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Lancaster Friday 17/06/11

Posted Friday, 17 June 2011, 2.17pm


North West Auctions Lancaster held its normal weekly sale of store stock and breeding stock.  Despite the relatively low numbers of store animals at this time of year, there was once again a full ring of buyers ensuring a very fast trade throughout the sale.  A total of 225 store cattle averaged £747 selling to a top of £1230 to J & H Davis, Weavers Farm for a pen of Limousin store bullocks.  Heifers sold to £1000 to JD Crowe of Broughton House Farm this was for a pen of Belgian Blues.  

A pleasing entry of 41 calves & stirks sold to a ringside of buyers 3 deep in places.  The days top price of £540 was paid for a British Blue x steer from JB Airey, Longridge with others to £480 & £415. Well reared calves were keenly competed for regularly exceeding £300.  £330 was paid for a Limousin x bull calf from CR & A Baxter, New Brows Farm with heifers to £330 for a British Blue x from JB & JB Lawson, Bank End Farm.  Younger calves were the dearest seen for some time with 20 day old Angus bulls to £240, 22 day old Limousin bulls to £230 and 15 day old British Blues to £202.  Black & Whites continue to sell above vendors expectations with all type averaging £72, nothing under £45 topping at £92 for a 24 day old from Wallbank Farms Ltd.  

Earlier in the day an entry of 77 cast/feeding cows & OTM Clean cattle sold to a top of 154.5p/kg for a Limousin cow from D & SA Robinson, Oakfield.  OTM Heifers sold to 151.5p/kg for a Limousin from RG & H Preece, Thornbush.  Bulls topped at 149.5p/kg for a Brown Swiss from BJ Hodkinson, Parkside Farm. Top price beast per head in this section went to A Dixon & Son, Kit Crag for a Stabiliser bull selling at £1179.38.  Meaty cows are still very good to sell although trade for leaner sorts was very slightly easier on the week leaving an overall market average of 117p/kg.    

– Fr: £820 Cabus Nook Farm; £790 Sunderland Brows Farm; £780 Lee End Farm; £760 Cross Hill. Lim: £1230, £1190, £1130 (3 times), £1070; £980 Weavers Farm; £820 Moss Croft. Char: £1090 Old Woodhouse. Hfd: £880 Fiddlers Farm; £660 Sandham Farm. Sim: £690 Beck Farm. BB: £980 Hill Top. Ayrshire: £740 Cabus Nook Farm. AA: £1080 Longlands Farm, Spital Farm; £960 Weavers Farm; £940 Fiddlers Farm; £900 Cropper Farm. Shorthorn: £900 Longlands Farm. Welsh Black: £860 Sunderland Brows. Devon: £1050 Hill Top BRB: £910 Mount Pleasant; £800 Beck Farm.  
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £910 Crooklands Farm; £790 Cropper Farm, Jolley Fold Farm; £760 Billinge Hall Farm; £750 Ivy Farm. Char: £970 Daniel Fold Farm; £910 Crooklands Farm; £880 Flookburgh. Hfd: £860 Fiddlers Farm. Sim: £930 Fiddlers Farm; £920 Broughton House Farm; £790 Jolley Fold Farm; £780 Manor House Farm. BB: £1000 Broughton House Farm. AA: £900 Fiddlers Farm; £800 Cropper Farm; £820 Park Farm; £800 Greenalls Farm.  
STORE BULLS – Fr: £640 Park Farm; £370 Croziers Croft.  
BREEDING CATTLE: Sim Cow with Sim Hfr Calf: £850 Breedy Butts Farm.  
CAST COWS – Fr: 134.5p/kg Allcocks Farm, Moorgate; 129.5p/kg Waltons Farm, Chapel House; 127.5p/kg Kilntrees Farm, Holme House; Holmes Farm; 124.5p/kg Half Way House.  Lim: 154.5p/kg Oakfield; 139.5p/kg Cringleber; 134.5p/kg Mosergh Farm. Blonde: 129.5p/kg Cringleber. BB: 147.5p/kg Poppy Farm; 131.5p/kg Longstripes Farm. AA: 131.5p/kg Cringleber. Swedish R&W: 117.5p/kg White Lund Farm.  
OTM HEIFERS – Lim: 151.5p/kg Thornbush. Fr: 139.5p/kg Blackleach House Farm, Bank End Farm; 134.5p/kg Knowsley Farm; 131.5p/kg Oak Head Farm. MRI: 134.5p/kg Village Farm.  
OTM STEERS/BULLS – Fr: 139.5p/kg (bull) Parkside Farm; 127.5p/kg (steer) Rowell Farm. Lim: 141.5p/kg Woodside Farm; 139.5p/kg (steer) Rowell Farm. BB: 144.5p/kg (bull) Eskew Beck. Brown Swiss: 149.5p/kg (bull) Parkside Farm. Stabiliser: 127.5p/kg (bull) Kit Cragg.  
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Brit Blue: £540 Halfpenny; £320 Hesketh Farm; £202 Manor House Farm. Lim: £480 Halfpenny; £330 New Brows Farm; £230 Billinge Hall Farm. AA: £415 Strickley; £290 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £240 Rose Farm. Gal: £320 School Farm. Shorthorn: £290 Strickley. Fr: £92 Tills Farm; £90 Blackleach House Farm; £75 Rose Farm; £50 Manor House Farm.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Brit Blue: £330, £325, £300 Bank End Farm. AA: £270 Lower Langthwaite Farm. Hfd: £290 Bank End Farm. Lim: £325, £320 New Brows Farm.  
SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT– Texel Hoggs with Singles: £185 Hall Croft Barn.


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