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Kendal Thursday 12/05/11

Posted Monday, 16 May 2011, 1.41pm

Sale of Cast Cows and Store Cattle 241 cattle sold to a packed ringside of buyers at the fortnightly sale with many buyers unable to fill orders.

The day started with 39 over thirty month cattle selling to a unbelievable trade with all types averaging 126.93p/kg to a top of 157.5p/kg for Limousin cross from J W Hodgson, Dale End. Black and White cows sold to 142.5p/kg with most sorts into the 110-120p/kg bracket.   Cont cows av. 129.75 to 157.5 (£1120.75) Black and White cows av.  121.28 to 142.5 (986.70)   The first of the beef breeding cattle of the season drew purchasers from throughout the northern counties with all vendors well pleased with the prices achieved. All cows and calved averaged £1050,  with younger sorts selling at a premium. £1380 was paid for a Belgium Blue x cow with Limousin Bull calf from I & AJ Armer, Burneside. A special entry of Belted Galloway breeding cattle sold to £780 for cows and calves and £660 for in calf heifers.  

Limousin Cows & Calves to £1250

Simmental Cows & Calves to £1120

Belgium Blue Cows & Calves to £1380

Aberdeen Angus Cows & Calves to £1080

Galloway Cows & Calves to £780.  

The entry of 180 store cattle were easily sold with prices in line with other sale centres.   £820 was achieved for a Limousin cross heifer from Young Brothers, Jenkin Cragg. An entry of mainly yearling heifers averaged  £540 with mainly plainer cattle forward.   Steers topped at £795 for Blonde cross with others at £790 averaging £595 for a similar entry to the heifers.  

Top prices: Cast Cows: Lim: 157.5p/kg Dale End; 155.5p/kg Stribers Farm; 154.5p/kg,151.5p/kg Town Foot; 146.5p/kg Low Groves Farm; 129.5p/kg Lane Head Farm; 128.5p/kg,122.5p/kg St Annes Farm.  BB: 144.5p/kg North Lodge. Blo: 143.5p/kg Capplethwaite Hall; 119.5p/kg The Borrans.  Fr: 142.5p/kg Lambrigg Head Farm; 134.5p/kg Thursgill; 132.5p/kg Burton Hill; 129.5p/kg Jenkin Crag Farm, Holmescales Farm; 127.5p/kg Arnside Tower Farm; 126.5p/kg Myers Farm, Town Foot; 124.5p/kg,122.5p/kg Holmescales Farm. Ang: 137.5p/kg Espford Farm; 135.5p/kg Ashstead; 126.5p/kg Burton Hill.  Char: 132.5p/kg Bulman Strands.  Sim: 131.5p/kg Dale End; 120.5p/kg Mitchelland Farm.  Dev: 124.5p/kg,113.5p/kg Stribers Farm.

Store Steers:  Blo: £795,£680 Low House; Lim: £790, Lambrigg Head;  £750 Brow Head; £700 Crosscrake Farm; £695 West Plain; £690 Low Groves. Sim: £730 Brow Head. Brit Blue: £685 Mutton Hall; £570 Crosscrake Farm. Ang: £670 Brow Head. Luing: £610,£575 Poole Bank.

Store Heifers: Lim: £820 Jenkin Crag Farm; £645,£580 Fold Farm; £600 High Deepslack. Blon: £695,£635,£625,£570 Low House; £630 Guides Farm. Sim: £675,£560,£555 Brow Head; £600 West Plain Farm.  Brit Blue: £655 Guides Farm; £600 Mutton Hall. Gall: £620 North Lodge; £450 School House. Char: £600,£455 Fell Gate. Ang: £590 Guides Farm.

Store Bulls: Lim: £765 Bowkerstead; £530 High Low Wood.  Char: £655 High Skelgill. Brit Blue: £500 Crosscrake Farm. Short: £500, £410 Matson Farm.

Cows & Calves: BB: £1380,£1250,£1240,£1220 Bowston Hall; £1200 Poppy Farm; £1030 Steel Croft. Lim: £1250 Poppy Farm; £1150 Black Bull Farm, Bowston Hall; £1120 Endmoor Farm.  Sim: £1120 Bowston Hall. Ang: £1080 Howe Farm; £900 Steel Croft.  Gall: £780,£750,£600 North Lodge.

Heifers & Calves: Gall: £680 North Lodge.

In Calf Heifer: Gall: £660 School House

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