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Kendal Thursday 28/04/11

Posted Friday, 29 April 2011, 1.16pm


North West Auctions Kendal Mart held their Annual Spring Prize Show & Sale of 820 Store Cattle.  The show was kindly sponsored by Willman Farm Supplies and the North West Limousin Cattle Society.  The show judge for the day was Mr Peter Dent of Bolton, Near Penrith and there were buyers present from throughout the United Kingdom and even southern Ireland.  Championship honours went to Stephen Procter, High Biggarsbank with a very tidy young Blonde heifer which went on to make £850 being only the second lot through the ring at the start of the sale.  Reserve honours went to Messrs Hodgson, Dale End which sold for £820.  
Photo above shows the Overall Show Champion with from left: Stephen Procter (vendor), Gillian Dixon of Wilman Farm Supplies (sponsors) and Peter Dent (judge).

Overall Championship
- S Procter, High Biggarsbank – Blonde Heifer (First Prize Other Breed Heifer) Reserve – JW Hodgson, Dale End – Limousin (First Prize Limousin Heifer)

Limousin Heifer

1st - JW Hodgson, Dale End (£820) to F & B Smith, Westhouse
2nd - JW Hodgson, Dale End (£750) to D Barker, Scarborough
3rd - JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm (£670) to G Bell, Long Marton
Limousin Bullock
1st - JA & SM Allen, Barker Knott (£860) to T & J Moran, Hellifield       
2nd - TA Chapman & Son, Lane Head (£880) to PK Wrightson, Barnoldswick
3rd - SM Watson, Old School House (£760) to MG Thompson, Long Preston
BB Heifer
1st - TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall (£580) to B Dale & Sons, Ripon
BB Bullock
1st - B Thompson, Poppy Farm (£770) to MG Thompson, Long Preston
2nd - TK & B Gorst & Son, Mutton Hall (£820) to T & J Moran, Hellifield
3rd - JA & SM Allen, Barker Knott (£800) to T & J Moran, Hellifield
Other Breed Heifer
1st - S Procter, High Biggarsbank (£850) to D Barker, Scarborough
2nd - AMS Robinson, New Hall (£680) to JE Stables & Sons, Field Broughton
3rd - AMS Robinson, New Hall (£680) to JE Stables & Sons, Field Broughton
Other Breed Bullock
1st - SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm (£740) to MG Thompson, Long Preston
2nd - SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm (£750) to T & J Moran, Hellifield

Special Limousin Show
– JW Hodgson, Dale End ( First Prize Lim Heifer)
Reserve – JA & SM Allen, Barker Knott (First Prize Lim Bullock)  

Despite the large number of cattle, there were buyers around the ring to the end with trade holding up well and slightly advanced on last year.   Steers topped at £1050 to Messrs TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg for a pen of British Blue Steers and heifers sold to a top of £880 to PR Escolme, Audlands Park for Limousin heifers.  Store bulls were in much demand and sold to a top of £910 to J & J Huck, Garnett House again for Limousin cattle.  

Earlier in the day another fine entry of cast cows were far dearer than expected with cows averaging 123.5p/kg including a substantial number of Black & White cows.  A top price of 146.5p/kg went to G Cuthbertson, Capplerigg for a young Friesian cow.  Continental cows sold to 140.5p/kg to I & AJ Armer, Bowston Hall for a Belgian Blue.  Cast heifers averaged 138p/kg selling to a top of for a Continental from JJ & MA Park & Son, Low Sizergh.  Holstein heifers averaged 136p/kg and sold to 148.5p/kg to JW Hargreaves, Bridge End Farm.  Cast bulls were in great demand selling to 140.5p/kg (£1426.08) to Mr DJ Clarke, Hollin Wood.        

Top Prices
– Lim: £1030 Stubb Farm; £980 Dale End, Lane Head Farm; £920 Crabtree Farm. Char: £900 Ulpha Farm, Croft Foot; £880 Hartrigg; £800 Old School House. Hfd: £700 Mint Close. Sim: £960 Brow Head; £800 High Underbrow Farm. Blonde: £870 Nook Farm; £840 Causeway Farm; £820 High Biggarsbank. BB: £740 Hall Bank. AA: £800 Archers. Stabiliser: £610 Cragg House Farm. Brit Blue: £1050 Cockrigg Farm; £820 Mutton Hall; £800 Barker Knott; £790 High Underbrow Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £880 Audlands Park; £830 Town End; £820 Dale End; £810 Nook Farm; £760 Stubb Farm. Char: £720 Ulpha Farm; £700 New Hall. Blonde: £850 High Biggarsbank; £840 Nook Farm; £730 Low House; £680 Causeway. BB: £730 Hall Bank. Brit Blue: £660 Mutton Hall, St Annes Farm; £600 Wyke Farm.  
STORE BULLS – Lim: £910 Garnett House; £720 Scroggs Farm; £660 Low Hall. Shorthorn: £480 Matson Farm.  
CAST/FEEDING COWS – Fr: 146.5p/kg Capplerigg; 127.5p/kg Bridge End Farm; 120.5p/kg Town Foot; 119.5p/kg Hilderstone Farm; 116.5p/kg Cunswick Hall; 112.5p/lg Hawrigg End. Lim: 139.5p/kg Birch Bank; 138.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 136.5p/kg Hollin Wood; 135.5p/kg Hollin Hall; 132.5p/kg Low Groves Farm. Char: 136.5p/kg Patton Hall; 127.5p/kg Low Groves Farm. Hfd: 137.5p/kg Mint Close. BB: 140.5p/kg Bowston Hall; 1223.5p/kg Woodside Farm. AA: 123.5p/kg Moss End Farm; 109.5p/kg Hollin Wood.  
OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 148.5p/kg Bridge End Farm; 125.5p/kg Woodside; 113.5p/kg Patton Mill.  Cont: 151.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm.
CAST BULLS/STEERS- Lim: 153.5p/kg Town Foot; 140.5p/kg Hollin Wood.


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