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Lancaster Friday 04/03/11

Posted Friday, 04 March 2011, 4.27pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held its weekly sale of almost 400 cattle. The sale began with a real bang in the cast cow ring with cows averaging 112p/kg selling to a top of 144.5p/kg to JR Handley, College Green. Cows also sold to a top of £968 from MJ Fell, Chapel House. OTM heifers averaged 124.07p/kg selling to a top of 137.5p/kg for a Black & White from B & MJ Nelson & Son, Halforth Farm. OTM steers sold to 144.5p/kg from TJ Robinson, Rowell Farm. Also in this section the top price of £1188 per head went to SJ & NS Wood, Causeway Farm.

Another good seasonal entry of store cattle continue to sell very well with a constant ring full of buyers. A top price of £1200 per head went to MS Dugdale & Son, Tewitfield Farm for Belgian Blue bullocks. A more commercial entry of store heifers topped at £900 for Angus x from JW Robinson & Son, Green Close.

The calf sale today comprised mainly beef bred calves with farmer and dealer buyers ringside. Bull calves topped at £345 for British Blue x from C Wilson, Nether Hall Farm with a run of 9 British Blues from Norbreck Genetics averaging £245! Only a few heifers forward this week selling to £202 for BRB x with older weaned heifers to £360 for Angus x. Black & White’s continue to sell above vendors expectations averaging over £50 for the second week in a row. A small entry of In-lamb Mule hoggs topped at £115 from GW Robinson & Son, Moss End.


STORE BULLOCKS – BB: £1200 Tewitfield Farm; £900 Church Street; £800 Mount Pleasant Farm; £790 Station Hotel, Harrison House Farm; £770 Mireside Farm. Lim: £1020 Isle of Sky Farm; £990 Lentworth Farm; £950 Holly House Farm; £920 Forton Bank; £850 Staffords Farm; £810 Whelpside Farm. BRB: £630, £600 Deansbiggin. Char: £840 Middle Ridge Farm; £640 Cobbley Hey Farm. Hfd: £790 Stonehead; £640 Croft House; £550 Deansbiggin. Blonde: £930, £880 Lentworth Farm; £910 Shaws Farm. AA: £980 Shaws Farm; £930 Whelpside Farm; £910 Harrison House Farm; £890 Staffords Farm; £880 Sandholme Mill Farm; £870 Ridge Farm. Shorthorn; £580 Middle Ridge Farm. Stab: £700 Gibsons Farm. Mont: £880, £660 Croft House. Fr: £780 Isle of Sky Farm; £690 Downlands Farm; £660 Hestham Hall Farm; £640 Forton Bank; £630 Old Glasson; £600 Sykes Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – AA: £900 Green Close; £820 Brow Foot Farm; £810 Cropper Farm, Forton Bank. BB: £840 Stubb Place Farm; £750 Harrison House Farm; £740 Brow Foot Farm; £720 Nightfield Gate Farm. BRB: £790 Station Hotel; £750 Buck Bank Farm. Lim: £800 Bouthwaite Farm; £790, £760 Harrison House Farm; £770 Church Street; £750 Grate Farm, Myerscough Hall; £720 Ivy House. Char: £680 Grate Farm, Park Farm; £550 Cobble Hey Farm. Hfd: £770 High House; £480, £410 Deansbiggin. Sim: £760 Croft House; £750 Larbreck Hill Farm; £740 Ivy House; £720 Stonehead. Blonde: £770 Larbreck Hill Farm; £750 Myerscough Hall. Shorthorn: £810 Cropper Farm. Sussex: £660 Jolley Fold Farm.

CAST COWS – Fr: 144.5p/kg College Green; 134.5p/kg Sellerley Farm, Abbotson Farm; 124.5p/kg Gibraltar Farm; 121.5p/kg Lane Ends Farm; 119.5p/kg Trapp Farm, Chapel House; 117.5p/kg Hood Ridding Farm, Priory Farm; Lawrence House. Lim: 131.5p/kg, 127.5p/kg Cringleber. Char: 124.5p/kg West Lynn. BB: 129.5p/kg Goose Green; 124.5p/kg Little Fell Farm. BRB: 131.5p/kg College Green. MRI: 124.5p/kg Sellerley Farm. Devon: 121.5p/kg Goose Green. Piemontese: 114.5p/kg Shepherds Farm.

OTM HEIFERS – Fr: 137.5p/kg Halforth Farm; 124.5p/kg Whinney Carr Farm, Sellerley Farm. BB: 127.5p/kg Wyre Farm. AA: 119.5p/kg Rowell Farm.

OTM STEERS –. Lim: 144.5p/kg Rowell Farm. AA: 141.5p/kg Rowell Farm. Sim: 137.5p/kg Wyre Farm. Blonde: 127.5p/kg Causeway Farm. Fr: 131.5p/kg Wyre Farm.

BULL CALVES – BRB: £345 Nether Hall Farm; £345, £300, £298 Norbreck Farm. Lim: £245 Rose Farm. H/Fr: £235 Norbreck Farm; £48, £40 Rose Farm; £35 Outfield Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – AA: £360, £290 Deepclough. Sim: £330 Deepclough. BRB: £202, £198 Norbreck Farm. Lim: £250 Deepclough; £175 Rose Farm. H/Fr: £100 Deepclough.

IN-LAMB HOGGS - Mule: £115 Moss End Farm.

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