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Lancaster Friday 04/02/11

Posted Friday, 04 February 2011, 4.03pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward an excellent seasonal entry of 285 store cattle, 90 cast cows & over thirty month cattle, 9 rearing calves and 33 store lambs. The sale also included a final dispersal of 9 In-calf dairy cows from J Lamb, Old Glasson Farm who has retired from milk production.

An excellent entry of store cattle were drawn from throughout the northern counties and presented to another extended ring of buyers. Trade averaged well in excess of £700 with some very strong pens of cattle on the day. The top price of £1100 went to TE & BM Makinson, Holmegarth with a superb pen of Charolais bullocks. Store heifers sold to £940 for a pen of Belgian Blue x from JS & KM Wilson & Son, High House Farm.

Cast cows were forward in great numbers and continue to improve in value each week. The sale averaged £1 per kilo once again despite having a larger proportion of plainer cows through the ring. Cows sold to 134.5p/kg for a Blonde x from AV Bailey, Crook O Lune Farm. This cow also topped the sale at £1078.69. Black & white cows were very good to sell topping at 127.5p/kg for a young cow from SH & LE Birkett, Stubb Hall Farm. Over thirty month clean cattle averaged 130p/kg topping at 144.5p/kg to G Atkinson & Son, Old Hall Farm. Cast Steers sold to 124.5p/kg for a Simmental from T & D Sharp, Gateside Farm.

The dairy herd dispersal on behalf of J lamb, Old Glasson was very well supported with in-calf cows ranging from 2nd calvers up to 10th calved cows. These averaged £850 selling to a top of £1080.

The weather severely affected the entry of calves today but those forward were well rewarded with prices acheived. Top price of £370 was paid for a BB x bull from JB & JB Lawson, Bank End with others to £355 and Limousins to £315. Heifers topped at £200 twice for Limousin x from J & EV Thompson, Hood Ridding Farm. Black & White bulls were again keenly competed fro selling to £72 and averaging £48.50. More calves are needed each week to meet deman.

A small entry of store hoggs continue to show a rise in value averaging £56 and selling to a top of £59 for Texels from IL Dixon, Cantsfield Hall.

STORE BULLOCKS – Char: £1100 Holmegarth; £1030 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £790 Bouthwaite Farm. Lim: £1080, £1070, £930 Hare Apple Tree Farm; £990, £970 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £970 Mireside Farm; £930 Lodge Farm; £920 High House Farm; £890 Howriggs, Causeway Head Farm. Bazadaise: £1030 Far Mount Barrow Farm; £760 Bouthwaite Farm. AA: £1000, £940 Shaws Farm; £970, £960 Willow House Farm; £870 Hare Apple Tree; £860 Middle Ridge Farm, Lodge Farm; £840 Cropper Farm; £830 Cragg Farm. Blo: £900 High House Farm; £810 Throstle Nest Farm. BB: £970 High House Farm; £900 Wood Lane Farm; £890 Middle Ridge Farm; £860 Syke Fold Farm; £840 Throstle Nest Farm; £820 Stubb Place Farm; £770 Causeway Head Farm; £750 Cragg Farm, Clawthorpe Lodge. Sim: £890 Crabtree Farm; £820 Jolley Fold Farm; £760 Billinge Hall Farm; £740 Throstle Nest Farm. Shorthorn: £820 Cock Hall Farm. Hfd: £850 Stubb Place Farm; £840 Cropper Farm; £820 Cock Hall Farm; £810 Hole Beck Farm; £700 Coverdales; £670 High House; £580 Farmdale. Fr: £670, £610 High Barnes; £660, £650 Sunderland Brows Farm; £640 Middle Ridge Farm, Throstle Nest Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £900, £870, £850 Walmsley Fold Farm; £880 High House; £870 Willow House Farm; £830 Hare Apple Tree. Char: £860, £760 Manor House Farm. Sim: £770 Larbreck Hill Farm. Hfd: £740 Marnor House Farm. BB: £940, £850 High House; £920 Wyre Farm; £820 Lodge Farm; £800 Stubb Place Farm; £790 Whelpside Farm; £780 Hare Apple Tree, Causeway Head Farm. Blo: £690 Throstle Nest Farm. AA: £900 High House; £750 Manor House Farm; £730 Cropper Farm. Fr: £540 Hatters Farm.

CAST COWS – Blo: 134.5p/kg Crook O Lune Farm. BB: 129.5p/kg Wyre Farm. Fr: 127.5p/kg, 109.5p/kg Stubb Hall Farm; 117.5pkg Sandvilla; 114.5p/kg Docker Hall Farm; 111.5p/kg Batty Hill, Fiars Moss; 109.5p/kg Lawrence House, Hawes Farm; Scales Park Farm, Moss House Farm. Sim: 114.5p/kg Moss View. Shorthorn: 104.5p/kg Friars Moss. Lim: 89.5p/kg Rooten Brook.

CAST HEIFERS – Fr: 144.5p/kg, 137.5p/kg Old Hall Farm; 139.5p/kg Sandvilla; 134.5p/kg Heaves Farm; 129.5p/kg Hole of Ellel. Lim: 141.5p/kg Quarry House. AA: 137.5p/kg, 134.5p/kg Wyre Farm.

CAST STEERS –. Sim: 124.5p/kg Gateside Farm. HouBULL CALVES – BB: £370, £355 Bank End Farm. Lim: £315 Hood Ridding Farm. Fr: £72 Hodgsons Croft; £68, £40 Tills Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – Lim: £200 Hood Ridding Farm.

STORE HOGGS – Texel: £59 Cantsfield Hall; £55 Borwick Fold Farm. Mule: £51 Borwick Fold Farm.

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