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Kendal Thursday 26/05/11

Posted Thursday, 26 May 2011, 1.58pm



North West Auctions Kendal held their fortnightly sale of store cattle and cast cows.

The sale began with an increased entry of 61 Cast Cows and it was good to see vendors from throughout South Cumbria enjoying another fast trade.   Cows averaged 117.5p/kg and included a much higher proportion of plain cows. A top price of 139.5p/kg went to J & J Postlethwaite of Bramaskew purchased by Les Fell of Settle.   Cast Heifers were mostly Friesian bred and averaged 138.5p/kg selling to 153.5p/kg for a Limousin heifer from T H Garnett & Son of New Close.   A small entry of OTM steers averaged 145.5p/kg topping twice at 159.5p/kg to JD & M Beck of Town Foot bought by Les Fell of Settle.  

A small seasonal entry of store cattle were mostly yearling cattle and were easier than the last sale which was to be expected. Stronger short keep cattle were good to sell topping at £830 for a pen of Charolais steers from JF & N Strickland & Son, The Borrans. Heifers sold to £680 for Limousin bred from J H Barker, Stribers.  

Cast Cows – Fr: 128.5p/kg Beck House, 121.5p/kg Town Foot, 112.5 Hilderstone, 111.5p/kg Low Brundrigg. Lim: 137.5p/kg Lane Head, 134.5p/kg Audlands Park, 133.5p/kg Low Groves, 132.5p/kg Newton Farm. Here: 109.5p/kg Lane Ends. Blo: 114.5p/kg Low House. BB: 139.5p/kg Bramaskew, 135.5p/kg Lane Head, 133.5p/kg Moss Howe, 122.5p/kg Riddings. Dex: 115.5p/kg Moss Howe. Stab: 137.5p/kg Kit Crag.  
Cast Heifers – Fr: 127.5p/kg Docker Hall. Lim: 153.5p/kg New Close, 123.5p/kg Stribers. BB: 150.5p/kg New Close.   Cast Bullocks – Fr: 117.5 Far Audlands. Lim: 159.5p/kg Town Foot  
Store Bullocks – Lim: £640 Low Stranger Thwaite; £640 Stribers. Char: £830 The Borrans. Blo: £635 Low House.  
Store Heifers – Lim: £680 Stribers; £550 Gowan Bank; £530 Low Groves; £505 Low Hundhowe. Sim: £530 Brow Head; Blo: £510 Low House. Stab: £360 Low Hundhowe.  
Store Bulls– Lim: £585 Low Newton.

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