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Kendal Tuesday 12/07/11

Posted Wednesday, 13 July 2011, 2.33pm



North West Auctions Kendal held a very busy sale of prime & breeding stock on Tuesday.  The only disappointment was a reduction in prime lamb numbers with ten buyers in the ring all looking for sheep.  There were almost 1300 sheep in the market and the lamb trade was competitive in a falling trade this week.  Lambs averaged 188p/kg selling to a top of 207p/kg to EA Harrison, Scarside whose 42 kilo Texel lambs made £87 and were purchased by Riley Brothers butchers of Rawtenstall.  Mr Harrison also sold lambs to 206p/kg to Jim Hadwin butcher of Mansergh.  Lambs topped at £92.50 per head for Texels from DW Cottam, Hagg Farm and these were purchased by Michael Lomax.  

An increased entry of cast sheep were a marvellous trade being even dearer than last week.  Ewes topped at £115 per head to JA & J Harper, Capplethwaite Hall.  Ewes could have been sold all day to vendor’s advantage.  

Earlier in the day the fortnightly sale of newly calved dairy cattle included an excellent run of 5 in-calf heifers from J & JA Burrow, Thursgill.  Messrs Burrow enjoyed an excellent average of £1600 per head for their cattle selling to a top of £2000.  It was good to see so many buyers around the ring.  

The monthly sale of store and breeding pigs produced an excellent entry of 103 pigs of all breeds and types.  Top price of the day was £120 for a cast boar from Messrs Hogg, Winscale Farm.  Fat pigs sold to a top of £85 to AJJ Horn, Lower Grisburn.  Messrs Horn also topped the cast sow trade at £95.  

The best entry of calves for some weeks found favour with a large ring of buyers.  Top price of the day was £400 for a British Blue heifer from JH & E Ivinson, Robinson House.  Bull calves sold to £280 for a British Blue from JW & D Robinson & Sons, Hollins Farm.  

PRIME LAMBS – Texel: £92.50 Hagg Farm; £88 Docker Hall, Clawthorpe Lodge; £87 Scarside Farm; £86.50 Green Head; £85 High House Farm, Garnett House. Suffolk: £87.50, £80.50 High House Farm; £84 Nether Hall Farm; £81.50 Lawsons Farm; £80.50 Hartrigg.  Mule: £67 Ashstead. Rough Fell: £62 Moss End Farm. Char: £89, £80 Fairbank Farm; £79 Hagg Farm; £70.50 Capplethwaite Hall. Chev: £79, £75 Green Head.  
CAST SHEEP - Texel: £115 Capplethwaite Hall; £108, £100, £90 Beckfoot Farm Cottage; £99, £83 Broad Head; £82 Millbeck. Cont: £112  Oldfield End; £96 Scarside Farm; £91 Kirket Nook; £84 Patton Mill Farm. Suffolk: £87 Patton Hall.  Mule: £97 Johnscales Farm; £94 Millbeck; £92 Low Brundrigg; £91 Arklid; £89 Cockrigg Farm. Rough Fell: £80 Moss End Farm; £76 Boundary Beck, Croft Foot Farm; £73 High Swinklebank Farm.  Horned: £65 Capplethwaite Hall; £56 Kit Cragg; £53 Crooklands Farm.  Chev: £90 Croft Foot Farm; £89 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Leicester: £112, £110 Boundary Beck.  Dalesbred: £74 Fell End Farm.  
CALVES – Fr Bulls: £85 (5 times) Lincolns Inn Farm; £60 Wyke Farm; £50 Spout House; £45 Ackenthwaite Farm. Shorthorn Bulls: £175 Moss Side. British Blue Bulls: £280 Hollins Farm.  Limousin Heifers: £365 Robinson House Farm; £240 Spout House. AA Heifers: £320 (twice) Robinson House Farm.  British Blue Heifers: £400, £390, £300 Robinson House Farm.  
DAIRY HEIFERS - £2000 Thursgill.  
PIGS –Cast Boars: £120 Winscales.  Sows: £95 Lower Grisburn; £90 Nissan Huts.  Fat Pigs: £85 Lower Grisburn.  Stores/Weaners: £45 Pyes Bridge; £40, £38 Arlecdon Hill Farm; £37 High Hollins; £31, £28 Bascodyke; £30 Roundhill.

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