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Kendal Tuesday 19/04/11

Posted Wednesday, 20 April 2011, 5.14pm

A small entry of Spring Lambs forward with all weights of lambs much sought after, averaging 246.9p/kg and topping at 267p/kg for Suffolk lambs from TH Garnett & Son, New Close and purchased by local butchers G Denny & Son.

A very mixed show of hoggs were predominately hill bred left a pleasing overall market average of 195.12p/kg. The better export types still averaging 230p/kg. Heavy hoggs also much sought after topping at £116 per head for Texels from AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm. Top price per kilo of 233p went to J & AM Mason for their pen of Texel hoggs selling at £95.50 per head to Michael Lomax.

A plainer show of cast sheep forward with a lot of Horned ewes for sale with trade a shade for them a shade easier than we have seen for the past few weeks. However, the best meaty ewes still breaking the £100 barrier topping at £110 for a Bluefaced Leicester ewes from FI & ME Little, Helm Croft. The overall average for the 307 sheep forward was £65.37.

A larger show of ewes with lambs at foot this week with 33 outfits forward were met by a ringside of buyers keen to purchase extra. Ewes with stronger lambs were easily sold to a top price of £188 for Continental x Ewes with Twins from S & B Capstick, Low House. Mule ewes with Twins topped at £165 from JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm. The hill bred ewes & lambs were again easily sold and Swaledales with Twins topped at £145 from JF & N Strickland & Son, The Borrans. Please let us know if you have ewes & lambs to sell so we can inform buyers.

PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £116 Stubb Farm; £108 Clawthorpe; £97 Beech Tops; £95.50 Mansergh High Farm. Suffolk: £106 New Close; £82 Helm Croft. Cont: £99 Low Greenriggs; £98 Low Gregg Hall; £97 Clawthorpe Lodge. Mule: £90 Moss Howe Farm; £85 Lowgill Farm. Rough Fell: £78 Sedbergh Road. Horned: £74 Moss Howe Farm; £70 High Borrowbridge; £59 Grayrigg Hall. Char: £83 Stoney Gap. Chev: £104 Lowgill Farm; £87 Croft Foot Farm; £77 Salterwath Farm. Leicester: £106 Moss Howe Farm. Herdwick: £85 Bracken Hill.

LIGHTWEIGHT HOGGS - Texel: £70 Scroggs Farm; £64 Low Bendrigg. Cont: £63 Moss End Farm. Suff: £56 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £65 Oakfield. Horned: £59 Grayrigg Hall; £57 Moss End Farm. Herdwick: £62 Middle Ridge.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £104 Salterwath Farm; £84 South View. Cont: £102 Gaisgill Row Farm; £100 Old Croft; £97 Steel Croft, Low Stanger Thwaite; £92 The Borrans. Masham: £80 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £91 Stubb Farm; £87 Ackenthwaite Farm; £83 Millness Hall. Swale: £70 Middle Sadghyll, Red Scar; £65 Grayrigg Hall. Horned: £79 Gaisgill Row Farm. Chev: £102 Green Head; £78 Low Bendrigg Farm; £60 Greenleaze. Texel: £94 Brow Head; £88 Topthorn Farm. Lleyn: £62 New Hall. Leicester: £110 Helm Croft; £100 Houlker Barn Farm; £99 Gaisgill Row Farm; £81 Grayrigg Hall. Teeswater: £94 Grayrigg Hall.

SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT: Cont Ewes with Twins £188 Low House. Suffolk Ewes with Twins £162 The Borrans. Mule Ewes with Twins £165 Poppy Farm; £160 Low House. Mule Ewes with Singles £125 The Borrans. Swaledale Ewes with Twins £145 The Borrans. Swaledale Ewes with Singles £75 Ewan Mill. Herdwick Ewes with Twins £92 & with Singles £82 Bellart Howe.

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