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Kendal Tuesday 05/07/11

Posted Wednesday, 06 July 2011, 2.30pm


As lamb numbers continue to climb, a wonderful show of 1,773 lambs and ewes were put before the usual ringside of buyers who were keen to purchase the sheep.  Lambs topped at 223p/kg for a tremendous pen of 39kg Texel x lambs from E A Harrison, Orton, which were purchased by Jim Hadwin of Mansergh for £87.  They also topped at £97 per head for a pen of 47 kg Texel x lambs from Messrs Dodgson of Kendal which again were purchased by Mr Hadwin. There were some fantastic runs of lambs forward which were a credit to all the vendors.  All weights of lambs were greatly sought after with export type lambs levelling at well over £2/kg  

Cast Sheep.  These once again did not disappoint vendors with all classes of Cast Sheep being in much demand.  A pen of Texel x Ewes from Messrs Dodgson of Kendal sold to £119/hd to Mr A Atkinson, Harrogate. There were plenty of pens of Cont x Ewes well in excess of the £100 mark with Mule and Masham ewes selling for £80-£90 topping at £99.  Horned ewes were regularly £70-£80, topping at £87 for a pen of Rough Fell ewes from C Bateman, Docker.  Plainer ewes also looked a wonderful trade.  


PRIME LAMBS - Suffolk: £97 £84 Salterwath; £92 Tunstall Hall; £88 Warth Sutton; £87.50 Lawsons Farm; £86 Garnett Folds; £85 Cracalt; £84 Brow Head; £84 New Close. Texel: £97 Spital; £96,£87,£87 Scarside; £89 Scroggs Farm; £88 Brow Head, New Close; £87.50 Cooper House; £86.50 Green Lane End Farm. Char: £87.50,£80.50 Myers; £87,£84.50,£84,£84,£81 Gibraltar Farm. Cont: £88 Warth Sutton; £77 High Foulshaw Farm; £75.50 Barker Knott. Horned: £87 Holmescales Farm; £73 Mosergh Farm; Hampshire: £74 Endmoor Farm.  

CAST SHEEP - Texel: £119,£118,£95 Spital; £116 Scarside; £109,£96 Endmoor Farm; £105,£102,£102,£101 Gibraltar Farm; £100 Preston Patrick Hall. Mule: £99,£88 Salterwath Farm; £90 Sand Lane; £89,£88,£83 Gibraltar Farm; £87,£84 Endmoor Farm; £86 Ackenthwaite Farm; £85 Preston Patrick Hall, High Hallbeck. Cheviot: £90,£87 Croft Foot Farm. Horned: £80,£77,£67,£55 Croft Foot Farm: £54 High Borrowbridge. Masham: £86 Middale; £85 Fiddler Hall Barn.  Half-bred: £85,£82,£82,£80,£78 Croft Foot Farm. Leic: £80 Howe Farm. Suffolk: £60 Low Stangerthwaite; £44 Salterwath Farm.  

CALVES – BriB bull: £260 Hagg Farm. Ang hfr: £230 Hagg Farm. Fries bull: £170,£60 Espford  

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