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Kendal Tuesday 12/04/11

Posted Wednesday, 13 April 2011, 5.08pm

Kendal Spring Lambs Start with a Bang

North West Auctions Kendal Mart had forward a much improved entry of prime stock on Tuesday. The sale included a tremendous show of Spring Lambs many of which were forward for the special Easter Prize Show. The judge for the day was local primestock buyer Mr Andrew Dawson who made the following awards:
1st JA & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw Farm 46kg £128 to Andrew Dawson
2nd TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg Farm 42kg £120 to Michael Lomax
3rd J & O Galbraith & Son, Endmoor Farm 40kg £108 to Riley Bros.

There were several bidders for Spring Lambs and it is clear that these can be sold with confidence at Kendal every week. Lambs averaged a superb 275.5p/kg topping at 329p/kg for 38kg Charollais lambs from JA & R Geldard and selling for £125 per head to Lancaster Meat Co.

A better than expected entry of prime hoggs were forward with the vast majority being hill bred. Trade was very good for the time of year to average 212.5p/kg. Best quality hoggs were in great demand and a top price of 270p/kg went to Mr D Clarke, Hollinwood for a tremendous pen of Charolais x hoggs which made £119 per head and were purchased by Riley Brothers, Dunnockshaw.

Prime ewes once again had a ring full of buyers and these averaged £73.50 selling to a top of £148 to H O’Hara, Silsden.

Earlier in the day an improved entry of ewes with lambs at foot found trade reflecting the confidence in the sheep industry at the moment with a thoroughly decent trade selling to a top of £160 per outfit for Mule ewes with lambs.

The sale also included the monthly pig sale which experienced a trade which had to be seen to be believed with prices being the best of the year so far. With the improving weather pigs were in strong demand with several new buyers present. The days top price of £200 was paid for an In-pig Gloucester Old Spot sow due to a Pietrain from AJ & ME Saggers, Holme Head. The rise in prices was seen throughout the sale with 12 week old Pietrain x weaners to £65, Holme Head and Duroc x stores to £75 from AJ & H Clarke, High Hollins. All pigs were easily sold with quality selling at a premium.
Next Monthly Pig Sale Tuesday 10th May to include a show. Class 1: Weaners (min 4 per pen). Class 2: Stores (min 2 per pen). Class 3: Best Other.

PRIME SPRING LAMBS - Texel: £120 Cockrigg Farm. Char: £128 Low Foulshaw Farm. Suffolk: £128 Hawkrigg End. Dorset: £112 Endmoor Farm; £109 Warth Sutton Farm.

PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £120 Cockrigg; £119 Hollin Wood; £108 Birks Farm; £105 Scroggs Farm; £103 Low Woodhouse. Suffolk: £106 Hood Ridding Farm. Mule: £110 Low Newton Farm; £98 Barrowfield; £87 Hartrigg; £81 Troughton Hall. Chev: £100 Hall Bank; £86 Hartrigg. Char: £74 Garnett House. Rough Fell: £67 Mosergh Farm. Swaledale: £78 Moss Howe Farm.

LIGHTWEIGHT HOGGS - Texel: £78 Kate Farm; £73 Scroggs Farm; £69 Troughton Hall; £68 Highwood End. Swaledale: £75 Well Foot. Herdwick: £61.50 Troughton Hall; £60 Kate Farm. Mule: £55 Roundthwaite Abbey.

CAST SHEEP – Suffolk: £132 Redhills; £108 Ninezergh. Cont: £130 Millness Hall; £118 Roundthwaite Abbey; £116 Gibraltar Farm; £110 Lowgill Farm. Masham: £94 Mosergh Farm. Mule: £118 Valley View; £112 Ackenthwaite Farm; £109 High House Farm. Swale: £68 Beech Tops; £66 Warth Sutton Farm, Moss Head, Middale Farm. R/F: £69 Croft Foot; £68 High Swinklebank, High Borrowbridge. Char: £125 Sand Lane. Leicester: £140 Moss Howe; £138 Moss Head. Teeswater: £148 Lowfield. Herdwick: £59 Park Avenue.

SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT: Suffolk with Singles: £132 Low Garths. Mules with Twins: £160 Nissan Huts; £150 Low House. Rough Fell with Twins: £115 Low Garths, Mint View. Rough Fell with singles: £108 Mint View.

PIG PRICES: In-pig GOS Sow: £200. In-pig Sow: £125. Pietrain x Boar: £100. White Porkers: £75. Duroc x Stores £75. Pietrain Weaners: £65, £60, £55. Welsh x Stores: £52. Saddleback x Stores £52.

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