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Kendal Thursday 14/04/11

Posted Thursday, 14 April 2011, 5.09pm

Kendal - Thursday 14th April 2011 Sale of Cast Cows and Store Cattle

Cast Cows - report by Auctioneer, Adam Day

The best Cast Cow trade of the year so far. Meated Friesians were in great demand. Black and Whites averaged 114p/kg selling to 127.5p/kg (£961.35) from J D & M Beck, Town Foot. A plain entry of Continentals averaged 116.5p/kg selling to 126.5p/kg from T W & J Beaty, Long Green Head. Cast Heifers sold to 135.5p/kg for a Charolais from J H & E Lancaster, Fell Gate. Cast Bulls sold to 137.5p/kg for a Lim, also from Messrs Beck, Town Foot.

Store Cattle - report by Auctioneer, Matthew Probert

The fortnightly sale of Store Cattle attracted a strong ringside of farmer and dealer buyers, all keen to purchase stock for both feeding and grazing. Yearling cattle saw the strongest competition with Limousin x steers to £825 from D J & E A Park, Crook and a pen of 10 month of Charolais bullocks to £805 from C P Bateman, Docker. All steers averaged £655. Heifers topped at £775 for Limousin x from J D, EM & J A Atkinson, Skelsmergh with others at £725 from R R & J Knowles, Docker. Only a few bulls this sale, topping at £630 for young Limousin x again from Messrs Atkinson, Skelsmergh.

Leading Prices: 

Cast Cows - Fr: 127.5p/kg, 122.5p/kg Town Foot; 125.5p/kg, 113.5p/kg Hilderstone; 113.5p/kg Strickland Hill; 111.5p/kg Singleton Park. Lim: 126.5p/kg, Long Green Head; 125.5p/kg, 123.5p/kg Singleton Park; 123.5p/kg Tock Howe; 120.5p/kg Old School House. Ang: 95.5p/kg Fell House.

Cast Heifers - Char: 135.5p/kg Fellgate

Cast Bulls - Lim: 137.5p/kg Town Foot.

Store Bullocks - Lim: £825, £690, £685, £675, Hollin Hall; £780, £660, Low Groves; £650, West Plain; £625, £620, £600 Bramaskew. Char: £805, £785, £755 Croft Foot; £765, Borrans. Ang: £770, £630, Moss End. Brit Blue: £720 Mutton Hall. Sim: £725, West Plain; £620, Moss End. Blo: £660, £620, Low House.

Store Heifers - Lim: £775, Low Groves; £620, West Plain; £600, £575, Hollin Hall; £550, Low House. Brit Blue: £725, Myers; £555, Mutton Hall. Char: £580, £565, Croft Foot; £520, Luneside. Ang: £560, £520, Moss End. Blo: £550, Low House; £545, Hall Bank.

Store Bulls - Lim: £630, Low Groves. Blo: £570, Howe Farm.

Next Sale - Thursday 28th April - Grand Grass Day Sale of 800 Continental Bred Cattle. This promises to be one of the sale highlights of the year.

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