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Lancaster Friday 25/03/11

Posted Friday, 25 March 2011, 4.44pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward an excellent entry of 265 store cattle together with 90 cast cows and over thirty month cattle, 20 rearing calves. The sale also included 4 dairy cattle and a few lots of ewes with lambs at foot.

There were plenty of smiling faces amongst vendors during the store cattle sale. All classes met a much improved trade with bullocks and heifers averaging more than £770 for all breeds and types. Top price of £1110 went to DE & SM Moorhouse, High House for a superb Limousin bullock. Heifers topped at £930 for a pair of Limousins from WJ Etherington, Willow House Farm. Many more cattle are needed as we move towards grass time.

In the cast cow ring an improved entry with the dearest trade so far this year to average over 116p/kg. Top price of 149.5p/kg was given twice for cows. Firstly to Messrs Clark & Johnson, Far Orrest for a Limousin cow and then to F Potter, Lambrigg Park for a Charolais cow. Cows also topped at £1105.65 per head for a Friesian from R Townley & Son, Whinney Carr Farm. Cast Friesian heifers topped at £906.75 per head from JH Towers & Son, Tunstall Hall with the top price per kilo of 144.5p going to R Oldfield, Brow Foot for a Limousin heifer. The highest price beast of the day was a Belgian Blue bullock at £1251.63 from J & H Davis, Weavers Farm.

It was pleasing to see some new dairy cattle in the market with Messrs WR & CM Lawrenson, Cumming Carr Farm selling a selection of newly calved cattle. These sold to a top of £1180 for a freshly calved heifer. There were several buyers around the ring and more could have been sold.

A lower number forward than expected but this reduction is in line with other centres. Top price today was £345 for a Limousin x bull calf from GM Metcalfe Jnr, Low Gregg Hall who’s trio averaged £335. Young calves sold to £218 for a British Blue x bull (18 days old) from Messrs Jones, Sandvilla. Black & Whites sold to a level trade with several buyers unable to open their accounts this week. 40 plus calves needed each week to meet a strong ringside of buyers.

Ewe and lamb numbers are now beginning to rise. The ewes that were in the market this week were mostly hill bred and a top price of £158 went to DC Miller, Cobble Hey Farm for a pen of correct below Texel ewes with twin Texel lambs at Foot.


STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1110 High House; £1100 Crow Trees; £1080 Aynsome Manor Farm, Low Moor Head £1070 Deepclough. Char: £1060 Aynsome Manor Farm; £920 Park Farm, Brown Edge; £810 Langthwaite Heights, Cock Hall Farm. Hfd: £960 Nook Farm; £850 Aynsome Manor Farm; £840 Squires Gate Farm. Sim: £960 Intack Farm; £870 Littlewood Hall Farm; £860 Park Farm. Blonde: £1090 Nook Farm; £670 Hallbeck. BB: £1030 Whelpside Farm; £1000 Lower Castle O’Trim; £970 High House Farm. AA: £980 Cropper Farm. Shorthorn: £540 Middle Ridge Farm. Stab: £900 Bouthwaite Farm. BRB: £910 Wood Lane Farm; £760 Carlingwha. S/Red: £880 Fanny House Farm. Danish Red: £800 Squires Gate Farm. Fr: £780 Isle of Sky Farm; £770 Well House Farm; £730 Old Cottage.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £930 Willow House Farm; £890 Deepclough; £880 Hillam Farm, Cropper Farm, Buck Bank Farm. Char: £830 Langthwaite Heights; £750 Grate Farm; £740 Park Farm. Hfd: £820 Fiddlers Farm; £760 Boundary House. Sim: £820 Intack Farm, Boon Town Farm; £730 Aynsome Manor Farm. Blonde: £820 Myerscough Hall; £740 Buck Bank Farm; £680 Cottams Farm. BB: £790 Well House Farm; £780 Ivy Farm; £770 Cragg Farm. AA: £880 Cropper Farm; £820 Underhelme Farm, Fiddlers Farm. BRB: £790 Wood Lane Farm; £610 Kendal Hill.

STORE BULLS – Sim: £480 Ellesmere.

BREEDING CATTLE: Lim Hfr In-calf: £640 Tunstead Farm. Lim Hfr & Hfr Calf: £900 Pyethornes Farm. CAST COWS – Fr: 129.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm; 127.5p/kg Barnfield Farm, Baldromma Farm, Catshaw Hall Farm; 124.5p/kg High House Farm, Green Dragon Farm, North Farm. Lim: 149.5p/kg Far Orrest; 144.5p/kg The Old Stable; 137.5p/kg Lambrigg Park Farm. Char: 149.5p/kg Lambrigg Park Farm. Hfd: 114.5p/kg Church Style Farm. AA: 84.5p/kg Fell End Farm. Galloway: 111.5p/kg Church Style Farm.

OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 139.5p/kg Tunstall Hall, Lawsons Farm; 131.5p/kg Whinney Carr Farm; 119.5p/kg Linghaw Farm. Lim: 144.5p/kg Brow Foot Farm.

OTM STEERS –. BB: 161.5p/kg Weavers Farm. AA: 151.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm. Welsh Black: 147.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm. Fr: 144.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm; 119.5p/kg Pasture Barn Farm; 111.5p/kg Higher Knowe Hill. S/R&W: 141.5p/kg Kilntree Farm.

BULL CALVES – BRB: £218 Sandvilla. Fr: £40 Tunstall Hall; £38 Westfield House Farm.

HEIFER CALVES– Lim: £345 Low Gregg Hall. BRB: £120 Sandvilla.

EWES & LAMBS – Texel with Twins: £158 & Masham with Twins: £150 Cobble Hey Farm.

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