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Lancaster Friday 24/06/11

Posted Friday, 24 June 2011, 2.22pm


North West Auctions Lancaster held their weekly sale of store and breeding stock together with cast cows last Friday.  

A tremendously strong entry of store cattle were a marvellous trade on the day.  Bullocks averaged £847 selling to a top of £1180 to TH Whitfield & Son, Longlands Farm for a tremendous Blonde bullock.  Heifers averaged £707 topping at £940 to H Gorst & Sons, Shaws for a pen of Limousin heifers.  

A similar entry of 70 cast cows & over thirty month cattle saw a much plainer show of cows forward and the overall average of 116p/kg was very tasty on the day.  A top price of 144.5p/kg went to PW & JM Norris & Son, Priory Farm for a tremendously fleshed Friesian cow.  Cows also topped at £1066 to JA Burrow, White Carr for a Limousin cow.  OTM heifers peaked at 154.5p/kg (£1038) for a British Blue from JJ & D Huddleston, Overhouses.  OTM Steers sold to 167.5p/kg (£1033) for a Limousin from PG Thornton, Cliftons Farm.  

A reduced entry of calves were a great trade on the day with buyers attending the market from far and wide.  A top price of £310 went to J & EV Thompson & Son, Hood Ridding Farm for a young Limousin bull calf and the same producers also topped the heifer trade at £290 for a Limousin calf.

– Fr: £990 Godson House Farm; £980 Willow House Farm; £940 Low Levens; £820 Green Lane Farm. Lim: £1170 Weavers Farm; £1120 Willow House Farm; £1090 (twice) Wray Farm; £1020 (5 times) Ivy Cottage. Char: £1050 (twice) Old Woodhouse; £970 (twice) Weavers Farm. Hfd: £1080 Godson House Farm; £990 Ivy Cottage. Sim: £1120 Mount Pleasant Farm; £1020 Weavers Farm; £830 Croft House. Blonde: £1180 Longlands Farm; £1130 Weavers Farm.  BB: £1090 Willow House Farm; £1070 Old Woodhouse; £1060 (4 times) Ivy Cottage; £840 Moss Croft. AA: £1100 Longlands Farm; £1080 Godson House Farm; £1040 (4 times) Longlands Farm; £1010 Nutgill; £970 Sptital Farm. Parthanaous: £1150 Weavers Farm. Brit Blue: £1080 Weavers Farm; £980 Ivy Cottage; £890 Croft House; £840 Moss Croft. Bazadaise: £1020 Ivy Cottage.  
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £940 Shaws Farm; £830 Cropper Farm; £790 Bull Bank; £760 Low Fell End, Holmes Farm.  Char: £790 Park Farm; £780  Eskewbeck. Hfd: £880 The Old Stable. Sim: £870 Broughton House Farm; £830 Cropper Farm. Blonde: £900 Brow Foot Farm; £790 Park Farm; £540 Grisedale Farm. BB: £900 Beckside Farm; £880 Harrison House Farm. AA: £920 Shaws Farm; £840 Low Levens; £830 Cropper Farm; £800 Broughton House Farm, Park Farm. Brit Blue: £900 Beckside Farm; £880 Harrison House Farm; £800 Broughton House Farm. Fr: £680 Croft House.  
STORE BULLS – Mont: £690 Cumming Carr Farm. Brit Blue: £520 Moss End Farm. Fr: £660 Fleets Farm.  
CAST COWS – Fr: 144.5p/kg Priory Farm; 137.5p/kg Benson Hall, Moorgate; 134.5p/kg Boon Town Farm; 121.5p/kg Lundholme Farm; 119.5p/kg Warton Grange Farm; 114.5p/kg Manor House Farm, Docker Hall Farm. Lim: 137.5p/kg Heversham Hall; 124.5p/kg White Carr Farm. BB: 137.5p/kg Over Houses, White Carr Farm; 134.5p/kg Holme House; 129.5p/kg Little Fell Farm. AA: 139.5p/kg Hatters Farm; 137.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm. Brown Swiss: 111.5p/kg Dale Barns. Swedish Red: 131.5p/kg Dale Barns.  
OTM HEIFERS – Lim: 151.5p/kg Ivy Farm; 147.5p/kg Norbreck Farm. Sim: 151.5p/kg Norbreck Farm. BB: 154.5p/kg Over Houses. AA: 149.5p/kg Ivy Farm; 144.5p/kg Ulpha Farm. Sussex: 144.5p/kg Ivy Farm.  
OTM STEERS/BULLS – Fr: 137.5p/kg Whinney Carr Farm, Boon Town Farm; 127.5p/kg Cliftons Farm. Lim: 167.5p/kg Cliftons Farm; 151.5p/kg Barnfield Farm.  
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £310 Hood Ridding Farm; £295 Barrow Greaves Farm; £220 Halforth Farm. Fr: £170 Cocker House Farm; £82 Pasture Barn Farm; £65 Tills Farm.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £290, £280 Hood Ridding Farm; £220 Barrow Greaves Farm.  

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