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Kendal Tuesday 14/06/11

Posted Wednesday, 15 June 2011, 2.15pm

A nice entry of over 700 prime lambs forward were put before a full ringside of buyers.  However with prices easing up and down the country, buyers were certainly being more cautious than previous weeks.  Lambs topped at £95 per head, for a pen of lambs from I & ME Askew, Raw Head.  A top price per kilo of 231p was achieved for a pen of lambs from AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm – leaving an overall market average of 203p/kg.  

Once again cast sheep remained a very firm trade topping at £118 for a big Continental ram from W Kipling, Shap.  

A nice entry of 30 calves and stirks forward today with Friesian bull calves to £140 and Black & White bull killing calves also seeing a good trade, selling for £45 - £60. A good run of AA x bull calves from RJ & J Gardner, Natland Mill Beck sold to £170 and an excellent run of Lim x calves from Mr B Wilson, Spout House sold to £320 for a 4 w.o. bull calf and heifers to £305, also for a month old calf.  A run of slightly older Friesian bull stirks from HJ Robinson & Son, Elm Tree topped at £170 for a pen of 8 w.o. stirks.  

The fortnightly sale of dairy cattle saw  vendors leave pleased with prices achieved.  The day’s top price was £1650 for a freshly calved heifer from J N & D J Bowes, Low Brundrigg.  More cattle are needed for these sales to satisfy strong buyer demand.  

The monthly pig sale attracted a mixed entry with trade on par with previous sales.  Smaller pigs saw the trade of the day with Pietrain x weaner gillts to £42, £38, £35.  Stores to £50 and Fat pigs to £61.    

PRIME LAMBS - Suffolk: £95 Raw Head; £93 High Biggarsbank; £90 Green Close, Cracalt Farm; £88 Low Stanger Thwaite. Texel: £93 Clawthorpe Lodge; £90 Crooklands Farm, Low House; £89 Ivy House; £84 Carlingwha, Endmoor Farm, Low Stanger Thwaite, Old Croft. Char: £91 Hollin Wood; £90 Gibraltar Farm; £85.50 Ackenthwaite Farm; £82 Cooper House. Hampshire: £80.50 Endmoor Farm. Horned: £70 Moss End Farm.  
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £104 Hallbeck, Stubb Farm; £101 Raines Hall. Suffolk: £94 Raines Hall; £93 Moss End Farm. Cont: £118 (ram) Mid Town House; £112 (ram) Black Bull Farm; £95 Hollin Wood; £94 Raines Hall; £93 Warth Sutton Farm; £92 Howe Farm, Patton Mill.  Mule: £95 Green Close; £94 Kate Farm; £88 Crooklands Farm.  Masham: £79 Hyning. Swaledale: £79 Mid Town House; £68 Fold Farm; £67 Black Bull Farm. Rough Fell: £81 Moss End Farm; £75 Mosergh Farm. Chev: £80 Kate Farm. Herdwick: £67 Borwick Fold Farm. Jacob: £85 (ram) Raines Hall.  
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £320, £310 Spout House; £240 Gowan Bank Farm.  AA: £170, £160 Natland Mill Beck. Fr: £170 Elm Tree Farm; £140 Spout House; £100 Espford Farm; £60 Jenkin Crag Farm.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £305, £275 Spout House.  
PIGS - Pietrain x weaners: £42 Holme Head; £38 Nissan Huts.  White weaners: £35 Ellonby Hall, Hazel Holme Farm. Saddleback x weaners: £42 Nissan Huts. Saddleback x stores: £57 Round Hill Farm.  Cull Sows: £80 Stoney Head, £64 Highway Farm.  

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