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Kendal Tuesday 15/03/11

Posted Wednesday, 16 March 2011, 4.33pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held its weekly sale of prime sheep and once again a full ringside of buyers ensured a marvellous trade for all classes of hoggs forward with a large proportion of the hoggs being hill breeds. Trade was up some 7p/kg on the week to leave a super overall average of 199.32p/kg. First cross hoggs 38-42kgs were in great demand and regularly selling between 220p – 232p/kg. Top price per kilo of 232p went to DA Sunter, Low Bendrigg Farm for his 41kg Texels selling to Robert Skelton, Dearham for £95 per head. Heavy hoggs were also good to sell with 45-50kg hoggs selling between £95 and £100 per head with the top price of £100 twice achieved for Texel x hoggs from Fishwick Farms, Bank House Farm which were purchased by Robert Skelton and then again for Texels from TE, JS & SA Carruthers, Red Scar this time bought by Micheal Lomax of Bolton. Hill breed hoggs were just as good to sell with the majority of sheep being well above the 180p/kg mark.

A much better show of cast sheep were forward than last week and all classes were greatly sought after. Big Continental ewes regularly selling for between £90 & £100 and Mule ewes also around the £80-£90 mark. Good horned ewes were selling up to £80 with plainer ewes often achieving £55-£60.

PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £100 Bank House Farm, Red Scar; £95 Cregarth, Low Bendrigg Farm, Roundthwaite Farm; £94 Nether Hall Farm; £93 Flodder Hall, Mansergh High Farm. Char: £95 Cinder Barrow Farm. Chev: £94 Roundthwaite Farm; £81.50 Hall Bank; £81 Hartrigg; £80 Brow Head. Suffolk: £90 Flodder Hall; £82 Hartrigg. Masham: £83.50 Ivy House. Mule: £96 Red Scar; £95 Underhelm Farm; £90 Moss Howe Farm; £77.50 Flodder Hall, Middale Farm. Horned: £85 Black Bull Cottage; £84 Bank House Farm; £72 Moss Howe Farm; £70.50 Hartrigg. Herdwick: £76 Arncliffe Road.

LIGHTWEIGHT HOGGS - Texel: £74.50 Kate Farm; £65.50 Scroggs Farm. Chev: £65 Stoney Gill. Mule: £63.50 Moss Howe Farm. Horned: £64.50 Scroggs Farm; £61 Fell End. Herdwick: £62 Skelwith Fold. CAST SHEEP – Cont: £100 Tranthwaite Hall; £88 Crosscrake Farm; £85 Moss Howe Farm. Texel: £96 Tranthwaite Hall; £83 Endmoor Farm; £77 Crewgarth. Chev: £95 Woodside; £89 The Borrans; £82 Poole Bank Farm. Suffolk: £90 Ashstead; £88 Endmoor Farm. Mule: £90 Endmoor Farm; £86 Crewgarth; £80 Borrans Farm; £77 Tranthwaite Hall. Horned: £77 High Underbrow Farm; £63 Longwell; £62 Nether House Farm, Middle Sadghyll. Leicester: £99 Whelpside; £84 Nether House Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £190 Hagg Farm.

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