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Lancaster Monday 27/06/11 Primestock Report

Posted Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 2.23pm


North West Auctions held their weekly sale of primestock on Monday. 

It was hoped that a larger entry of lambs would be forward this week but the excellent weather on the day ensured a similar number to the previous week.  What was most pleasing was to see three new faces in the ring amongst regular quality buyers.  Consequently trade proved to be most competitive on the day with an excellent average of 200p/kg across the board.  The sale also included a new Mid-summer season prize show & sale of lambs which were shown in pens of five.  Championship honours went to the first prize pen of Texel x lambs from EJ Ward & Sons, Intack Farm whose 39kg lambs went on to make £101 each and were purchased by Vivers of Dornock Town.  The same buyers also purchased the reserve champion pen which were the second prize Texels from P Cumming, Holmefields, these made £95 (264p/kg). Whittakers Butchers of Blackburn were also purchasing prize winning lambs taking both first and second prize lambs from the Any Other Breed section from GA Haston & Son, Lane House at £90 and R & DM Cardwell, Moss Side Farm at £85.50. Also in demand on the day were lightweight lambs with an excellent top price of £75.50 to Miss T Jackson of Forton for 32kg Texel lambs which were again purchased by Vivers of Dornock Town.  More lambs are now required every week at Lancaster.

Cast ewes continue to come forward in slightly increased numbers and trade continues to remain very strong with ewes today selling to a top of £118 to RF Morphet, Far Highfield.

In the prime cattle section another pleasing entry of prime bulls were again a competitive trade averaging more than 150p/kg for all breeds topping at 174.5p/kg for a British Blue from T & CM Kelsall, Brown Brook and this was purchased Bowland Foods of Preston. 

An excellent run of butchers heifers averaged 178p/kg topping at 188.5p/kg to Barbara Rayton of Winston for a Limousin heifer purchased by Roy Schofield on behalf of MJ Birtwistle & Co. Ltd butchers of Worsley.  Mrs Rayton’s heifer just pipped her husband Ambrose’s heifer which was 187.5p/kg again for a Limousin purchased by MJ Birtwistle & Co.

Top Prices 
– Texel: £101, £91 Intack Farm; £97 Poplar Farm; £95 Holmefields; £91 Bibbys Farm; £90.50 Tarnwater Farm; £90 Mearsbeck, Lane House; £89 The Dell.  Suffolk: £82 Old Grange Farm; £81.50 Low Hall Beck; £79.50 Highfield Farm; £79 Hill Top, Bradlow Farm. Cont: £82, £80 Old Grange Farm; £81 Low Hall Beck; £76 Springfield Farm, Brown Edge. Char: £86 Lane House; £85.50 Moss Side Farm; £79.50 Burrow Heights Farm; £78 Ling Row. Lleyn: £78.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leicester: £78 High House Farm. Dorset: £76 Bracken Lea Farm.
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £118, £100, £93 Far Highfield; £90 Greenwoods; £88 Lundholme; £76 Burrow Heights Farm.  Suffolk: £80 Castle O’ Trim. Mule: £79 Burrow Heights Farm; £75 North Farm; £74 Highfield Farm; £73 Bull Bank Farm; £71 Ellers Farm. Horned: £73 Maryfell. Lleyn: £87 Low Foulshaw Farm.
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 188.5p/kg, 187.5p/kg, 186.5p/kg, 174.5p/kg, 170.5p/kg, 169.5p/kg Winston. Char: 163.5p/kg Stirzakers Farm. Fr: 133.5p/kg Brown Brook.
PRIME BULLOCKS – Fr: 121.5p/kg Brown Brook.
PRIME BULLS – Brit Blue: 174.5p/kg Brown Brook; 165.5p/kg Yeat House; 158.5p/kg Moss House Farm; 154.5p/kg Northwoods Farm.  AA: 163.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Sim: 169.5p/kg Calcalds Farm; 167.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Char: 172.5p/kg Calcalds Farm. Lim: 165.5p/kg Lane House; 157.5p/kg Wild Boar Farm. Hfd: 155.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Jersey: 139.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.  Fr: 129.5p/kg Yeat House; 122.5p/kg Boldens Farm; 120.5p/kg Pyethornes Farm.

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