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Kendal Tuesday 07/06/11

Posted Wednesday, 08 June 2011, 2.11pm

As lamb numbers climb steadily and with fresh meat firms in attendance for the first time a very pleasing overall average of 232p/kg was achieved.  Trade topped at 336p/kg for a marvellous pen of 36kg Texel x lambs from AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm, and these lambs were also the top price per head selling at £121 each purchased by Andrew Atkinson, Harrogate.  Once again all weights of lambs were good to sell with buyers eager to fill orders.  

Only a handful of hoggs around topping at £82 per head and averaging 152.58p/kg.  

Trade for cast sheep remains very strong with all classes of cast sheep much sought after by eight active buyers at the ringside resulting in an overall average of £70.66.  Trade topped at £106 for a pen of big Texel x ewes from RT & ME Sutton, Crosscrake Farm.  Mule ewes topped at £101 a head with horned sheep to £100 for a pen of Rough Fells and plenty of pens of leaner type Swaledales at £45-£55.  

A small entry of Mule hoggs with single lambs at Foot sold to £170 from JA Hunter, Brackensghyll. 

SPRING LAMBS - Texel: £121Stubb Farm; £109 Hawkrigg End; £100 High House Farm; £96 Tranthwaite Hall, Old Croft; £95 Ackenthwaite Farm. Suffolk: £116 Howriggs; £109 Strickland Tenement; £101 Hallbeck; £100 High House Farm; £99 Cracalt. Hampshire: £91 Endmoor Farm.  Char: £107.50 Gibraltar Farm; £97 Sand Lane; £94 Ackenthwaite Farm.  
CAST SHEEP – Texel: £106 Crosscrake; £97 High House; £88 Town End. Mule: £101 Garnett Folds; £90 Lawsons Farm, New Close; £87 Strickland Tenement, West Plain Farm; £86 Carlingwha, Hollins Farm, Crooklands Farm. Cont: £100 High Bridgestone; £95 Ashslack Hall; £86 Crosscrake Farm. Horned: £100 Cotegill; £75 Cragg House Farm, Scar Sykes; £73 Mosergh Farm; £72 Woodside Farm; £62 Ghyll Farm, Lockbank Farm.       

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