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Kendal Tuesday 03/05/11

Posted Wednesday, 04 May 2011, 1.33pm



North West Auctions Kendal had a very successful days trading following the bank holiday this week. Spring lambs met a very brisk trade to average 260p/kg. A top price of £110 went to WH Kitching & Son, Hawes Farm  for Suffolk x lambs.  JW Robinson & Son, Green Close sold to 279p/kg (£106) for Texel  x lambs purchased by B Riley & Sons, Dunnockshaw.  More lambs were badly needed on the day.  

Hogg numbers are now dwindling fast and a mixed bag was forward this week. Any quality hoggs were in real demand with export types commanding a premium and selling to up to 240p/kg and £108 per head.   Cast sheep were serious money and the larger entry was welcomed by buyers. Ewes topped at £122 for Suffolk ewes from RA & L Hodgson, Patton Hall. Many pens of mule ewes were over £100. Horned ewes sold to £82 for Rough Fells from GM Sedwick & Son, Lockbank Farm & CP Bateman, Croft Foot Farm. Swale ewes sold regularly to between £60 & £70.   Cast Rams sold to £124 for a Charollais from JW & KM Kirkbride, Wallenrigg Farm.  

Ewes & lambs were in great demand from a ring full of buyers.  All types were a wonderful trade. Texel ewes with doubles sold to £200 for a pen of 5 crop ewes. Rising numbers of hill ewes were in much demand with broken mouthed Herdwick ewes and twins selling to £122. More numbers now required each week.        

- Suffolk: £110 Hawes Farm; £108 Hollins Farm; £107 High Foulshaw Farm; £105 Ackenthwaite Farm; £101 Cracalt Farm, Low Brundrigg.  Texel: £106 Green Close, Cockrigg Farm; £105 Carlingwha; £103 Endmoor Farm; £102 Ackenthwaite Farm. Char: £96 High Foulshaw Farm. Hampshire: £109 Endmoor Farm.    
PRIME HOGGS -  Texel: £108 Low Levens; £105 Moss End Farm; £103 Weston Houses; £93 Low Greenriggs; £84 Kate Farm. Mule: £88 Moss Howe Farm; £85 Brow Head. Horned: £58 Low Greenriggs. Herdwick: £80 Brow Head; £55 Moss End Farm; £54 Finsthwaite House.  
CAST EWES – Suffolk: £122 Patton Hall; £97 Low Greenriggs; £87 Hawes Farm. Cont: £100 Mountain View, Cockrigg Farm; £94 Kirkby Hall; £89 Moss Side; £88 Broad Oak. Texel: £114 Mountain View; £89 Jackson Ground; £88 Millness Hall; £85 Mosergh Farm. Hampshire: £100 Jackson Ground. Mule: £104 Causeway Farm; £96 Hawes Farm; £93 Myers Farm; £89 Kate Farm. Swale: £70 Old School House; £69 Brow Head; £67 Lockbank Farm; £66 Rydal Farm. Rough Fell: £82 Lockbank Farm, Croft  Foot; £79 Singleton Park; £76 Murthwaite. Horned: £57 Brow Head. Chev: £77 Stoney Gill; £72 Kate Farm.
CAST RAMS – Char: £124 Wallenrigg Farm. Chev: £105 Blak Syke. Texel: £102 Kirkby Hall. Cont: £92 Brow Head.   
SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT:Texel ewes with twins £200 (Lyndarrick). Texel ewes with singles £175 (Lyndarrick). Mule ewes with twins £165 (Murthwaite). Mule ewes (b/m) with twins £160 (The Borrans). Swale ewes (b/m) with twins £110 (High Carlingill). Rough Fell ewes (b/m) with twins £110 (Old School House). Herdwick ewes (b/m) with twins £122 (Bellart Howe).  Herdwick ewes (b/m) with singles £110 (Old School House).

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