 
A small show of rams were keenly competed for selling to £300 for Texel Shearlings.

– BB: £1190 Bradlow Farm, Thornbush Farm; £1070 Tewitfield Farm; £1040 Wray Farm.  Lim: £1180 Bradlow Farm; £1170 Crow Trees; £1120 Old Woodhouse; £1110 Cock Hall Farm; £1080 Wray Farm; £1050 Downlands Farm. Char: £1040 Old Woodhouse; £980 Aynsome Manor Farm; £930 Cock Hall Farm.  Hfd: £820 Bull Bank Farm; £730 Billinge Hall Farm, Cock Hall Farm.  Sim: £1060 Littlewood Hall; £1020 Ellers Farm; £850 Crabtree Farm. Fr: £920 Spital Farm; £970 Crabtree Farm, Downlands Farm, Wyre Farm. AA: £1030 Shaws Farm; £1000 Cringleber; £980 Longlands Farm; £910 Crabtree Farm.  Shorthorn: £630 Brandwood Fold Farm. MRI: £860 Croft House. Brit Blue: £1100 Fell End Farm; £980 Greenways; £890 Snapewood Farm. Swedish R&W: £960 Hill Top.  
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £910 Nook Farm; £850 Cracalt Farm; £820 Cantsfield Hall; £810 Mount Murray.  Char: £810 Mount Murray; £750 Croft Foot; £710 Springfield House. Hfd: £840 Mount Murray.  Sim: £830 Jolley Fold Farm.  Blonde: £740 Farleton House. BB: £880 Cropper Farm; £830 Low House.  AA: £960 Poplar Grove; £880 Cropper Farm.  Welsh Black: £880 Cropper Farm.  Brit Blue: £800 Farleton House.  
YOUNG BULLS – Lim: £610 Eskew Beck.  AA: £650 Park Farm. Brit Blue: £700 Park Farm.  
BREEDING CATTLE: In-Calf Simmental Cow (7yo) £820 Mount Murray.  
CAST COWS – Fr: 144.5p/kg Dove Cote Farm; 141.5p/kg North Farm; 134.5p/kg Hallbeck, Whinney Carr Farm, Low Levens, Scales Park, Friars Moss.  Lim: 164.5p/kg Ouzelthorn Farm; 157.5p/kg Mount Murray; 131.5p/kg Cringleber. Hfd: 127.5p/kg Wyre Farm.  Sim: 149.5p/kg Mount Murray; 141.5p/kg Wyre Farm.  Blonde: 171.5p/kg Maidenlands Tarn; 137.5p/kg Mount Murray.  BB: 157.5p/kg Over Houses; 154.5p/kg Mount Murray; 147.5p/kg Fell End Farm; 137.5p/kg Lund Farm.  AA: 181.5p/kg Mount Murray; 141.5p/kg Fell End Farm; 141.5p/kg Wyre Farm.  Shorthorn: 124.5p/kg Mount Murray.  Saler: 139.5p/kg Shepherds Hill Farm. Brown Swiss: 137.5p/kg Dove Cote Farm; 121.5p/kg Little Fell Farm.  Swedish R&W: 141.5p/kg Lawrence House.  
OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 154.5p/kg High House; 144.5p/kg Hallbeck; Netherbeck Barn.  Lim: 151.5p/kg Rowell Farm.  
OTM STEERS/BULLS – Fr: 139.5p/kg High House; 131.5p/kg Rowell Farm, Shepherds Hill Farm; 124.5p/kg Cliftons Farm, Westfield House Farm.  Lim: 181.5p/kg Cliftons Farm; 147.5p/kg Longlands Farm, North Farm. 
BULL CALVES – Lim: £460 Borwick Fold Farm; £380 New Brows Farm; £200 Billinge Hall Farm.  Char: £350 Blackleach House Farm.  Sim: £310 Billinge Hall Farm.  AA: £390 Borwick Fold Farm; £180 Warton Grange Farm.  Fr: £85 Tills Farm; £50 Blackleach House Farm; £48 Cocker House Farm.
HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £330 Hood Ridding Farm; £140 Manor House Farm.  Char: £235 Blackleach House Farm.  Hfd: £205 Gardners Farm.  AA: £160 Warton Grange Farm.  Brit Blue: £290 Coverdales; £190 North Farm..  
RAMS – Texel: £300 Lower Swainshead Farm; £230 Marsh House Farm.
GIMMERS SHEARLINGS – Mule: £140 The Hill; £135 Marsh House Farm.  Texel: £180 Lower Swainshead Farm: £150 Cooper House.
EWES – Mule: £138 Preston Patrick Hall.  Texel: £140 Preston Patrick Hall; £98 Cooper House.  

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