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Lancaster Friday 11/02/11

Posted Friday, 11 February 2011, 4.05pm

North West Auctions had an excellent entry of 200 store cattle, 102 cast cows & over thirty month cattle and 17 calves on Friday.

Once again the store cattle ring was well supported by purchasers from throughout the northern counties. Overall average this week was £770 with some strong cattle keenly competed for. Top price of the day was £1090 for Belgian Blue x bullocks from J Bargh, Old Woodhouse and then again for a Charolais x bullock from TE & BM Makinson, Holmegarth. Heifers topped at £920 for Limousin x from J & ME Bateman, Lowgill Farm. Store bulls sold to £950 for a Limousin from Adlington Hall.

Cast cows and over thirty month cattle were keenly competed for by 12 twelve buyers at the ringside. Cows this week topped at 139.5p/kg (£1049.04) for a BB x cow from G & ID Postlethwaite, Riddings with Black & Whites to 134.5p/kg (£887.70) from TK Robinson & Son, Greaves Farm. OTM heifers topped at 147.5p/kg averaging 139.5p/kg with steers to 141.5p/kg averaging

Calves averaged a pleasing £95 overall with a large proportion of small young calves forward. Top price of £330 was paid for a Charolais x bull from FP & G Slater, Bellart Howe with others at £320 & £305. Black & Whites do benefit from having a bit of strength selling to £85 from WN & D Smith & Sons, Cocker House Farm and averaging £51 on the day. More needed each week.


STORE BULLOCKS – Char: £1090 Holmegarth; £1020 Park Farm; £960, £900 Brown Edge. BB: £1090, £1050, £1040 Old Woodhouse; £1060 High House Farm; £980 Shaws Farm; £960 Holmegarth; £890 The Old Stable; £870, £800 Stub Place Farm; £860 Moss House Farm. Lim: £1070 High House; £1000, £910 Adlington Hall Farm; £990 High Green; £970 Lodge Farm; £910 Causeway Head; £890 Mireside Farm. AA: £990 Shaws Farm; £950 Spout House; £850, £830 Eskham House; £840 Toulbrick Farm; £830 High Green. Sim: £820 Toulbrick Farm; £680 Throstle Nest Farm. Stab: £920 Low Foulshaw Farm. Hfd: £640 Greenalls Farm. Blonde: £860, £810 Throstle Nest Farm; £750 Farleton House. Fr: £890, £670 Higher Knowe Hill; £880 Forton Bank; £740 Throstle Nest Farm; £660 Poplar Grove Farm, Park Farm; £600 Downlands Farm; £580 Moss House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £920, £910, £820 Lowgill Farm; £890 Lodge Farm; £860 The Old Stable; £820 Brow Foot Farm, Walmsley Fold; £810 Bouthwaite Farm; £800 Moss House Farm. Char: £830 The Old Stable; £720 Middle Ridge Farm. Sim: £900, £830 Park Farm; £880 Walmsley Fold. Blonde: £810 Bouthwaite Farm; £800, £720 Throstle Nest Farm. Hfd: £700 Ivy Farm. AA: £860, £820 Eskham House; £850 Cropper Farm; £840 Forton Bank; £830 Lodge Farm; £820 Bouthwaite Farm. Shorthorn: £730 Cropper Farm. BB: £850 Stubb Place Farm; £820, £790 Walmsley Fold; £800, £740 Broughton House Farm; £780 Causeway Head; £770 Park Farm; £750 Ivy Farm.

STORE BULLS – Lim: £950 Adlington Hall. Fr: £580 Park Farm. CAST COWS – Fr: 134.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg Greaves Farm; 114.5p/kg Whittington Farm, Woodhouse Farm, North Farm; 111.5p/kg Hoggetts Lane Farm, Chapel House, North Farm; 109.5p/kg Tunstall Hall Farm. Lim: 127.5p/kg, 111.5p/kg New Hall Farm; 119.5p/kg Hall Croft Barn; 107.5p/kg Low Woodedge Farm. Char: 117.5p/kg Middle Ridge Farm. Hfd: 109.5p/kg Riddings. Sim: £109.5p/kg Moss House Farm. BB: 139.5p/kg Riddings; 121.5p/kg Boundary House. MRI: 109.5p/kg Deansbiggin. Piemontese: 97.5p/kg Ban Farm. CAST

HEIFERS – BB: 147.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg Whelpside Farm. Fr: 124.5p/kg Hoggetts Lane Farm.

CAST STEERS –. Lim: 141.5p/kg Rowell Farm. Fr: 134.5p/kg, 129.5p/kg, 127.5p/kg, 124.5p/kg Halton Farm Farm; 129.5p/kg North Farm; 124.5p/kg, 121.5p/kg Grange Farm.

BULL CALVES – Char: £330, £305 Bellart Howe. AA: £320 Bellart Howe; £170 Cinder Barrow. Fr: £85, £80, £68, £50 Cocker House Farm; £50 Newhouse Farm.

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