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Lancaster Friday 18/02/11

Posted Friday, 18 February 2011, 4.17pm


North West Auctions Lancaster Mart enjoyed another excellent day’s work last Friday. A catalogue entry of 321 store cattle was sold together with 72 cast cows, 43 calves and a few pens of In-lamb ewes.

The store cattle trade continues to be very strong with bullocks of all breed averaging £703 and heifers in particular demand averaging £741. A top price of £1040 went to J & H Davis, Weavers Farm for Limousin x bullocks and also to E & CA Shuttleworth for a Parthanaous bullock. Heifers topped at £1000 for Charolais x from G Atkinson & Son, Old Hall Farm. Limousin store bulls sold to £730 from AG Riley, Mearsbeck Farm.

The cast cow trade continues to strengthen with a superb average of 110.82p/kg for all breeds. Meaty cows were in great demand selling to 139.5p/kg for a Simmental x from A Rayton, Winston. Black & White cows also sold to 139.5p/kg from JH Towers & Sons, Tunstall Hall. The top price cow per head of £944.63 went to Messrs Jones, Sandvilla for a Friesian cow. Cast heifers were also considerably dearer averaging 141.02p/kg and selling to 157.5p/kg for a Limousin from JK & A Bowness, Cautley Farm. Cast heifers also sold to £981.75 from R Collinge & Son, The Dingle. Over thirty month steers topped at 144.5p/kg for a Belgian Blue from R Farnworth, Bank House Farm. Cast Bulls sold for £1320.90 (127.5p/kg) for an Angus from AJ & SW Metcalfe, Holme House.

Numbers back to normal in the calf ring this week with a larger show of beef calves on offer. Bulls topped at £380 for a Limousin x from JB Airey, Higher Cockleach with others at £370 from M Dobson & Sons, Mewith Head Hall. Heifers sold to £370 again shown by JB Airey followed by a cracking Charolais heifer at £298 from C Wilson, Nether Hall Farm. Black & Whites were a roaring trade selling to £152 from M Dobson & Sons with rearing calves regularly in the mid £50’s. Similar numbers needed each week to meet strong buyer demand.

A small entry of in-lamb ewes topped at £125 for Suffolk x from G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings Farm.


STORE BULLOCKS – Lim: £1040, £900 Weavers Farm, £1000 Crow Trees; £920 Station Hotel; £910, £890 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £860 Adlington Hall Farm, Bouthwaite Farm. Parthanaous: £1040 Far Mount Barrow Farm. Char: £950, £830 Brown Edge; £870 Weavers Farm; £800 New House Farm, Mealsgate; £750 Old Hall Farm. BB: £980 Church Farm; £940 Holmegarth; £930 Thornbush Farm; £910 High Green; £900 Station Hotel, Weavers Farm; £850 Milton Moor Farm, Ivy Farm; £810 Mireside Farm; £810 Old Glasson. Sim: £950, £900 Littlewood Hall Farm; £770 Ivy Cottage. Blonde: £960 Weavers Farm. AA: £910 Whelpside Farm; £880 Holme Farm; £860 Ridge Farm; £840 Fanny House Farm; £820 Turnover Hall; £800 Bouthwaite Farm; £750 Ivy Cottage; £730 Cottams Farm; £680 Cabus Nook Farm. Shorthorn: £780 Tottlebank Farm. MRI: £920 Littlewood Hall Farm. Stab: £840 Bouthwaite Farm. Welsh Black: £640 Ivy Cottage. Fr: £610 Low Levens Farm; £680 Low Deepslack, Church Farm; £660 Kirkby Hall.

STORE HEIFERS – Char: £1000 Old Hall Farm; £860 Bouthwaite Farm; £770, £740 Ivy Cottage; £760 Broughton House Farm; £680 Middle Ridge. AA: £980 Wilson House Farm; £930, £840 Whelpside Farm; £910, £840 Holme Farm; £880 Fairfield; £860 Underhelm Farm; £760 Cropper Farm. Welsh Black: £890 Fairfield. Lim: £860, £840, £830, £820 Walmsley Fold; £860 Milton Moor Farm; £860 Bouthwaite Farm. Blonde: £780 New House Farm, Broughton House Farm; £700 Riddings; £650 Ivy Cottage; £640 Eskew Beck. BB: £840, £800 Fairfield; £800 Walmsley Fold; £770 Ivy Farm, Causeway Head Farm; £740 Riddings. Sim: £760 Broughton House Farm; £680 Ivy Cottage. Fr: £740 Strickland Hill.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £730, £690, £680 Mearsbeck Farm. AA: £720 Park Farm. Fr: £500 Park Farm.

CAST COWS – Fr: 139.5p/kg Tunstall Hall; 137.5p/kg Sandvilla; 129.5p/kg, 117.5p/kg Greaves Farm; 127.5p/kg Docker Hall Farm; 121.5p/kg Oak Bank; 119.5p/kg Abbotson Farm; 114.5p/kg Ancliffe Hall Farm, Deansbiggin, Blackleach House Farm. Lim: 134.5p/kg Tottlebank Farm; 124.5p/kg High Green; 119.5p/kg Sandvilla; 99.5p/kg Woodside Farm. Sim: 139.5p/kg Winston. Blonde: 117.5p/kg River View. BB: 117.5p/kg Todgill Farm. MRI: 109.5p/kg Village Farm; 101.5p/kg Sandvilla. Brown Swiss: 119.5p/kg, 97.5p/kg Sandvilla. Swedish R&W: 111.5p/kg Sandvilla.

CAST HEIFERS – Lim: 157.5p/kg Cautley Farm; 147.5p/kg Rowell Farm; 137.5p/kg The Dingle. BB: 154.5p/kg High Green. AA: 139.5p/kg Rowell Farm. Fr: 127.5p/kg Underhelm Farm, Oak Bank.

CAST STEERS/BULLS –. BB: 144.5p/kg, 137.5p/kg Bank House Farm. AA: 127.5p/kg Holme House. Lim: 141.5p/kg Bank House Farm; 134.5p/kg Rowell Farm; 124.5p/kg Woodside Farm. Fr: 141.5p/kg, 131.5p/kg Boon Town Farm; 134.5p/kg Greenside Farm.

BULL CALVES – Lim: £380 Higher Cockleach; £370 Mewith Head Hall. Sim: £345, £170 Mewith Head Hall; £170 Boon Town Farm. BB: £260 Newhouse Farm; £205, £200 Pasture Barn Farm; £200 Tunstall Hall. Fr: £152 Mewith Head Hall; £98, £70, £68 Newhouse Farm; £70, £68 Pasture Barn Farm; £68 Boon Town Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £370 Higher Cockleach. Char: £298 Nether Hall Farm. Sim: £155, £140 Boon Town Farm. BB: £188 Newhouse Farm; £175 Tunstall Hall.

IN-LAMB SHEEP – Suffolk: £125 Riddings. Texel: £125, £100 Riddings.

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