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Lancaster Monday 14/02/11

Posted Monday, 14 February 2011, 4.08pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward a pleasing entry of more than 50 prime cattle and bulls together with 450 prime sheep on Monday.

As is the case at every Monday morning sale best butchers heifers were in much demand. There were greater numbers on offer this week but perhaps lacked the overall quality of the previous week. However the top price of the day was 192.5p/kg to Messrs TH & D Cornthwaite, Low Tarn Green for a smart Limousin heifer which was purchased by Roy Schofield for Samuel Howarth Ltd butchers of Diggle. Messrs Cornthwaite also sold another Limousin heifer at 191.5p/kg and this was purchased by Frank Clarkson for local butchers CJ Bowker of Bolton-le-Sands. Also at the same price of 191.5p/kg was DW & NM Alderson, High Green again for a Limousin heifer purchased by Samuel Howarth Ltd. A top price per head of £1071 per head was achieved by Messrs Cornthwaite, Low Tarn Green for a Limousin steer purchased by Frank Towers of Wray.

A smaller entry of prime bulls proved way short of buyers requirements. A top price of 166.5p/kg went to JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm for a Limousin which was purchased for £1014 by Bowland Foods of Preston. In the sheep ring, once again numbers were way short of regular weekly buyers requirements. Best butchers hoggs were easy to sell on the day topping at 216p/kg to BD Wood, Middle Ridge Farm for Texel hoggs purchased by MJ Birtwistle & Co. of Worsley. These were 38kgs hoggs and made £82 per head. The top price per head of £91 went to P Lawrenson, Walmsley Fold for Texel lambs bought by Whittakers Butchers of Blackburn. Trade across the board was fantastic with hoggs averaging 192p/kg throughout, once again proving the excellent level of demand Lancaster has every Monday morning at 9 o’clock.

A small entry of cast ewes averaged £74 per head being the best average for some time selling to £87 for Texel ewes from M Carr, Carrisholme.


PRIME HOGGS - Texel: £91, £90.50, £88 Walmsley Fold; £87 Gibsons Farm, Sowerby Lodge; £86 Yeat House; £85 Lane House; £84.50 North Farm; £84 Hutton Roof Hall. Suffolk: £82, £78.50, £78 North Farm; £80 Sowerby Lodge; £78 Tarnwater Farm. Cont: £83, £75 Hazelslack Tower; £80 Springs Farm. Char: £80 Tarnwater Farm; £77 Sowerby Lodge; £76 North Farm. Masham: £81 Allcocks Farm. Mule: £79 North Farm; £62 Springs Farm; £60 Yates Farm. Horned: £80 Allcocks Farm; £61 Yates Farm. 

CAST SHEEP – Texel: £87, £83 Charrisholme; £88 Lower Castle O’Trim; £86 Askew Hill; £84 Springfield Farm; £78 Hutton Roof Hall. Suffolk: £85 Springfield Farm; £70 Middle Ridge Farm. Mule: £70 Little Fell Farm; £63 Springfield Farm; £60 Hazelslack Tower. Swaledale: £60, £50 Middle Ridge Farm. Horned: £67, £60 Yates Farm.

PRIME HEIFERS – Lim: 192.5p/kg, 191.5p/kg Low Tarn Green; 191.5p/kg, 189.5p/kg High Green; 185.5p/kg Thornbush Farm; 179.5p/kg, 168.5p/kg, 162.5p/k, 159.5p/kg New Close; 176.5p/kg, 169.5p/kg, 155.5p/kg Winston. Blonde: 179.5p/kg Winston. BB: 152.5p/kg Abrahams Farm, Winston. AA: 136.5p/kg Holme Farm. Stabiliser: 155.5p/kg Winston.

PRIME STEERS – Lim: 171.5p/kg, 166.5p/kg, 156.5p/kg Sand Gate Farm; 169.5p/kg High Green; 164.5p/kg, 163.5p/kg Low Tarn Green. Char: 155.5p/kg Sand Gate Farm. AA: 141.5p/kg Holme Farm. BB: 154.5p/kg, 150.5p/kg Abrahams Farm.

PRIME BULLS – Lim: 166.5p/kg Poppy Farm. Sim: 153.5p/kg, 152.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. BB: 152.5p/kg, 141.5p/kg Calcads Farm; 143.5p/kg, 141.5p/kg Bensons Farm. Hfd: 145.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm. Mont: 146.5p/kg Lane House. Fr: 132.5p/kg Fiddlers Farm. AA: 129.5p/kg Cautley Farm.

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