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Lancaster Friday 20/05/11

Posted Friday, 20 May 2011, 1.54pm

598 Head of Stock sold at Lancaster Today

A superb entry of stock was forward at Lancaster with vendors very pleased with prices achieved.  

The day started with 125 cast/feeding cows & OTM Clean cattle which once again sold to outstanding prices with far too many to mention. The £1000 barrier was broken on 31 occasions.  Cows topped at 149.5p/kg from DW & D Prickett, Farleton House, TS & HJ Park, Todgill & F & IM Potter, Lambrigg Park Farm.  Cows also sold to £1215.12 per head from M & S Tomlinson, Salwick Hall.  Cast heifers sold to 161.5p/kg (£1139.19) and steers to 159.5p/kg (£1375.64)  

Store cattle were keenly competed for with bullocks averaging £675 all through and selling to a top of £1120 for a Simmental x from AH Brennand, Jolley Fold Farm.  Heifers sold to £900 for Limousin bred from Capernwray Parkland Farm and heifers of all breeds and age averaged £733.  Breeding cattle sold to £1150 for a Limousin cow with heifer calf at foot from Barlow Bros., Littlewood Hall.  

Today’s calf sale included a special prize show which attracted a larger entry of calves with quality throughout.  The judging was kindly carried out by Margaret Noblett, Claughton on Brock who made the following awards:-  

Beef Bull
1st  P Pye, Marl House  Limousin £350 to M Noblett
2nd TE Kidd, Booth Hall British Blue £315 to M Noblett  

Beef Heifer
1st  P Pye, Marl House Limousin £330 to J Bell
2nd R & A Battarbee, Newhouse Farm Limousin £315 to J Townson

Black & White Bull
1st R & A Battarbee, Newhouse Farm  Friesian £85 to J Townson  

Top price of the day was £350 paid for the Champion calf (pictured above with vendor Peter Pye and judge Margaret Noblett) purchased by the judge with 3 others also at £350 and 11 over £300!!  Blank & White calves sold to £102 for a month old Friesian from D & A Travis, Kirkby Lonsdale with all calves easily sold.  

A reduced entry of stirks met a competitive trade regularly selling for £300 + for younger weaned sorts.  More needed to meet strong demand.  

The weekly sale of breeding sheep sold to a competitive trade with a full ring of buyers keen to purchase stock.  All types were easily sold with hoggs & lambs making up the bulk of the sale.  Mule hoggs with twins sold to £210 from RG & H Preece, Thornbush with singles to £195 from RM Wilson, Gill Garth.  Texel x hoggs with singles sold to £192 from ST Birkett, Hall Croft Barn.  A smaller entry of ewes saw Cheviot x 2/3 crop with singles to £135 from W Black, High Fold. 65 Hoggs & Lambs already entered for next Friday 27th May.   

– Fr: £850 Staffords Farm; £820 Shorrocks Farm; £810 Downlands Farm; £720 Ben Cragg Farm. Lim: £970 Intack Farm; £850 Lower Castle O’ Trim; £840 Tenters Farm, Lodge Farm; £790 Beech House; £770 Aynsome Manor Farm. Char: £640 Bull Bank Farm. Hfd: £1020 Head House; £840 Brow Foot Farm; £800 Aynsome Manor Farm; £720 Heald Farm. Sim: £1120 Jolley Farm Farm; £1000 Intack Farm. BB: £900 High House Farm, High Green; £880 Hazelslack Tower Farm; £840 Whelpside Farm. AA: £940 Forton Bank, High Green; £920 Sandholme Mill Farm; £880 Lower Castle O’Trim; £840 Cropper Farm. Shorthorn: £820 Low Bendrigg Farm; £810 Moss Croft; £730 Ben Cragg Farm. Brown Swiss: £480 Ninezergh. Danish Red: £750 Moss Croft. Brit Blue: £690 Ben Cragg Farm.  
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £900 Capernwray Hall; £860 Brow Foot Farm; £830 Bouthwaite Farm; £820 Lower Castle O’Trim. Char: £880 High House Farm; £860 Bouthwaite Farm; £690 Grate Farm; £660 Cantsfield Hall. Hfd: £770 Brow Foot Farm; £740 Cropper Farm; £730 Jolley Fold Farm; £630 Marlholes Farm. Sim: £860 Beckside Farm. Blonde: £830 Bouthwaite Farm. BB: £840 High Green; £830 Ninezergh; £820 High House Farm; £670 Low Audlands. AA: £870 Beckside Farm; £860 Sandholme Mill Farm, Forton Bank; £840 Low Levens; £800 Cropper Farm. Brit Blue: £740 Low Audlands. Fr: £640 Cumming Carr Farm.  
STORE BULLS – Lim: £770 Tenters Farm; £660 Wyre Farm; £600 Head House. Mont: £630 Cumming Carr Farm. Fr: £630 Cumming Carr Farm.  
BREEDING CATTLE: Lim Cow & Lim Hfr Calf: £1150 Littlewood Hall Farm.  
CAST COWS – Fr: 147.5p/kg High Snab; 144.5p/kg Abbotson Farm; 141.5p/kg Priory Farm; 139.5p/kg Whittington Farm, Norbreck Farm; 137.5p/kg Scales Park Farm. Lim: 149.5p/kg Todgill Farm; 144.5p/kg High House; 134.5p/kg Cringleber; 131.5p/kg Cockrigg Farm; 127.5p/kg Millbeck. Char: 149.5p/kg Lambrigg Park Farm; 127.5p/kg Cringleber. Hfd:124.5p/kg Eskew Beck. Sim: 127.5p/kg Cringleber; 109.5p/kg Marl House. Blonde: 134.5p/kg Marl House. BB: 149.5p/kg Farleton House; 144.5p/kg High House; 134.5p/kg Barnoldswick; 129.5p/kg Cragg End. AA: 139.5p/kg Heversham Hall; 124.5p/kg Steel Croft; 117.5p/kg Marl House. Shorthorn: 137.5p/kg Cringleber. Galloway: 119.5p/kg Cringleber. Murry Grey: 124.5p/kg Beckside. MRI: 127.5p/kg Cragg Farm; 111.5p/kg Sandvilla. Welsh Black: 147.5p/kg Norbreck Farm. Shetland: 109.5p/kg Hawkrigg. Mont: 131.5p/kg Cumming Carr Farm.  
OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 154.5p/kg Bank End Farm; 141.5p/kg Parkside Farm; 137.5p/kg Burneside Hall; 134.5p/kg Hallbeck. Hfd: 147.5p/kg Cockrigg Farm. BB: 161.5p/kg Parkside Farm; 149.5p/kg Halton Park Farm. AA: 161.5p/kg High House; 154.5p/kg Norbreck Farm.  
OTM STEERS/BULLS – Fr: 154.5p/kg Halton Park Farm; 131.5p/kg Wyre Farm. Lim: 154.5p/kg Cliftons Farm; 144.5p/kg (bull) Lane House Farm. Blonde: 144.5p/kg (bull) Marl House. BB: 159.5p/kg Whelpside Farm. Shorthorn: 139.5p/kg Halton Park Farm. 
BULL CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £350 Marl House, Church Style Farm; £260 Newhouse Farm. Hfd: £350 Farmdale. AA: £290 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £178 Newhouse Farm; £160 Lower Rowell. Brit Blue: £315 Booth Hall; £190 Sandvilla.
HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £340 Church Style Farm; £330 Marl House; £285 Lower Langthwaite Farm; £240 Newhouse Farm.  AA: £270 Lower Langthwaite. Brit Blue: £280 Lower Langthwaite.    

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