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Kendal Thursday 03/03/11

Posted Friday, 04 March 2011, 4.26pm

North West Auctions Kendal Mart held their fortnightly sale of cast cows, Store & Breeding Cattle together with store & breeding sheep on Thursday.

Another pleasing entry of 91 store and breeding cattle were forward ahead of the prize show & sale in a fortnight. Cattle were once again met by a ringside full of buyers for all types. A consignment of in-calf heifers from WB & M Hadwin, High Loanthwaite Farm sold to £850 for Limousin x heifers due early April with a Simmental x heifer with a bull calf at foot selling to £900 from H Fearon Jnr, Walton Hall. Store cattle sold to £950 for a pen of Belgian Blue x bullocks and also a pen of Simmental x bullocks from Mrs E Tuer, Common Farm. Heifers sold to £700 for a Limousin from TG & B Todd, Blades Farm. Overall a younger plainer show of cattle forward but all sold in line with other centres. Entries for the prize show & sale are needed by 12 Noon Friday 11th March.

Earlier in the day cast cows met a blistering trade and with extra buyers at the ringside and all firms were eager to secure cows. Cows averaged 119.6p/kg. Dairy bred cattle topped at 124.5p/kg from JJ & MA Park, Low Sizergh Farm with the majority of well fleshed dairy cattle between 110p/kg – 120p/kg. Continental cows topped 137.5p/kg for a Limousin from J Benson, Birdie Fell Cottage. Clean Cattle topped at 146.5p/kg for a Limousin bullock from JD & M Beck, Town Foot.

A full ringside of buyers ensured a very satisfactory trade for the sheep sold. In-lamb Mule hoggs sold to £128 several times for hoggs from JT & A Armitstead, Bouthwaite and Mr G Robinson, Moss End topped at £112 per head. Overall In-lamb hoggs averaged £119.81. Store hoggs met a flying trade with 213 forward to average £57.60 per head. Texel x hoggs sold to £75, Continental to £73, Mule to £76.50 and topping the sale was a pen of Suffolk x hoggs at £79 per head from B Clark, High Fell Gate.

STORE STEERS – BB: £950 Common Farm; £775 Bramaskew; £520 Moser Hill. Sim: £950 Common Farm; £665 Bannerigg Farm. Lim: £720, £595 Stribers Farm; £595 Bramaskew; £555 Fell House. Shorthorn: £720 Bannerigg Farm; £680 Common Farm. Saler: £540 Fell House.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £700 Blades Farm; £545 Stribers Farm; £525 Low Newton Farm. Sim: £695 Bannerigg Farm. Blonde: £530 Long Green Head. BB: £580 Bannerigg Farm; £550 Moser Hill. Shorthorn: £525 Bannerigg Farm.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £670, £660 Brackensghyll; £540 High Arnside Farm.

CAST/FEEDING COWS – Lim: 137.5p/kg Birdie Fell Cottage; 133.5p/kg, 126.5p/kg Crabtree Farm; 114.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg Blades Farm. Fr: 123.5p/kg, 118.5p/kg Town Foot; 117.5p/kg Elm Tree Farm; 109.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm; 92.5p/kg Hawkrigg End. Mont: 124.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm. Swedish R&W: 118.5p/kg, 113.5p/kg Low Sizergh Farm. Shorthorn: 116.5p/kg Moss Side; 107.5p/kg School House.

OTM CLEAN CATTLE – Lim Hfrs: 141.5p/kg, 133.5p/kg Stribers Farm. Lim Strs: 146.5p/kg Town Foot. STORE HOGGS – Suff: £79 High Fell Gate; £69 Singleton Park; £56 Crabtree Farm. Texel: £75 High Fell Gate. Cont: £73 The Borrans; £69.50, £68.50, £65.50 Cinderbarrow Farm; £59.50 Moss End Farm. Mule: £76.50, £64 Bowkerstead; £58 The Borrans; £53 Crabtree Farm. Horned: £48.50, £41 Bowkerstead; £40 The Borrans.

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