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Lancaster Monday 23/05/11

Posted Monday, 23 May 2011, 1.56pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward an increased entry of almost 900 prime sheep and 34 prime cattle.

For the first time in many weeks the Monday morning trade for prime lambs was much steadier, a telling sign being the lack of wagons waiting on the docks to load sheep. Buyers reported much uncertainty about the export trade and an expected increase in available lamb numbers this week.   Standard weight lambs averaged 227p/kg. Good butchers lambs were however very good to sell on the day and these often made up to 300p/kg topping at 305p/kg to M E Wannop & Sons, Heaton Hall whose top class Texel x lambs weighed in at 39kg and made £119. They were purchased by Roy Schofield for Samuel Howarth Ltd Butchers of Diggle.  Messrs Wannop also sold lambs to £111 again to Samuel Howarth.   Cast ewes sold to £102 per head for Suffolks from P & ME Higginson, Ivy Farm  

Prime Butchers Cattle were very good to sell on the day. RG & H Preece, Thornbush topped the trade with home bred Limousin heifers at 193.5p/kg purchased by Roy Schofield for  Samuel Howarth Butchers and also 184.5p/kg to M J Birtwistle & Co. butchers of Worsley.  

Prime bulls were a similar go this week with strong regular orders around the ring. A more commercial entry sold to 156.5p/kg twice, firstly from J & D Barton & Son, Calcalds Farm, and then from S & BM Lawrenson, Northwoods Farm, both Simmentals were purchased by Bowlands Foods, Preston.  Bulls also sold to £1091 for a Limousin from JM & AG Swarbrick, Bensons Farm, purchased by G Blacklidge butchers of Chorley.    

Top Prices  
– Texel: £119 Heaton Hall Farm; £105, Parks Farm Barn; £100 Springs Farm, Moss Cottage; £96 Cock Hall Farm. Suffolk: £108 Heaton Hall; £102 Brown Edge; £101 Oakfield Farm; £94 Chapelfields; £93.50 Middle Ridge Farm; £92 North Farm; £91 Lyndale, Longlands. Char: £99 Brown Edge; £94 Hallbeck; £93, Springfield Farm; £92 Burrow Heights Farm; £91 Chapelfields; £90.50 Capernwray Hall.  
PRIME HOGGS - Mule: £94 Brown Edge. Leicester: £94 Moorville. Texel: £93, £91 Moorville; £92 Middle Ridge Farm. Horned: £75 Middle Lee, Moorville. Herdwick: £86 High House Farm; £77.50 Lee End Farm.  
CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £102 Ivy Farm; £98 Downlands Farm; £88 North Farm. Char: £100 Greenwoods; £97 Springfield Farm. Texel: £100 Ivy Farm; £94 Burrow Heights Farm, Cock Hall Farm; £87 Low Hall Beck. Mule: £97 Burrow Heights; £90 Burrow Heights, Downlands Farm; £87 Gibsons Farm, Ewan Mill; £85 Moss House Farm. Horned: £70 Appletree Farm. Dalesbred: £65 Middle Lee Farm.      
PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 193.5p/kg, Thornbush; 184.5p/kg Tewitfield Farm, Low Tarn Green; 182.5p/kg Winston; 153.5p/kg High House. BB: 179.5p/kg Winston; 174.5p/kg Low Tarn Green. Stabiliser: 152.5p/kg Winston. Fr: 153.5p/kg High House.    
PRIME BULLS – Lim: 151.5p/kg Bensons Farm; 147.5p/kg Calcads Farm; 146.5p/kg Northwoods. Sim: 156.5p/kg Northwoods Farm, Calcads Farm; 143.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.  BB: 146.5p/kg Bensons Farm. Shorthorn: 134.5p/kg High House. MRI: 121.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm.  Brown Swiss: 121.5p/kg Parkside Farm.  

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