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Lancaster Friday 11/03/11

Posted Friday, 11 March 2011, 4.31pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their weekly sale of 300 store cattle, 90 cast cows and over thirty month cattle together with 35 rearing calves and a few pens of ewes with lambs at foot.
All cattle were appreciably dearer. Store bullocks were a very strong trade with perhaps the highest average for many months. Bullocks of all breeds averaged £790 topping at £1200 to Fred Barnes, Crow Trees for a Charolais bullock. Store heifers were also on the rise averaging £742 topping at £900 to M Allen of Yealand Manor for Charolais bred heifers. Yet again a feature of this sale was a ring full of buyers from start to finish.

Earlier in the day an improved entry of 90 cast cows were also on an upwards trade to average 114p/kg including many very plain black & white cows. A top price of 157.5p/kg went to C Wilson, Nether Hall Farm for a Belgian Blue cow. Cast heifers sold to 147.5p/kg for a Limousin from TJ Robinson, Rowell Farm. A top price of £1061.50 went to Barker Farms Ltd, Warton Grange for a Black & White heifer. The top price cow per head on the day was for a Limousin from JE Bracken, New House Farm and this made £791.63.

The first signs of spring were in the air with the opening sale of ewes with lambs at foot. There are plenty of buyers at Lancaster looking for ewes with lambs and the top price per outfit of £160 went to Atkinson & Greatorex, Pyes Bridge for Texel x ewes with twins. Hill breeds were also good to sell selling to a top of £135 for Masham ewes with twins produced by DC Miller, Cobble Hey.

Calves this week were mainly stronger sorts not far off weaning. The sale this week was topped by heifer calves from JB & JB Lawson, Bank End and I Atkinson & Son, Boon Town selling British Blue and Angus calves at £295. Bulls topped at £270 for a Limousin x from FG & GCL Stephenson, Deansbiggin with most sorts £200+. Reared Black & Whites sold to £160 with all B&W’s averaging £47.


STORE BULLOCKS – Char: £1200 Crow Trees; £900 Far Mountbarrow Farm, Horns Dairy Farm; £660 Cobble Hey Farm. Lim: £1150 Crow Trees; £1090 High House; £900 Turnover Hall Farm; £890 Low Moor Head, Howriggs. Sim: £1070 Floyt Bridge Farm. BB: £1030 Willow House Farm; £1000 Whelpside Farm; £910 Lower Castle O’Trim; £900 Cragg Farm. AA: £1030 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £930 Low Foulshaw Farm; £900 Intack Farm; £830 Horn Dairy Farm. Hfd: £1000 Far Mount Barrow Farm. Blonde: £850 Lentworth Farm; £760 Cottams Farm. MG: £670 Park Farm. Stab: £920 Low Foulshaw Farm. Baz: £960 Far Mount Barrow Farm. Fr: £850 Low Moor Head Farm; £810 Howriggs; £780 Spital Farm; £720 Cabus Nook Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Char: £900 Yealand Manor; £840 Myerscough Hall; £660 Middle Ridge. Lim: £870 Milton Moor Farm. Hfd: £830 Manor House Farm; £810 Ivy Farm. Sim: £870 Lower Castle O’Trim; £860 Toulbrick Farm; £790 Intack Farm, Cropper Farm; £720 Larbreck Hill Farm. Blonde: £860 Toulbrick Farm; £790 Buck Bank Farm; £740 Myerscough Hall; £640 The Poplars. BB: £890 Willow House Farm; £880 Cragg Farm. AA: £880 Cropper Farm; £870 Willow House Farm; £860 Manor House Farm. S/horn: £770 Jolley Fold Farm. Saler: £880 Cropper Farm. BRB: £750 The Poplars; £740 Turnover Hall Farm; £660 Middle Ridge Farm; £640 Kendal Hill.

STORE BULLS – Sim: £550 Ellesmere.

CAST COWS – Fr: 129.5p/kg Batty Hill, High Barnes; 127.5p/kg Birds Park Farm, Bank End Farm; 124.5p/kg Barnfield Farm, Ackenthwaite Farm, Beaumont Gate, Ninezergh; 121.5p/kg Kilntrees Farm, Abbotson Farm. Lim: 134.5p/kg New House Farm; 131.5p/kg Mireside Farm, High Green. BB: 157.5p/kg Nether Hall Farm; 144.5p/kg Springfield Farm; 124.5p/kg High Green. AA: 127.5p/kg Heversham Hall. Norwegian Red: 144.5p/kg College Green.

OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 141.5p/kg Kitchen Ground Farm; 137.5p/kg Warton Grange Farm; 127.5p/kg Sellerley Farm. Lim: 147.5p/kg Cropper Farm, Rowell Farm; 144.5p/kg Howriggs. AA: 141.5p/kg Brow Foot; 131.5p/kg Green Close.

OTM STEERS –. AA: 149.5p/kg Rowell Farm.

BULL CALVES – Lim: £270 Deansbiggin. AA: £255 College Green. B&W: £160 Boon Town Farm; £118 College Green; £70 Cocker House Farm; £60 Tills Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – AA: £295 Boon Town Farm. BRB: £295 Bank End Farm; £200 High Barnes. Lim: £250 Bank End Farm; £245 Deansbiggin.

EWES & LAMBS – £160 Texel ewes aged with twins, £150 Suffolk ewes with twins - Pyes Bridge. £135 Masham ewes correct with twins - Cobble Hey Farm. £125 Cheviot Shlngs with twins, £80 Mule ewes u/o with singles - High Thorn.

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