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Kendal Tuesday 10/05/11

Posted Wednesday, 11 May 2011, 1.39pm

Spring Lambs

A good show of 232 Lambs forward levelled at 270p/kg and topped at 289p/kg for a wonderful pen of Texel x lambs from A E Atkinson & Son, Endmoor.  Top price was £120 for a pair of Suffolk x lambs from W Garnett & Son of Milnthorpe  

Prime Hoggs

A very small mixed show of Hoggs forward  

Cast Sheep

Probably the dearest we have seen them with buyers eager to buy sheep with Texel and Suffolk x ewes regularly £110-£120, topping at £127 for a Texel x ewe from Mrs A Short of Whinfell.  A bigger show of horned ewes with Rough Fell ewes to £94 with a lot of pens regularly £80-£90.  Meated Swaledale ewes to £84 and plenty of ewes £75-£82.  Even plainer horned ewes met a tremendous trade with ewes £55-£65 a head.  

Calves & Stirks

A full ringside of customers ensured a marvellous trade for the calves and stirks forward. A good run of calves from Messrs Wilson, Crosthwaite topped at £330 for a Limousin heifer calf and his 4 young bull calves averaged £253, topping at £265.  Black and white bull calves were wonderful to sell with the majority being 18-28 days of age and£60-£80 per head, topping at £145 for a Friesian bull calf from Messrs Wilson Mainly black and white stirks forward selling to £340 a head for a pen of bullocks from Messrs Dobson of Lyth.  

Sheep and Lambs

A smaller show forward with most vendors holding off until the show and sale next Tuesday.  However, a full ringside of buyers ensured all sheep and lambs found a new home, even if just a little easier than of previous weeks. Sheep topped at £190 for a pen of aged Texel x ewes with twin lambs at foot from R & A C Harper, Grayrigg.  There promises to be a wonderful show of Hoggs and Sheep with lambs at foot forward at next week’s sale.  


The sale included a wide range of pigs of all breeds and sizes which attracted the interest of keen buyers.  £102 was the day’s top price paid for a Duroc Boar from H Cornthwaite with pedigree Pietrain Sows to £100 from J Streit.  Well bred pigs were easily sold with prize winners at a premium.

Pig Show results

Pen of Weaners        5 Duroc x          £40      from H Cornthwaite                                                       Pen of Stores           2 Duroc x Gilts    £52     from A J & H C Clarke                                                  Pen of Fat Pigs         Large White x     £60     from J Ivinson  


Pigs - Duroc Boar  £102; Pietrain x Weaners  £30; Pietrain Sow  £100; Duroc Stores  £52; Pietrain Gilt  £70; Duroc Weaners £40; Tamworth Weaners  £27;  Duroc Gilts  £62; Saddleback x weaner  £26

Prime Lambs - Suffolk: £120 Ackenthwaite; £118 Hallbeck, New Close; £117 Low Stangerthwaite; £115 Hollins Farm, New Close, Hawkrigg End; £114 Cracalt; £113 Hollins Farm; £112 Hagg Farm.  Charollais: £114 Strickland Hill, Ackenthwaite; £109 Ackenthwaite.  Texel: £113 Ackentwhaite, Stubb; £107 Ackenthwaite, Stubb; £106 Carlingwha.  Dorset: £112 Warth Sutton.  Hampshire: £103 Endmoor Farm.

Prime Hoggs - Texel: £111 High Foulshaw Farm; £107 High Swinklebank Farm; £100 Salterwath Farm; £96 Mansergh High Farm; £94 New Close.  Horned: £102,£77 Steps Farm; £88 Fell End; £76 Eskew Back; £74 High Swinklebank.  Cheviot: £98,£96,£93,£85 Croft Foot Farm.  Suffolk: £92,£73, Garnett Folds.  Masham: £84 Mosergh Farm.

Cast Sheep: Continental: £127 Cockin; £126 (ram) Low Fold; £124 (ram), £110 Poppy Farm; £118 (ram) High Low Wood; £116 Spital Farm; £112 High Wray Farm; £108 Hallbeck; £106 Low Longmire.  Texel: £125 Cockin; £109 Spital Farm; £87 Low Fold; £86 Moorhouse; £84 Hallbeck, The Park.  Leic: £124 (ram) Strickland Hill. Mule: £99 Hollin Hall Farm; £96 Beech House, Steel Croft; £95 Low Longmire, High Wray Farm; £90 High Foulshaw Farm; £89 Beech House; £87 Salterwath, Low Fold.  Suffolk: £92,£89 Scroggs Farm. Horned: £95,£86 Mosergh Farm; £94 (ram),£87,£72 Catshaw Hall Farm; £92,£81(ram) Bracken Hill; £90 (ram) Fell End; £89 (ram) Steps Farm; £87 Low Fold, High Deepslack; £86 Gowan Bank Farm, Moorhouse, Crabtree Farm; £84 Strickland Hill; £80 Middle Sadghyll.       

SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT: Texel ewes with twins £190 Hardrigg, £180 The Park. Texel ewes with singles £140 Borrans, £125 The Park. Mule ewes with twins £142 Crook Hall, Borrans, Low Cunsey, Oxenpark Masham ewes (correct) with twins £140 Low Cunsey Black ewe with single £120 The Park Herdwick ewe with twins £100 Bellart Howe

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