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Kendal Thursday 09/06/11

Posted Friday, 10 June 2011, 2.12pm

Store Cattle
A smaller entry forward this week but continuing to sell to recent prices. Nothing this week was over 12 months old with heifers to £650 for a Limousin x from JM & KJ Allen, St Annes Farm with steers to £635 again for a Limousin x from RT & ME Sutton, Crosscrake Farm.  A full ringside of buyers were present with many unable to get going. 50 plus needed each sale, please enter your stock, it does help.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle
Another strong trade with all cows averaging 120 p/kg topping at 145.5p/kg (£987.69) for a Limousin x from Messers Holden Partnership, Crook with heifers to 148.5 p/kg (£959.31) and steers to 150.5 p/kg (£851.83). All sorts easily sold with well finished cattle seeing the sharpest trade.  

Cast Cows –
Fr: 129.5p/kg Beck House, 128.5p/kg Capplerigg, 127.5p/kg Hawkrigg, 125.5p/kg Town Foot, 122.50p/kg High Hallbeck. Lim: 145.5p/kg Cragg House, 131.5p/kg Causeway, 129.5p/kg Gown Bank. BB: 130.5p/kg High Hallbeck. AA: 125.5p/kg Ashstead. Gal: 99.50 p/kg Lambrigg Studd. Saler: 121.5p/kg Greenhead.  
Cast Heifers – Fr: 109.5p/kg Beck House. Lim: 131.5p/kg Docker Hall. AA: 148.5p/kg Archers Hall.  
Cast Bullocks – Lim: 150.5p/kg Town Foot. Gal: 124.5p/kg, 114.5p/kg Lambrigg Studd.  
Store Bullocks – Lim: £635, Crosscrake; £600, St Annes; £595, Cockley Beck. BB: £610, Crosscrake. Fri: £350, Woodside.  
Store Heifers – Lim: £650, £540, St Annes; £515, Cockley Beck. Char: £450, £340 Fell Gate.      

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