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Kendal Thursday 23/06/11

Posted Thursday, 23 June 2011, 2.20pm

Once again a good number of cows forward for a full ringside of buyers to compete for ensuring the recent high rates were certainly maintained.   Black and white cows topped at 139.5p/kg for a very well finished cow from Messrs Young Bros of Jenkin Crag purchased by Dunbia, Preston. The majority of Black and White cows regularly broke the 110p/kg and plainer sorts being 90 – 95 p/kg. Continental cows topped at 141.5p/kg for a Limousin x cow from B & HM Wilson, Ashstead with the main of the cows being 120-130p/kg.  Over Thirty Month cattle topped at 149.5p/kg for a good Limousin x heifer from HE & RB Taylforth of Lowick.   Cast Bulls were also much sought after topping at 141.5p/kg for a Limousin from JD & EM Beck, Town Foot selling to Mark Thompson of Long Preston with other bulls selling to 139.5 p/kg and 127.5p/kg.  

Only a couple of breeding cattle forward. Aberdeen Angus x cows with young calves at foot to £790 from Mrs H. Hodgson, Low Garths Farm.  

A plainer show of store cattle forward and on reflection the cattle were a straight trade. Heifers topped at £600 for young 10 month old Limousin x heifers from TMW & H Hodgson, Arklid and store bullocks also to £600 for British Blue bullocks from R Whitton, Blenkett Farm.  

Cast Cows
– Fr: 139.5p/kg Jenkin Crag, 131.5p/kg Middle Birkby, 129.5p/kg Town Foot. Lim: 141.5p/kg Ashstead, 138.5p/kg Bulman Strands & Hollin Hall, 135.5p/kg Cragg House Farm. Char: 113.5p/kg Borwick Fold. Here: 115.5p/kg Lane End. AA: 129.5p/kg Ulpha, 127.5p/kg Archers Hall, 114.5p/kg Far Orrest.  SH: 99.5 p/kg Strickley. Saler: 119.5p/kg Hartrigg. Luing: 126.5 Poole Bank. Stab: 145.5 p/kg Cragg House. SR&W: 89.5p/kg Low Seizergh.  
Cast Heifers – Lim: 149.5p/kg Riddings. AA: 127.5p/kg Ulpha.  
Cast Bulls – Lim: 141.5p/kg Town Foot, 139.5p/kg Riddings, 127.5p/kg Arklid.   Heifer with Heifer Calf: £680 Low Garth. Cow with Bull Calf: £790 Low Garth.  
Store Bullocks – Fr: £355, £300 & 270, West Brackenthwaite; Lim: £555, Gowan Bank. Char: £470, Hall Bank. Here: £555, Hall Bank. BB: £600 Blenkett; £485 Gowan Bank. AA: £550 Hall Bank.  
Store Heifers – Lim: £600, £555, Arklid; £540 Hollin Hall. BB: £550, £490 Hall Bank.    

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