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Kendal Tuesday 29/03/11

Posted Wednesday, 30 March 2011, 4.46pm


A small seasonal entry of 400 prime sheep were a far better trade than expected with demand for all classes of sheep. Despite the fact that several hogg producers were on clean up day hoggs averaged an excellent 194.5p/kg. Medium hoggs over 40kg averaged 198.2p/kg. A top price of 226p/kg went to JM Galbraith, Abbey Drive for a pen of 39kg Cheviot x hoggs which were purchased at £88/h by B Riley & Sons, Dunnockshaw who also bought the top price per head of £99 for 46kg Texel x from TW & C Shepherd, Nook Farm.

The sale also saw the first Spring lambs of the season through the ring from JA & R Geldard, Low Foulshaw Farm and sold very well to a top of £116 for pure Charollais lambs purchased by Lancaster Meats.

Cast ewes were an outstanding trade to average £78 including hill breeds. Good quality Continental ewes were off the clock selling to a top of £142 from Mark Coates, Ulpha Farm.

Earlier in the day the first sale of ewes with lambs at foot this season at Kendal met a strong trade selling to a top of £102 for aged Texel x ewes with single lambs at Foot from FP & G Slater Bellart Howe. Calves sold to a top of £180 for a Limousin x heifer from MH & SJ Morris, Wraysholme Tower.

PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £99 Nook Farm; £97 Millness Hall; £96 Bank House Farm; £94 Low House. Suffolk: £94 Hall-o-th’-Gate; £85 Nook Farm; £79 Flodder Hall. Lleyn: £94 Low Foulshaw Farm. Cont: £86 Simgill Farm; £81 Winterscales Farm. Masham: £79 Middale Farm. Mule: £95 Bank House Farm; £94 Beckside; £92 Middale Farm, Hartrigg. Swaledale: £75 Middale Farm; £64 Gowan Bank Farm, Hall-o-th’-Gate; £60 Hartrigg. Rough Fell: £80 Beckside; £76 Old School House; £59 Lockbank Farm. Scotch B/F: £76 Bank House Farm; £75.50 Flodder Hall. Horned: £77 Old School House, Yarlsber. Chev: £88 Abbey Drive; £78.50 Hartrigg. Teeswater: £95 Yarlsber.

LIGHTWEIGHT PRIME HOGGS – Texel: £75 Scroggs; £69 West Plain Farm; £65 Flodder Hall. Lleyn: £70 Low Foulshaw Farm. Swaledale: £60 Hartrigg; £58 Old School House. Suffolk: £40 Gowan Bank. Herdwick: £55 Harry Place Farm.

SPRING LAMBS - Char: £116 Low Foulshaw Farm.

CAST SHEEP – Cont: £142 Ulpha Farm; £136 Low Foulshaw Farm; £108 Gibraltar Farm. Masham: £80 Ivy House. Mule: £96 Moss Head; £94 Endmoor Farm; £92 Low Hundhowe, Toadpool Farm. Swaledale: £74 Yarlsber; £66 Gowan Bank; £64 Low Hundhowe. Horned: £68 Low Garths. Leicester: £99 Gowan Bank. Teeswater: £87 Yarlsber.

SHEEP WITH LAMBS AT FOOT: Aged Texel x Ewes with Singles £102 Ballart Howe.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £180 Wraysholme Tower.

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